Woman Is Not Lesser



I love all of you equally. One gender is not and never will be lesser than the other. It is time to remember this truth. It is time to remember that My love for both female and male is unconditional. Thus you shall treat each other equally.

Bring women back to themselves. Women now are doing more for humankind than men. Women are doing the things they are doing because of love. While men are doing the things they are doing because of fear.

War begins from fear of not being powerful enough. Thus, one must show power through war – which is killing another for fear of being killed. Coveting another’s goods begins from fear of not having enough. Winning comes from fear of not being good enough. Earthly gains or accumulating worldly goods are based on fear of lack. Or fear of being looked down upon.

Whilst women do everything they do because of love. They bear and raise children because of love. They nurture their family because of love. They take care of their husbands because of love. Most women become teachers because of love. Most women become nurses because of love.

You do not see many women in politics or commercial enterprise or establishments like prisons. There are not many who are in law enforcement, military or defense. That is because women are not attuned to their emotions that are based on fear. They are more attuned to emotions based on love.
And these areas where men are most prevalent will not cater to women’s emotions based on love. In fact, it drives women away. Women are not capable of harming another. If they do it, it is because they have been treated – or shall I say mistreated by another (most likely men).

Men and women are equals.

Just as a person is not any less a person if he or she does not have a significant other, a family is not less of a family if it is less one parent. Most often than not, single-parent families survive with the mother as the sole provider financially as well as emotionally.

It is only society that has given the image of a single-parent family of being a failure. There is no such thing as failure in your world – only the next step to your evolution.

Women are able to raise children by themselves because they are always expressing their Divine Aspect which is love.

Others may reason out that it is because the mother has no choice. That is like saying she has no free will. Disproof of this are mothers who have abandoned their families for one reason or another. So do not say mothers have no choice. There is always a choice – choice to conceive or not to conceive. A choice to raise a child or to give it away. A choice to leave a husband or to stay for the sake of the children. A choice to give up totally and abandon her children.

There is always a choice. But most women do not even consider the other choice. The other choice which is coming from fear. Fear of not being able to eke out a livelihood while being a mother as well as a father to their children.

Abandonment by the male is more prevalent in your society because the male contributes less emotionally to the raising of children. This is a choice as well.

You may object. You may say fathers are now getting more involved in the raising of families. It is happening – albeit very, very slowly. Your gender roles also require a major overhaul in this.

Women, most often than not, are relegated to the care of the home. While men are typically at work in offices, in the community, in government, in politics and in the overall running of nations and practically the world at large.

Have you ever, ever considered to at least let females be creative and be capable in such roles? To at least give them a chance to prove they can do the things the male specie can do?

Why not make more of them as presidents or politicians? There are only a minuscule number of them who are now in such positions.

And if you are bold enough, why not priests?