The Painted Veil

This is one of my fave movies (another is Pride & Prejudice) that I’ve watched a thousand times.

I recall a critic calling it a “a backward love story” cause it was only after they got married that Walter and Kitty fell in love. And Kitty only realized this after Walter died from cholera…bummer.

Anyway, here’s the finale song. I bawled my eyes out a couple of times while watching it.


My Truth II

Believe me when I say–when I’m posting these videos (with or without lyrics), sometimes I have no idea what they’re about. Initially.

I love music. My current faves are chillout, smooth jazz, smooth lounge, R & B, dance and house (when on my brisk walks) and some current pop.

I listen to the internet radio when I’m cooking, washing, writing, painting, riding in the bus, waiting for the bus, walking to the nearest shopping centre, etc.

So now you’d have guessed, “No wonder she’s always getting boomed.”

Boomed (or First Thought) means certain lyrics would suddenly catch my attention because it’ll be My Truth.

And thank God for Internet radio because you don’t have to go:

“Oh man. Awesome song! Maybe the radio DJ’ll mention the title after.”

Radio DJ doesn’t. Because she already did before the song started. Aargh!

Anyway. With artist’s name and song title in hand, I head to YouTube and look for the video. There’ll be quite a few videos of the same song. So more or Iess, I get another boom when I feel that it’s the ‘right’ video that God wants me to post.

I’ll watch it over and over and over and over and over again after I’ve posted it to find out exactly what God’s message is all about.

I don’t know the message before I post it because First Thought as described in CWG–“…is prime force. It is the raw energy that drives the engine of human experience.”

To me, that means it is ‘naked’ thought. It is bare. Absolutely nothing accompanies it except God’s Love. Awesome, isn’t it?

Now, I love Lamb, Alex Clare and John Newman even though I had no idea who they were before. Thank you, God!

And why am I telling you this?

So you too can be a messenger.