Another Name For Free Will – FAITH


Thank you, Big Brother! Your Soul thanks you and ALL SOULS thank you…

From Jonathan Eyal, European Correspondent for The Straits Times:

United States President Barack Obama’s surprising decision to postpone his planned military strike against Syria by at least a week while he consults Congress is undoubtedly risky.

The US Congress may withhold support. The President also risks appearing weak. Even if the military operation finally goes ahead, it would come a full month after the Syrian atrocities, so it will be dismissed as just pointless revenge.

Yet there are also opportunities in Mr Obama’s gamble. The extra time gained could be used to restart negotiations with Russia and China. Evidence from United Nations investigators in Syria would also become available. And, once armed with congressional approval, the US President will have the possibility of examining a wider range of military options against Syria.

Either way, the diplomatic frenzy unleashed by the Syrian crisis has already created a new strategic reality which, although imperceptible for now, will have a great impact on global security arrangements long after the Syrian episode is consigned to history.

The most significant development is the demise of the knee-jerk impulse to use force in order to solve international problems, an impulse which has governed the conduct of foreign policy of key Western nations. This can be traced back to the end of the Cold War, to the triumphant period when the West appeared to be dominant and “history” itself allegedly “ended”.

There is only one statement I totally disagree with. This: “The President also risks appearing weak.”


Because of the agenda of the souls who suffered and have been freed from their bodies, Mr President has just experienced the Aspects of Divinity called COURAGE, PATIENCE, EMPATHY and UNDERSTANDING. In a word–LOVE.

So, now let us pray Little Brother Syria will follow suit.