Foetus vs Child

2 April 2018 Monday 11:03pm

…but a woman knows how to make decisions. And if she gets pregnant, then she gets pregnant. To me, having a baby is a blessing. There are women out there who would sell an arm and a leg just to be able to conceive. And yet when a child is conceived out of wedlock it is considered a curse. A child is a blessing whether its parents are married or not. Am I mistaken about that?

No, you are not. Once again rules of society are at play when it comes to how women should treat their bodies. At the moment, women are fighting for the right to have a say in what decisions they choose for their own bodies, especially when it concerns pregnancy. Your beliefs are the powers that be that have a say on how women should treat their bodies. Abortion is one of your biggest issues at the moment. The irony of it is that when a child is conceived out of wedlock – the situation and condition that the pregnant woman is in, is considered unacceptable in society’s eyes. Anything that which is borne out of wedlock, is also considered a sin. But it is also against your beliefs to get rid of that which is borne out of wedlock – which is abortion. So what is a woman to do?

She can abstain from sex, that’s what she can do.

That’s another one of your beliefs – sex out of wedlock is also a sin.

Well then, there’s the logic, isn’t it? Being pregnant outside marriage is a sin. So having sex out of marriage is also a sin. As for abortion being a sin, it’s like murder to some – murder is a sin.

And yet you have a thing called death penalty.

But that’s because of a heinous crime. A baby hasn’t committed any crime!

Isn’t a criminal in death row once a baby?

Argh! I don’t know where you’re coming from sometimes!

I’m coming from the truth, my child. So do you still think there’s logic in those beliefs?

Wait. What is “logic” anyway? Hang on. Okay. Logic means “a particular method of reasoning or argumentation.” Sample sentence is “We were unable to follow his logic.

So do you still think there’s sound reasoning with those beliefs? That it’s a sin to have sex outside of marriage? And that it’s also a sin to get pregnant outside of marriage? And then if the woman gets pregnant out of marriage, it’s also a sin to abort the foetus? So what is a woman to do if she’s already with child?

Wait a sec. First you called it a “foetus” and then next, you called it a “child.” So which is it?

Is there a difference?

The dictionary defines “foetus” as “the young of an animal in the womb or egg, especially in the later stages of development when the body structures are in the recognizable form of its kind, in humans after the end of the second month of gestation.” As for the word “child” the dictionary says it’s “a person between birth and full growth; a boy or girl.” But the dictionary says that the word “child” also means “a human foetus.”

So is there a difference between the word “child” and the word “foetus”?

Um…Yes and no. No, there’s no difference because a child in a womb is a foetus. And yes, there’s a difference to the meaning we give each word.

How so?

To me, “foetus” sounds like it’s not a person yet. As in, it’s not fully human yet. When it comes to the word “child” I feel like it already has its own mind. Or maybe even a soul.

Everything has a soul, my child – even plants. Anyway, I get where you’re coming from. Now imagine this – there’s a group that says they are for abortion. Let’s call them the Anti-Foetus Group. Now imagine another group that says they are against abortion. Let’s call them the Pro-Child Group. And these two groups are always at each other’s faces, shouting at each other, protesting that their group is right. Who do you think will win? The Anti-Foetus Group or the Pro-Child Group?

I have no idea. The word “foetus” & “child” mean exactly the same thing.

Precisely. Both groups are not fighting for the foetus or the child. They are fighting for the meaning they are giving to the words. It’s all about the meaning. And what is a meaning? A meaning is a thought. You are all fighting over a thought.

But a child in a womb is not a thought. It’s a living, breathing entity.

It’s not breathing yet.

Well, it has a heartbeat, that’s for sure.

So you’re Pro-Child?

Since you put it that way, maybe I am. My purpose is for all children after all.

As in living, breathing children?

Yes—wait. Haha. Nice trick. So are you saying that a foetus that isn’t breathing yet is not a child?

Didn’t we already discuss the meaning of the words “foetus” and “child”?

Fine. So are you saying they’re the same but they’re not the same?

Let me just say this – words can help you or words can destroy you. And it’s all because of the meaning or meanings you give each word. And most of the time you are all fighting over the meaning. And as I have said, a meaning is a thought. Most of the time you are fighting over a thought. Does that make sense to you?

I don’t know. Sometimes, nothing makes sense in this world anymore.

You can make something make sense with any sense anytime you wish, my child. By giving it meaning.

Oh no. I’m not going back there again. Meaning is a thought, thought is meaning, fighting over a thought which is the meaning. It’s a losing battle!

That’s the problem. Why does it have to be a battle? Why can’t it be a discussion?

Don’t ask me! I’m just writing stuff here.

I know, dear. I know.

Pave The Way

Meditating regularly is to have inner peace, right?


An article about the Washington tragedy stated that the perpetrator meditates regularly. Then why did he commit such a heinous crime?

His soul was struggling to gain that inner peace. Unfortunately, his body and mind won the fight.

So it wasn’t his soul that committed the crime?

Child, I put together your soul, body and mind as one entity in order to experience itself in this realm.

So what You’re saying is—his soul was partly to blame for the crime?


No! But You said the soul is absolute. The soul is You. How can YOU partly commit such a crime?

Remember our conversation regarding subliminal messages seeping through to your soul? Subliminal messages that are garnered from the atrocities of the world? This soul has been in pain for far too long that the pain has overtaken his soul. His soul, body and mind have joined forces to experience the agenda of his soul before he left this realm. He had a purpose. These sorts of atrocities will keep on happening as long as there are souls who are ignorant of My True Promise. Healing will only begin when My True Promise is believed and heeded.

Then the healing of the world may not happen in my lifetime. The internet, the newspapers, the TV and almost all media are full of atrocities such as wars, religious conflicts, racial disharmony, women and child abuse, murders, rampage shootings, natural disasters, etc., etc., etc. It’s really depressing.

I have said it many times, child. Control your emotions. (And by the way, you have other lifetimes). You cannot change the situation but you have control of your inner peace. That is what meditation is for. I notice you have been neglecting it lately.

I know, I’m sorry. It’s rather difficult when I am never alone. I can’t even talk to someone on the phone without my kids or mum asking me, “Who’s that?” I can only indulge in a 1 or 2-minute meditation throughout the day like what Neale prescribed. And so, to get back to my initial question, why should a person meditate when that person will not “Be God” anyway. And when I say, “Be God” I mean—creating one’s reality. And creating one’s reality means experiencing what the soul desires.

Are you still talking about the perpetrator?

Um…no. I have someone else in mind.

I know. Meditating is safe. Creating one’s reality is not when it is done within the context of today’s norm. You are creating your reality every time you post an entry in this blog. You know why?

I think so. It’s because it is my soul that is communicating with the world.

Absolutely. The Internet is being used now as a communication tool among the souls of the world without the hindrance of the physical body. But take note—this way of communicating has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Similar to bringing awareness of what is being shown to children in the world in terms of entertainment and education, there should also be an awareness of how the Internet is being used as a communication tool among souls of this realm. It is, of course, advantageous if it is being used for the betterment of mankind. Other than that, it will be abuse. Abuse of the Internet as a tool to twist The Truth to one’s advantage.

I understand. I think another disadvantage is that less and less people are talking face to face, as in getting together physically instead of texting and emailing or chatting online together.

You think so? Didn’t you just recently visit your college friends and had a whale of a time?

Well, yeah.

You think that would have happened if you hadn’t found each other through the wonder of Facebook?

I guess not. What’s Your point?

My point is that it is entirely up to you to create your experience from what you have created. The world has created Facebook. Now it is up to the world to experience its advantages and disadvantages. There are those who use it to its fullest potential, like Neale. He is reaching out to others (including you) to the ends of the earth with The Truth. How about you?

How about me? What do you mean?

What are you doing with your Facebook?

Oh man. To tell you the truth I have like a hot-cold relationship with it. Lately, I’ve just been on the sidelines, watching my friends enjoying themselves. Picking one or two good stories to post on my blog.

Why? Don’t you like your friends?

Um…I don’t know. I’m just not into it anymore. It sort of feels like a waste of time posting things like what I had for breakfast or how the sunset looked like the other day or what colour nail polish I painted my toe nails last night or asking for help with my dilemma of buying which bag, a Spade or a Prada, or I’m running low on the most expensive imported saki and anyone know where to get some? (Sorry FB friends) I just feel I’m needed elsewhere.

Your soul knows you are needed elsewhere. And where is elsewhere?

The World.

And what did I say about the world?

Humankind needs us (messengers) more than ever. Pave the way so that The New World will be welcomed with open hearts, yearning souls, strengthened bodies and willing minds.