Unemployment & Poverty

(Reuters) – Pope Francis made one of his strongest attacks on the global economic system on Sunday, saying it could no longer be based on a “god called money” and urged the unemployed to fight for work.

Something in that statement is making my soul uncomfortable. (It’s so uncomfortable I’m awake right now “talking” to God at 2:30 in the morning.)

What is making you uncomfortable, child?

My understanding is—the world should stop worshipping money so that the jobless can find jobs. Am I right?

Yes, you are right.

I still don’t understand.

If you do not understand, how can you expect the universe to understand.

Please explain.

The religion promulgates that money is evil. And then all of you are wondering why the unemployment rate is high? The purpose of earning a living is to earn money. But money is evil. Do you see the contradiction?

Yup. So our collective consciousness is making the universes confused.

Yes. How do you expect the universe to comply with what all souls desire with regards to abundance when the body and mind are confused with regards to abundance? If only the soul, body and mind, as one entity can accept that having abundance is very okay then everything will fall into place. I Am God, I have given you EVERYTHING in order for you to experience joy in this realm. What kind of a selfish god would I be if all I want all of you to do in this realm is suffer all the time?

No. I don’t believe You are that kind of God. So how? How do we solve this problem of unemployment and poverty.

You tell Me.

Okay. All souls must know that it is not divine to suffer as in being poor is not what God wants for us. In order to experience joy in this realm we are entitled to everything that it can offer and that includes money. Am I right?


But then some might abuse this. As in money might be worshipped as god.

Do you think they will find joy in that?


Joy is found in spirituality. And once joy is found, abundance will be found as well. The Divine Dichotomy here is that once a soul finds joy and abundance he will no longer “worship” as you call it, money. Trust Me in this.

I trust You. So the solution is—we have to change our mindset about money.

Yes. Practice what you preach, child.

I know.—Our collective consciousness is so powerful it can get us out of poverty. Or it can keep us in it forever.


Highly Evolved Beings

I’ve been thinking about these two statements…One—“God has given us abundance to live our lives to the fullest and in turn help others to live their lives to the fullest.” And two—“The poor can only uplift themselves from WITHIN. External is temporal. Spiritual is eternal.” They sort of contradict each other.

No, they do not. Let us say the poor has finally realised their Power Within. Tell Me–how will they uplift themselves if they do not have a dollar to their name?

Get a job.

Remember they are poor. So we can assume some of them may have jobs. But since they are still poor even with jobs, it is probably because their jobs are menial and they are probably living from hand to mouth. So how do you think they can uplift themselves to get better paying jobs with these conditions?

Well, get better educated or better trained.

So where do you think…

Never mind. I know what You’re going to ask. “So where do I think they’ll get the money to pay to be better educated or better trained?” From good Samaritans, I suppose.

So do you still think those two statements contradict each other?

No. In fact now, I think they complement each other.

Yes. And since they are already aware of The Power Within, once they are better educated and better trained for better jobs they will be able to sustain their better income and maybe even bring in more abundance. The Power Within is power from Me. I Am The Spirit. The power of Spirituality. And the belief in Me is the belief in themselves. Ye are Gods. You are the only ones responsible for your own lives in this realm. You create your own realities. Each soul will seek to enjoy this realm to the fullest. And the only way to do that is if the soul believes it deserves everything and all things this realm can offer. And once the soul has acquired the abundance it seeks it therefore seeks to share it with others. The beauty in this is that once a soul has achieved acquiring abundance, its Power Within is enough to sustain joy in its life. It no longer treats its abundance as priority. And once that happens that is when the soul attracts more abundance. The only way to get rid of it is to share it with others. It is a cycle within a cycle. The soul acquires and dispenses its abundance is the inner cycle. While the recipient acquires and dispenses its own abundance with another is the outer cycle. And once this happens it is a matter of time before everyone is affected by these cycles that soon everyone will never hoard or keep anything for himself ever again. It is a world where everything is Free for All. This is the world of Highly Evolved Human Beings.