About Expectations. Again.


2 May 2017 Tuesday 2:05pm

God doesn’t want us to have expectations because sometimes, we have so much angst about something we have not received. And we think we’ll lose something that which we think we own. We do not own anything. And how can we lose something that which we have not received?

Gah! That’s a mouthful! It came to me this morning. It’s all about the E-Word again, I suppose. Expectations. I mean, seriously, it’s like a cancer. It’s beginning to be some kind of disease. You know, a dis-ease.

Why do you say that?

I can feel it. All around me. This feeling of dis-ease. It even has a smell.

A smell?

In the air…from the ocean. Funny, rotten fish kind of smell.

Never mind.

This feeling of dis-ease, as you call it. It sounds like you’re familiar with it.

Expectations? Of course! I’m only human. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing that comes to mind is an expectation. Like, I’m thinking, “Hope it’s gonna be a good day today!” or “Hope it doesn’t rain today…” Or “Sure wish someone else would cook dinner today…” Aren’t those expectations?

So how’s your day been so far?

So far it’s okay, I suppose. I’m not feeling any “dis-ease” at the moment. Except for having too much to eat for lunch.

You like that word, don’t you?

Dis-ease? Yeah. I like the sound when I break up the syllable. It gives it a completely different meaning. “Disease” sounds ominous. While “dis-ease” sounds like, “Hey, yeah. I can handle this.”

That’s a good way of putting it. Meaning of the word “ease”, please.

I aim to please. Meaning of “ease” coming up…Okay. There’s a bunch of meanings. But this one seems appropriate. Ease is “freedom from difficulty or great effort.”

So what you’re saying is, if having expectations is a dis-ease, that would mean that having expectations will not be free from difficulty or great effort.

Yup. Remember when I said, it felt like I was in a wrestling match with myself before I created my reality? And that it was like I was going out of my mind? I was having expectations…Big time.


Why? Because my sparring partner was Miss What Ifs. She kept nagging and nagging…What if this, What if that? Or what if the world is really flat…and some such other nonsense. Well actually, my real What-Ifs didn’t seem nonsensical at the time. My fears felt so real!

Fear is like that, dear one. If fear is in control then it will feel very real. The way to control fear is to set it aside and believe that every outcome, whether it is to your liking or not, has a purpose. And that is for you to—

For me to experience who I really am. But it’s easier said than done, God!

I know, dear. But you did it. You created your reality. That is what is most important. There is nothing wrong with having expectations. Letting your expectations, also known as fears-

Also known as What Ifs.

Yes. Letting your expectations hinder you from letting you grow into your fullest potential is not what you came into this world to do. Ask anyone who is famous and magnificent. Ask them whether the road to their magnificence was free from difficulty or great effort. Most of the time their answer would be No.

I don’t really know anyone famous and magnificent. Well, not on a personal level anyway.

I don’t!

Anyway, child. The bottom line is—

You already mentioned the bottom line.

I did?

The bottom line is, letting your expectations hinder you from letting you grow into your fullest potential is not what you came into this world to do.

So I did. Okay, so onto something else.

Okay. The next is, “And we think we’ll lose something that which we think we own. We do not own anything.” What do we think we own?

You tell Me, child.

We think we own each other?

Yes! This world is living with the misconception that relationships are all about owning each other. That is the number one destroyer of your relationships.

You’re kidding, right? Because since the day I was born, I know that a marriage is a wife and a husband owning each other. In fact, boyfriends and girlfriends own each other. Parents own their offsprings. An employee owns an employer while he or she is under his or her employ. A nation owns its country.

And the world? Who owns the world?

We do.

How about the universe? Who owns the universe?

You do?

I do not own the universe, my child. I Am the universe. If I Am the universe, who is the world? Because the world is the universe.

I guess…You? You are the world?

You are in the world. Along with husbands and wives. Along with boyfriends and girlfriends. Along with parents and their offsprings. Along with employers and their employees. Along with nations and their respective countries. So who belongs to whom?

No one, I guess.

And why is that?

Because God is freedom. Freedom doesn’t own anything.

Yes! Very good.

Thank You. Last question – How can we lose something that which we have not received?

What do you think you have lost which you have not received?

That’s a weird question. But I believe the answer has something to do with Neale’s tweet today. He tweeted: Can you love God unconditionally? You can only receive God’s love in the way that you give God yours.

Ye are Gods. Apply that to Neale’s tweet.

Okay. Can you love each other unconditionally? You can only receive another’s love in the way that you give yours.

We’re done. And well done!

Thank you! That was hard!


Um…No. Not really.



Daddy Long Legs

daddy long legs_2

29 April 2017 Saturday 6:24am

I have freedom of choice. But is my choice who I really am? Am I choosing from my Divine Self? Is my choice hurting anyone? But what if it feels right? But everyone else says it’s wrong. What do I do then?

Seems like you have a very difficult decision to make.

Who me? No.

Then what’s all that about?

I dunno. It just popped into my head this morning.

Does it always happen?

What, the popping into my head thing?


All the time! That’s where my tweets are coming from. Some are from what’s happening in my day to day life, of course. But once in a while something will pop into my head that just doesn’t make sense. Initially, anyway.


Like…Um…Let’s see…Oh yeah. Daddy Long Legs. Oh, wait…No. That came from that huge spider I saw in the kitchen the other day.

So what did you do?

With the spider?

No, with the words Daddy Long Legs.

Oh. Usually, I’ll look it up online. Google it.

So what’s Daddy Long Legs all about?

It’s a silent film starring Mary Pickford. But I must have watched the remake or musical version of it at one time or another. Otherwise, how would I suddenly remember it?

So now you’re saying, you’ve known about it all along.

Well, yeah. If I’ve never heard of it, how would I know there’s such a thing as Daddy Long Legs?

That’s because your soul knows everything.

It does?

Of course it does. Does God know everything?

Like, ya.

Your soul is God. God knows everything. So the soul knows everything. When you’re here in this realm you forget everything in order to remember.


No, not everything, dear one. Where would the fun be in that? Anyway. So what’s Daddy Long Legs all about?

The actual film is on Wiki. I tried watching it last night but it made me sleepy. Film-making has come a long, long, looooong way since then. But in a nutshell, it’s about an orphan girl who has an anonymous rich benefactor. It’s a love story, of course. Eventually, she gets into a love triangle where she falls in love with the brother of her classmate and her mysterious benefactor. Whom she calls Daddy Long Legs. Because she happened to see his long-legged shadow at one time.

I thought you didn’t watch the movie.

I didn’t. I read the plot.

So who did she choose?

What do you mean? Who did Mary Pickford choose from the love triangle?


She chose Daddy Long Legs.


I don’t know.

Wouldn’t you like to know?

Um…No, not really.

Why not?

Honestly? I’d rather watch something else. Like maybe something new.

Fair enough.

So anyway. We’ve gone off track.

No, we haven’t.


Never mind, dear one. Let’s get back on track. So your question is, “What do I do when a decision feels right but everyone else says it’s wrong?”


Have you ever been in such a situation?

Yeah. It was when I had to make a decision to leave my previous beliefs. It was hard because of my parents. We’ve been going to church since the day I was born. But eventually, Mum and Dad accepted it. So they went on their own.

What about your kids?

I gave them permission to go with Grandma and Grandpa on Sundays if they wanted to. Well…Needless to say, I guess.

Any other time that you had to make a very difficult decision?

Yes. It was when I heard this song on Mum’s radio. Tony Bennett’s Watch What Happens.

That song decided a decision for you?

No. I decided a decision. Nobody knew it that time, but before I heard that song it was like I was in a wrestling match with myself. I’m acting as per usual, you know, living life day to day. But inside it was like I was going out of my mind! Creating your reality was hard! Very, very hard.

You were in love, you mean?

You can call it whatever you want. But it was really hard! Oh, there have been signs, telling me exactly what to do. Like Neale’s daily email. They were spot on with my situation at the time. But I just kept ignoring him. And then I heard that song, Watch What Happens on Mum’s radio in the kitchen. And to cut a long story short, here I am.

Let’s rewind a little bit, dear one. What exactly did you do after you heard that song?

Let’s just say I broke some rules, okay?




Two Earths

two earths 2

26 April 2017 Wednesday 10:23pm

“Your life is not about you.”

That quote is from Neale. If my life is not about me, then who is it about?

It’s about everyone else.

I don’t understand.

Anything you do for yourself, you do for another.

How about drinking coffee?

Excuse Me?

If my life is not about me, then who am I drinking coffee for? I’m drinking coffee for everyone else? That doesn’t make sense.

Do you drink coffee? I thought you prefer tea.

I drink coffee once in a while when I have a craving for it. But my regular is tea. So am I drinking coffee for everyone else if my life is not about me?

Do you buy your coffee?

Yes, of course.

So where does the money go when you buy coffee?

To the supermarket, I suppose.

So let’s suppose the coffee ended up on your table because the money you used to buy it with helped to grow more coffee, yes?

Yes…And I think I have an idea where this is going.

Where is it going?

It’s going to the people who have jobs to support their family because I give money to the supermarket to buy the coffee that is grown and manufactured.


How about shampoo?

What about shampoo?

When I use shampoo, isn’t it about cleaning my hair? That’s about me, isn’t it? Shampooing is all about me and keeping my hair clean! Ha! How about that?

Where do you get your shampoo?

Argh! Forget shampoo! Forget about the tangible stuff..Let me see…Your life is not about you…Hm…Okay! Got it! How about when I’m meditating? When I’m meditating it’s definitely about me! There’s no one else but me meditating, isn’t it?

Okay. Imagine two worlds, my dear. Two earth. All of the people in one earth meditate regularly while living their lives as usual. How do you think it would feel like living on this earth?

Peaceful, I guess. Especially when everybody’s meditating at the same time. It’ll be pretty…quiet.

That may just be the case, dear one. Now how about the other earth? No one even knows what meditation means. They live their lives pretty much the same way but no one is ever in touch with their souls. Ever. How do you think it would feel like there?

I don’t even wanna go there. It’ll probably be like walking around among the living dead! Okay. So what’s your point?

My point is, you are all interconnected because you are all One Soul. Anything you do, even as trivial as drinking coffee or shampooing affects someone else. Even creating something that is not who you really are will affect everyone. Can you think of one?

Okay. Um…How about if I totally and completely stop being a messenger? No more tweeting. No more blogging. Nothing. No one will ever hear from me ever again. I’ll just go on living my life as obscurely and insignificantly as possible. That is definitely not who I really am. How about that?

That’s a good one. So how do you think it will affect everyone else?

I have no idea.

Only one way to find out, dear one.

Yeah. But here’s another scenario. What if I never created my reality in the first place? You know, 4 years, 5 months and 4 days ago. And just lived my sad, sorry life as obscurely and insignificantly as possible. How can that life be not about me?

Now THAT is something we will never know.