Reputation vs Character

23 July 2014

Reputation vs character. This has been running around my head all day yesterday. But first, may I just mention an incident that I called to myself this morning?

Go on.

Well. On the way home, while in the upper deck of the bus, there was someone who was talking on his cellphone quite loudly. He was seated at the back so I couldn’t see his face. He was giving instructions to someone. Something about looking for the “extreme left door of a cabinet.” His tone of voice started amiably enough, giving instructions to that someone on the other end. But he began to get very agitated when the other person couldn’t seem to get his instructions right. His voice was getting louder and louder and more and more agitated as he was struggling to get his instructions understood. I thought, “Any second now he’s gonna say, Why are you so stupid?!!” And guess what. He did. He sort of ended his instructions that way along with something about “switching the heater off and all the lights off” or something. While I was listening to all this, my heart and soul were in pain for that person on the other end. I had the urge to turn around to see how this person looked like but stopped myself. “Let it go, let it go,” was what I kept hearing in my head.

That was Me, dear one. It is of no use seeing the physicality of that person because you already sensed, felt his soul. His purpose was already conveyed to you.

And what purpose is that?

You know it. Say it.

That we do not have patience with each other?

Yes, and something else.

That sometimes we treat others as lesser than us.

Yes. Why do you think that is?

Coz we think we are more superior than others?


But God, I cannot blame that person for getting agitated with someone who cannot understand simple instructions. There are simple persons who need to be given very specific instructions before they can perform exactly what you want them to do. And sometimes, others simply do not have the patience.

Then why do you think this simple persons are the way they are?


Yes. Oh. Simple persons also have a purpose. Their purpose is not to be simple. Be not to be that. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are a simple person and you do not understand certain things. That is the agenda of your soul. For you to be knowledgeable, you have to have no knowledge of a certain thing. Meaning, to know something, you must first not know it. Do you understand?

Yup. To fill a cup with good coffee, the cup must be empty.

Yes! Exactly. Your Dad’s cheap 3-in-1 grainy coffee is just an example.

Yeah. He didn’t want to stop drinking it even though it was really bad (no one else was drinking it) coz he could have been thinking of the money he paid for it. (Considering it’s cheap and bad, it wasn’t that much.) And so when he finished the last packet the other day, he drank Mum’s good 3-in-1 coffee. That cheap grainy coffee must have been irritating his throat before. Because now, he isn’t eradicating his pleghm that much anymore. Mum’s so agitated when he does it non-stop. The plelghm eradication sound, I mean. Especially when he’s watching TV. He spits into a–um, never mind. Too much information.

That is a metaphor regarding the pain of knowing The Truth. Those of you who have been believing the mistaken beliefs about Me and living it for most of your life are in pain when you realize The Truth because your souls are thinking of the cost or the lifetime that you have spent in making these mistaken beliefs real. As in living them to the best of your abilities. And to realize that it is not The Truth after all is very painful. Like your Dad’s throat. Those of you who cannot let go of The Old World will cause disharmony, agitation and chaos in your souls. Because your soul is The Truth. It is your bodies and minds that are protesting against the invasion of finally realizing what is true.

But God, I have been in The Old World for most of my life and I didn’t go through that.

It was not the agenda of your soul. It is not in The Plan for you to struggle with The Truth. Nothing happens by accident, child. Everything that happens in your lifetime is planned by you before you enter this realm.

You’re kidding. That means even my mistakes are planned?

Most definitely. Mistakes have a purpose, remember? And what is the purpose of The Plan? It is to realize your soul’s purpose.

Purpose, purpose, purpose! Life is so complicated sometimes!

Only if you think it is so.

Yeah. Anyway. So what is the purpose of that incident?

The pur–

Never mind. I think I know. So that I can blog about patience, not treating another as lesser and the agenda of the soul.

If you say so, dear one.

I say so. Okay. So let’s talk about reputation vs character. What’s the diff?

Meanings, please.

Right. “Reputation” means “the estimation in which a person or thing is held, especially by the community or the public generally; repute: sample: a man of good reputation.” “Character” has like a long list of meanings.

Take the one that shouts at you.

There are several actually–One: the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing. Two: moral or ethical quality: sample: a man of fine, honorable character. Three: qualities of honesty, courage, or the like; integrity: sample: It takes character to face up to a bully. And four: a person, especially with reference to behavior or personality: sample: a suspicious character.

Do you notice the difference?

Well, yeah. Character has more meanings than reputation.

Do you know why? That is because your character is from the soul and your reputation is from the world. That is why one’s “character” is more complex. It is from the soul. Focus on your character which is from the soul instead of your reputation which is of this world. The world which is of rules and regulations. As opposed to your character which is from your soul which knows no rules or regulations. Hence our tweet: Reputation is opinions of others about you while character is built by you regardless of opinions of others about you.

Awesome. You make everything so clear!

Without a messenger it would not be.

I think that’s a compliment.

It is.

Then, thank You. I love You, God.

I love you too, dear one. And everyone.


Suffering in Silence


The Unspoken Truth should never be spoken, right?


Can it be texted?

What brought this on?

Well, someone texted “suffering in silence” a while ago. And I know these words are from my latest post on my blog. My blog is all about The Unspoken Truth, isn’t it?

Yes, it is. Someone texted you the words “suffering in silence”?

No. To my daughter.

So why should it concern you?

Well, because as much as possible I don’t want her to get hurt in any way because of my purpose.

I understand. Why do you think this person texted the words “suffering in silence”?

Maybe to know whether my daughter is aware of The Unspoken Truth.

Is your daughter aware of The Unspoken Truth?

Well, I thought she did. But when she was perplexed why someone texted her those words I realize she’s not. (Huh? So weird. What’s she talking about?) She’s not aware of my blog or my tweets. Or maybe she simply has chosen selective unawareness.

There you go.

What? I haven’t gone anywhere. I still don’t understand.

You called this incident to yourself in order for you to know that you were wrong in your assumption that your daughter is aware of The Unspoken Truth and that she chooses to be unaware of it. So what did you do when you realized what those words were about?

I tweeted them. I tweeted, “Suffering in silence. omg.” That was the complete text.

Why did you do that?

I had to let this person know that I am aware of what she’s trying to do.

What is she trying to do?

She’s trying to find out whether my daughter is aware of The Unspoken Truth.

Why does she need to know that?

Maybe because she is unsure of where she stands with my daughter. I’m sure there are a lot of girls who are my daughter’s friends who feel that way. I am very, very concerned that they may treat her as a pariah because of my purpose.

You are judging, child.

I’m sorry.

There is good in everyone, remember?

Yes, I know.

How is your daughter? Has she shown any signs that she is being treated as an outcast among her friends?

No, not really. She’s very jolly and crazy here at home. These days we treat each other like sisters instead of mother and daughter. I love her to death.

Well then, everything seems to be fine. Most mothers worry about their child and how they are coping in the real world. Like I mentioned before, there is good in everyone. And you must know by now that any event or incident that happens in her reality has a purpose. And that she has called these events and incidents to herself in order for her to express the grandest version ever she held of her highest self. And that is to be God. To express herself as God.

But she doesn’t know that. She’s chosen selective unawareness, remember?

Well, then. This is the perfect time for you to subtly incorporate The New Spirituality philosophy when she comes to you for help. Does she come to you for help when she has a problem?

Oh yes. When she comes home from school, I haven’t even unlocked the padlock on our grill doors and she’s already off a mile a minute with what happened in school that day.

Communication. Your relationship as a mother and teenage daughter is off to a good start. In order for The Old World to transition into The New World, the line of communication should always be open especially when it comes to relationships. And all of you are related to each other. The core, the DNA, the nucleus, the raw make-up of this world is the family–a man, a woman and a child. If there is no communication within this basic unit then all other communications will fail–

No way! There are a lot of dysfunctional families in the world and it hasn’t really affected the world that bad, has it?

Why are you asking me, child? Your eyes are open to the problems of the world, are they not? Is there not clear evidence that the problems in your world right now are very much related with the upbringing of every child? Do you think that those who kill, kidnap, abuse or are violent to others had a joyful and lovey-dovey upbringing? Any psychologist will tell you otherwise.

I stand corrected. Actually, I’m sitting down. Anyway. To get back to my initial question–can The Unspoken Truth be texted? Can it be discussed by two souls online?

It really depends on the purpose of the discussion, does it not? If the purpose is to bring enlightenment then it is very much ideal to use the Internet to discuss The Unspoken Truth. But if it is to cause harm or to try to bash the philosophy then it will only cause hurt and aggravation to the recipient which may have unfavorable consequences to the parties involved. As I have said before, the Internet is a very powerful creation. It is your creation. It can be used to bring light or it can be used to bring darkness. You are what you create. And so, to answer your question–yes, The Unspoken Truth can be communicated online. Isn’t that what you are doing now?

You mean, my blog and my tweets?


If communication means I’m posting and tweeting without really relating to anyone else except myself, then yes, I am communicating.

Sarcasm at its best.


Being a messenger can sometimes be a lonely purpose. Especially when you are the harbinger of something that is not commonly accepted by all. It may even cause you harm. But we have chosen this era for a reason. All of you call it Freedom of Speech. Although, I notice there is still some resistance to this concept. I will call it The Fisik concept. The Fisik concept is the opposite of Freedom of Speech. It is the belief that some words are harmful and that the target of these words, the victim, takes to heart the harmful meaning and therefore the user or the culprit using these words to express themselves may be punished for doing so. It is a concept that may take a while to eradicate.

A while as in about a couple of millenniums from now?

It would be presumptious for Me to say this but at the rate we are accomplishing what we are accomplishing, dear one, we may just be able to do it in one.


Welcome to the World of Retraction



Yes? What about it?

I skipped it. It’s a word of the day from my dic app which I was aware of but didn’t tweet about. Why didn’t I?

I have no idea, child.

Yes You do. You just want me to figure it out for myself, don’t You?

Precisely. I cannot be spoonfeeding you all the time. You are not My little robot.

I’m aware of that. But I thought that’s what First Thoughts are for.

What are they for?

To show us the way to do things.

That is true. But let Me emphasize that they are merely guidelines or suggestions to what you are to do in terms of creating your realities in this world. You may obey them as what I have conveyed or you may adjust them according to the situation at hand. For example, that First Thought about your 3 lives as a human being. What was the First Thought that I gave you?

Exactly that. First, I have my real life which is the everyday chores or stuff that I do with or for my family. Second is this–what I’m doing now. Typing out my thoughts in my diary, which I may or may not post. I’ll only know this after I finish it. And third are my First Thoughts about something or someone or some place that is related to my truth.

Isn’t your second life also related to your truth?

Yes, but that is for the world to know. There are a lot of things in my third life that the world does not know about or should not know about. The world may have an inkling what it’s about but not totally a hundred percent confirmed.

Why is that?

You tell me, God. I only put stuff out there that You want me to put out there.

Alright. I will tell you. It is a test of faith. A test whether you have faith in each other. Because that is the only thing that will rebuild, revive and reunite this troubled world. If I tell you outright to literally put your truth out there into the world it will cause chaos and confusion and might even harm you. We have chosen this era of advanced technology because we have the protection of advanced technology. I am protecting all of My messengers. I am protecting all of you from the judgement of others. Judgement that are coming from the fear of others. As you know, sometimes (or most of the time) fear causes harm to another. Everything has a purpose. Messengers have now successfully integrated the truth with the untruth in this world because of the protection of technology. The downtrodden and the most victimised is humanity, you say. But let us be true to ourselves, shall we? We know that it is the female gender. But the males are victims as well because of their mistaken belief that they need to be dominant in order for this world to work. Which is exactly that. It is a mistaken belief. This world needs the input of both male and female in order for it to thrive. Right now, it is out of sync. There is imbalance. And what happens when something is out of balance?

It’ll keel over.

Exactly. It will all come tumbling down. It will be your downfall. I did not put male and female in this world and tell the male to dominate the female while all of you are here in this realm. Even if you are in this world what still matters most are your souls. When you come back to Me, do you think the male soul still dominates the female soul while they are with Me? Do you think I allow that? Do you think I have inequality in the realm of the absolute? Or a female or a male soul for that matter?

No, You definitely do not do that. But I don’t think the male in my world believes it is domination. It’s more of protection–

Really? Is abusing women and girls protection? Is raping and abducting them protection? Is inequality in your politics, your religions, your laws, your families, your–

Woah! Woah, God! Chill.

I felt your anger, child. That was you getting out of hand.

I know. I was pounding on my keyboard so much the a’s became like this: faaaaaaam…

It is your soul’s purpose to eradicate inequality. Anything that goes against that will certainly get your back fur standing on end.

Yeah. So what exactly is this post all about? I thought it’s about the word “embroil.”

Meaning please.

Embroil: to bring into discord or conflict; involve in contention or strife; to throw into confusion; complicate.

There are so many things happening in your world right now that reporters and journalists are having a field day. Can you feel it? Your world is now embroiled in many issues and conflicts. This is what Neale’s The Storm Before the Calm is all about. This is what your “to have peace there must be chaos” is all about. Everything has a purpose. The purpose of the storm is to bring awareness to the underlying problems of your world. It may seem like a lot are going on now but actually it has always been this way in your world. It is only now that souls are starting to be aware of the problems because souls now know that in order to solve your problems they need to be known. As in everyone has to be aware that there IS a problem. Souls are merely heeding their purpose of bringing awareness to the world about these problems which has always been your problems since the beginning of time. It is now time to take heed of your souls when it comes to solving these problems. It needs the cooperation of your whole world in order for these problems to be solved. Tell Me–the recent disappearance of an airplane. Is that the only airplane that has disappeared in your aviation history?

No, of course not.

How is this case any different from any mysteriously missing airplanes?

I’m not really sure about the other planes which have mysteriously gone missing and how the cases were dealt with. But with MH370, I was amazed at how many countries’ representatives put so much effort in helping out with the search. And how a couple of establishments and organizations contributed their time and energy in consoling and comforting and helping the affected families. And now that we know about all this agenda-of-the-souls and everything-has-a-purpose stuff, the hurting and the fear don’t seem that bad. Well, for those who are aware of the truth anyway. And that when things like these happen, there is no one to blame. It’s called life. And now, I heard there are future plans to put in place safeguards and rules and guides so that when such events happen again (which is for sure) they may be dealt with a lot better and organized better.

The Law of Retraction. This could be another name for your New World.

Oh yeah. Welcome to The World of Retraction. Coz now we’re retracting the old ways of doing things. It’s slow but we’re doing it.

Baby steps are better than giant leaps.

Yup. They’re less tiring.

Are you tired?

You mean being a messenger?


Sometimes. Coz I know I’m not superwoman. But life is tiring sometimes, isn’t it? *shrug* To me, being a messenger is simply living life. Doing life.

How I wish everyone knew that, dear one.

You’re God. I’m sure You can make it happen.

That is where you are wrong, child. I Am merely a PA system. I personally address you via First Thoughts. You have free will. It is entirely up to you to put these First Thoughts into action. By the way, child, why do you capitalize the first letter of the words “First Thoughts”?

Coz they’re from You. The same way I capitalize your Y in You, your M in Me and G in G.O.D.


Coz I feel like it.

Good enough.