Glow In The Dark

4 May 2017 Thursday 10:21pm

If you feel like you’re struggling right now, no one else is responsible for it. Struggle is from within. It is never brought on from outside of you or by anyone else. 

How about prisoners? You know, those prisoners in jail? Aren’t they struggling because they’re being kept in prison by the law? That is certainly brought on to them by others. 

Why did they end up in prison in the first place?

They committed a crime, of course. 

So why did they commit a crime?

Maybe because they’re poor. 

It’s not only the poor who commit crimes, my dear. There’s such a thing as high crimes in your world, isn’t there? 

Yup. Wiki says “The charge of high crimes and misdemeanors covers allegations of misconduct peculiar to officials, such as perjury of oath, abuse of authority, bribery, intimidation, misuse of assets, failure to supervise, dereliction of duty, conduct unbecoming, and refusal to obey a lawful order.” Geez, what a tongue twister!

Because you read it out loud. 

I did? Oh yeah, I did. 

Are you saying these words out loud now?

No. These words I’m typing now are silent words. They’re all in my head. This is soul language after all. 

Have you ever spoken soul language? 

I’m not really sure. But if You ask me if I have ever spoken The Unspoken Truth and who I really am, that’s a definite no. In fact, I’ve never even put it into words like these words I’m typing now. The Unspoken Truth is always implied. The same goes for who I really am. See? Just like that. The words “who I really am” are sort of an implication of who I really am. Oh man, I’m going round and round. I think You know what I mean.

Yes, I do. Everything you know about The Unspoken Truth have never been spoken. Unless it’s between or among people in confidentiality and usually behind closed doors. Or The Unspoken Truth may have even been emailed by other souls. Usually in order to help spread the word around. But haven’t you noticed that The Unspoken Truth has usually been made known by signs? Signs in inspirational materials such as movies, songs, books, art, etc. Or even Mother Nature herself.

Yeah. The best are music videos! The thing is, I think the creators themselves, (of music videos I mean) weren’t even aware they were using soul language. 

Are you ever aware of your soul? 

What do You mean? Like I can feel it or see it? Like in the movies where a ghost looks like it’s glowing in the dark? 


No, of course not. Soul is God. Does God glow in the dark? 



I Am everything, remember? 

Haha, very funny. Why are we talking about glow-in-the-dark when we should be talking about how struggle is from within? 

Because the struggle of the soul is like glowing in the dark. 

You’re going weird on me again.

Let Me explain. The soul is considered the Light. When you are aware of your soul, as in, you know how to live life from the soul, it is inevitable that your light will shine for all to see. That is the magnificence we are always talking about. There are now many of you who are magnificent! Some in your own way of course, depending on your agenda. All of you came to this world for one purpose only. And that is to help each other be the light. To help others be aware of their own light. But there are those who are in so much fear of what will happen when they let their light shine for all to see. For what reasons, only that person will know. The soul’s desire is to be the light. And it will do everything it can to be the light. That’s why there are also souls who are simply glowing in the dark. The soul is struggling to shine through from within that deep darkness. A prisoner is struggling for his light to shine while he’s still in prison. He wasn’t born in that prison. It is not right even for babes born to mothers in prison to be kept within that prison for the rest of their lives now, is it? Do you know why?

Because they did not commit any crimes. 

That’s right. So who committed the crime? 

The pregnant mother? 

Is it a crime to be pregnant? 

Um…No, I don’t think so. But there’s a stigma attached to women or girls who get pregnant out of wedlock. Usually due to our beliefs, traditions and culture. 

What is stigma? 

Stigma is “a mark of disgrace or infamy; a stain or reproach, as on one’s reputation.” So that’s why getting pregnant out of wedlock is still not really wholly acceptable in our society. 

In other words, society judges pregnancy out of wedlock. 

Society judges, period. We are a judgemental lot. 

Yes. But I must say, things are getting better. 

I believe so. We are on our way to a more forgiving, compassionate, empathetic, understanding, wholly accepting society. There is an awakening of the soul going on. It’s the minutest of beginnings but at least it’s a beginning. Can You feel it? 

I can feel it, my child, I can feel it. There are those who are shining their light like beacons leading the lost towards Home. But then there are also those who are simply glowing in the dark, struggling against letting their light break through to shine into the world. 

Good manoeuvre, that. You brought us back to the beginning. 


But You forgot something. 

What did I forget? 

The thing about high crimes. 

Because, dear one, that is best forgotten. 

What? No punishment for the wicked?

That is not what The New World is all about, my dear child. 

Yup. The New World is all about soul to soul. And soul to soul means being forgiving, compassionate, empathetic, understanding and wholly accepting of each other.

The Line of Least Resistance

line of least resistance2

6 November 2014 Thursday 7:45pm

“The line of least resistance was always the most difficult line in the long-run.”
~ Peter Cheyney, English author

That doesn’t seem right. If the line is of the least resistance won’t it be the easiest? I’m not exactly sure what line the author’s talking about. I suppose it’s a sentence in a story or something.

When you write, do the words come to you easily? Like these words you’re writing now?

Not all the time. I have some entries in my chronicles that are left hanging because it just doesn’t seem that important half-way through. Like it wasn’t really going anywhere or has no purpose. As for those posts or tweets that I’ve published, they’re usually the ones that come to me–well, they come to me with the least resistance. The words just seem to flow out of me. So how can those lines be the most difficult in the long-run?

They are the most difficult in the long-run because they are usually made of The Truth. And as you know, The Truth is sometimes hard to believe because The Truth is from the soul. The soul knows no rules or regulations. And what happens to The Truth when you let it be known to everyone?

Not all will believe. Some will believe and some will find it hard to believe.

THAT is why the line of least resistance is always the most difficult in the long-run.

Letting Go & Forgiveness


Isn’t letting go and forgiveness the same, God?

Have you been offended lately?

No, not lately. But there were a couple of people who I felt were antagonistic towards my cause about a month ago.

Do you know them?

Um…let me just say that I come in contact with them often during the week.

Alright. Do you still feel that they are antagonistic towards you in the recent days?

I’m not sure but there was an incident that happened on Friday that seems appropriate to what we’re talking about now. Letting go and forgiveness. You see, when the offense happened a month ago, it really angered my soul. There was judgement and I felt it when I was in close contact with this person. So as much as possible I try to avoid her whenever she was at the establishment I frequently patronize.

How was this person judging you?

I don’t wanna be specific coz it might bring trouble. I still have to come face to face with her. I just felt the judgement. The attitude was not friendly. Not courteous even though I am a regular face there.

Alright. I understand. So you avoided her as much as possible.


And then what happened on Friday?

I could have avoided this person but Soul said, “Go. Face your fear.” I walked over. The heat went to my head and my heartbeat speeded up a little. I was cold and brusque. My soul was showing that it still remembered the antagonism that this person showed me a month ago.

How was this person’s reaction?

Funny enough, I felt coldness and brusqueness as well. But more low key than the initial antagonism that was shown me before. And at the end we both thanked each other for the transaction even if it was a tad curt.

Then what happened?

Then I went on my way. On the walk home, boom! I spotted something on the ground.

What was it?

A round sticker that said PAID.

What do you think it means?

You should know. You put it there.

Of course I did. Now tell Me what it means.

It means that the offense has been PAID. It means that our Souls have recognized each other’s divinity by way of our saying “Thank You” to each other.

Yes. Do you think you have forgiven this person for the antagonism shown you?

I’m not sure. I’ll see what happens when we meet up again. But I might still want to avoid this person if I can.

That is called “letting go”. Forgiveness is still on the shelf for you with this person. And since you are only in contact with this person as a business transaction, as in she is not family or a relative, there may not even be any need for formal forgiveness being exchanged. Your souls have already accepted each other’s apologies without words of forgiveness being exchanged.

Formal forgiveness? You mean spoken words? Like “I am sorry” kind of thing?

Yes. If the offense is felt only by the soul then isn’t it appropriate that only the souls forgive or let go of the offense as well? There is no need for spoken words. Your cause is The Unspoken Truth. Whatever offense is committed regarding The Unspoken Truth does not need spoken words because it is a matter of The Unspoken Truth.

Believe it or not, I think I just understood that.

Good. Let’s hope others do too.