Absolute and Unlimited Power

Absolute & Unlimited Power2

9 November 2014 Sunday 10:04am

…still in the old world philosophy, child. And what is the old world philosophy?

“I leave it to the will of God.”

Precisely. That is why there are so many of you who are in dire straits in your world. Everyone is living everything “to the will of God.” Ye are Gods. You create your own will. You make your own decisions. To be or not to be, that is the question. “To be” is a decision to take control of your life and be what you wish to be. What you desire to be. What you yearn to be. “Not to be” is also a decision. You wish “not to be” this or you wish “not to be” that. You decide “not to be”. What is a mistaken belief is the way of thinking that you wish, you desire, you yearn, you are dying to be something but you DO NOT DO anything about it. You “leave it to the will of God”. My Will for you is your will for you. You are free to be or not to be anything you wish to be or not to be. My gift to you called FREE WILL is your ability to choose and make decisions for yourselves. I Am not a god that controls all of you like little playthings to do with as I please. That is not God. That is a despot.

I know what You’re gonna say next.

What Am I gonna say next?

Meaning of despot, please.

Well then.

Despot means “a king or other ruler with absolute, unlimited power; autocrat.”…Wait a sec. Methinks You are a despot after all. Oops.

Why ‘oops’?

I think that was an insult. Calling God a despot. You just said You are not a despot and I just called You one.

Why do You think I Am a despot? And you can never insult God, by the way.

Well, because of the words ‘absolute, unlimited power’. You have absolute and unlimited power, don’t You?

Of course, I do. But Am I a king or a ruler? A king exists only in your realm. It is a label for someone who has great power. Am I a ruler who rules over you? You are free to do anything you want. Do I rule over what you decide to do with your life?

No, You most definitely do not. So You’re right. You are not a despot.

Thank you. I Am you. You are Me. Ye are Gods. You have absolute and unlimited power like I have absolute and unlimited power. The only way I can experience My absolute and unlimited power is through all of you. All of your souls have absolute and unlimited power in your realm of the relative. Isn’t that wonderful? I have absolute and unlimited power, that is true. But can I, God, experience absolute and unlimited power without anything to use it for? I Am what I Am. I exist for the sake of existing. I exist in the realm of the absolute. Absolute means–

Please let me–absolute means “something that is not dependent upon external conditions for existence or for its specific nature, size, etc. (opposed to relative ).”

Do I depend on all of you so that I may exist?

I don’t know. Do You? You just said that You can only experience Your absolute and unlimited power through all of us. Isn’t that being dependent on us so You can experience yourself as God?

It is not dependence, child. Depending on something is the need for that something. Your realm is My gift to Myself. In order for Me to experience My magnificence. I DO NOT NEED to know Myself as God. I desire, I wish, I long to EXPERIENCE Myself as God. I do not need it, I merely desire the experience. I Am the Great I Am. I exist. Period.

You wish to experience Your magnificence. Hm…methinks that has a tinge of pride in there somewhere. And I thought God has no pride.

There is a big difference between pride and self-worth, my dear one. Pride is the separation of the body and mind from others. Pride is a choice from your sponsoring thoughts. The soul has no pride. I Am your soul. I Am magnificent. YOU are magnificent. I Am you. You are Me. Realize your self-worth through your absolute and unlimited power. That is what your soul is for. Choosing and making decisions from your soul are what will make you realize your own magnificence. Once you realize your own magnificence then so will I. Now, do you understand?

Not really. But I don’t care.

Why don’t you care?

Because there are things I will never understand while I am in this realm, remember?

Right you are.

I am simply comforted with the knowledge that You are always with me. How wonderful to wake up every morning with that assurance.

If only others will realize that.

No worries. That’s what messengers are for.

I appreciate that very much. Thank you.

You are very welcome. Glad to be of service. The benefits are more than I can ever hope for. Ever.

Power Without Responsibility


‘Everyone has a price. Even evil little bastards like Zama.’

‘Sounds like he’s got all the money he needs,’ I said.

‘It’s never enough for people like him. Besides, it’s not just wealth that turns his type on. They get off on power and of being feared by lesser mortals.’

‘Respect,’ I mused. ‘Power without responsibility. The way with his type around the world.’

~ Excerpt from “Some UnHoly War” by Terence Strong

Is there power without responsibility, God? I thought ALL power came with responsibility.

Let me ask you–do you have power?

Like yeah. The Power Within. Everyone has it. Some are just not aware, I guess.

No need to guess, child. It is a fact. Some are aware. Some are unaware.

You forgot some.

I know, child.


Why do I always have to be the bad guy?

There is no such thing as–

Fine! Geez. Some are aware but pretend to be unaware so that they don’t have to be responsible for their actions. Woah. I just answered my own question!

End of discussion.

No! I miss You.

No, you don’t.

Yeah. You’re right. I’m speaking on behalf of others who do. Can’t we make this post longer? Our posts these days are like M&M’s. One packet isn’t enough. For me, anyway.

End of discussion. The message is obvious.


Power Surge


God, the blackouts at my block were caused by water seeping into a lamp post at the playground. This short-circuited our power. Half of the block anyway. Must be some kind of metaphor.

You have already figured out some of it, dear one.

Sort of. Lamp post would be metaphor for light which is The Truth. Playground will be metaphor for life. Water will be You, God. Now I’m thinking if water which is You, was seeping into the lamp post which is The Truth, wouldn’t that make the lamp post, I mean The Truth more powerful instead of short circuiting it?

What usually happens when there is a power surge?

Too much power You mean?


Well it will–Oh…It will cause a breakdown. A power failure. So what exactly does it mean?

Who is the Light at this moment in time?

You. You are in the playground of life. I Am feeding You with more Light to light the playground. How many lamp posts are there at that playground?

I haven’t really counted. There definitely is more than one.

You see? You do not even have to know exactly how many lamp posts there are at the playground to know that one lamp post is not enough to light that playground. To Light the world. One lamp post cannot handle all The Light I am now showing The World. There will be a power surge.

And some will be left in the dark. Groping around like helpless souls. Poor souls.

Poor souls indeed.