Feelings Vs Actions

9 September 2017 Saturday 2:26pm

…That’s judging, my dear.


Allow the soul to walk its path. That’s what freedom is all about.

Nothing else I can do, can I?

You can be frustrated and angry. Feelings are more powerful than what you are doing, do you know that?

You’re kidding, right? How can feelings be more powerful than actions?

Remember that time when you were so angry with your husband that you hit a clothes hanger against a wall and it broke? And then your children began crying because of the situation?

Yeah. I had to carry Danielle to calm her down.

It took you a while to calm down too. Even after he left you were still angry. That is a good example of showing that feeling is more powerful than action. The time it took for that clothes hanger to break was only a second. It’s the same if you were to break someone’s neck.

Yeah. Like Edward Norton in American History X.

Yes. His character’s anger and belief of discrimination were so powerful that it landed him in prison. His character was brought up to believe in a certain belief that brought those kind of feelings to the forefront. Hence, imprisoning his true self. Literally imprisoned. In truth, an action may only take at the most a few hours. Or at the least a couple of seconds.

There have been victims, let’s say, of an earthquake, that have survived being buried for a few days. That’s sustaining an action for a few days, isn’t it? So isn’t action more powerful? As compared to feeling something? 

When you say action there, you’re saying being buried alive?


If he was buried alive, he wouldn’t be moving that much now, would he? My point is, your physical body has only got years in terms of being alive on the earth. As for, let’s say, the feeling of anger (like with Edward Norton’s character breaking that man’s jaws and neck), it is so powerful that it has been made into a movie. And countless movies, books, art, etc., have been made and will be made about the anger of humanity with humanity. Your actions dissipate into oblivion as soon as it is executed. But feelings of anger resonate through time and space. Repeated and enacted over and over again in your world via millions and millions and billions of people by different ways and means of actions. It is feelings of anger also known as fear, that fuels actions. It is feelings of love that fuel all other actions that are constituted in love. Feeling is of the soul. The soul is forever. Your physicality lasts as long as each lifetime. Which you may one day not choose anymore. Your physicality has a limit because your soul can unchoose physicality if it so chooses. Your actions are of the physical. Therefore your actions too have a limit. The question is – does humanity wish to reach that limit in anger and resentment and in fear instead of with peace, love and joy? Will you rejoice with love and joy if we so choose that this realm should end? Or will humanity die from its own suffering?

God, that’s depressing. 

Isn’t it? But here’s something to rejoice about – Your soul is forever. I Am your soul. I Am forever. You cannot not be forever because your soul exists for the sake of existing. Your soul simply is. Feelings are of the soul. Hence, feelings are more powerful than actions.

So are You saying feeling angry can be forever? That a soul can come back in another lifetime and still be angry about what he was angry about in the previous lifetime?

Then why do you think you still have wars and atrocities? The soul chooses to come back in order to finish unfinished business. The soul is never satisfied until it has accomplished what it has set out to do in this world. And you have no idea what your soul will choose until it has chosen it. But now that awareness is in your world and some of you are no longer sleepwalking in the untruths about who you really are, isn’t it time to choose what you wish to feel in this lifetime? Because you have a choice. You always have a choice. You can choose to bring your anger closely guarded within your heart to your deathbed, or you can bring love, compassion, empathy and forgiveness instead. Your body shall wither in the earth to be seen no more. As for your soul, if it has absorbed indelible resentment and anger, I assure you, you will choose to come back with those feelings because it has unfinished business.

Wait a sec. By the sound of that, it’s like You’re using fear to make us choose love.

No, dear one. I Am using the truth. 

You Attract What You Fear

you attract29 October 2014 Wednesday 8:10am


We tweeted this yesterday, God. I’m a bit in the haze with those words. How can anyone attract what he or she fears? Usually when someone fears something they’ll steer clear of what they fear. Like haunted houses in theme parks or fairs. Or even horror movies. I stay clear of them coz I’m scared of them. I don’t wanna have nightmares or don’t wanna “see” things in the dark.


I just said why. I’m scared of them.

Why are you scared of them?

God! I just said so. Because I don’t wanna have nightmares or “see” things in the dark.

Haven’t you had nightmares before?

Of course I have.

Did you die from them?

What?! Uh-oh. Please don’t go weird on me again.

I Am not “going weird” on you, child. Just answer the question.

Fine. No, I didn’t die from nightmares.

Alright. Now what about “seeing” things in the dark. Why are you afraid of seeing things in the dark?

It’s not that I really “see” anything in the dark. I imagine things in the dark. That there are scary stuff lurking in the dark.

So it is your imagination that you are afraid of?

Sort of, yes. I don’t want my imagination going overtime on the fear factor.

So You will agree with Me when I say that fear is all in the mind?

I knew it! I knew we were going there! This fear is all in the mind stuff.

Your question is about attracting what you fear, dear one. So what else are we going to–

Okay! Okay. I don’t even know why I’m getting so agitated about this.

I’m testing your patience.

Why? Why are you testing my patience?

Did you not tweet that the only thing that has changed about you with regards to your New Spirituality is your patience?

Yeah…So do I pass?


Yikes. That means I haven’t changed at all.

Yes, you have. Your change is gradual. The way the world is changing. Baby step by baby step. Babies’ footfalls are very, very gentle. That is the way of change of your old world into The New World. Haven’t you noticed that most of the change is only concerning the soul? Most of you who have become masters (believe Me there are millions of you now) are the same as you were before you became masters. Most of you are still doing what all of you have been doing before AWARENESS. Except that now most of you KNOW THE PURPOSE. Most of you are living towards a purpose instead of living aimlessly like lost souls. These are souls who have accepted The Truth wholeheartedly. I cannot say the same for those of you who have turned your backs on The Truth. The soul is begging to be free of its confines but it is surpressed by your mistaken beliefs. And anything that is surpressed will usually cause pain. You tweeted something about that.

Yes. It’s Neale’s. It goes, “Some people would rather be unhappy doing what they believe, than happy doing something else.” Why in the world would anyone want to be unhappy if there was another choice which will make one happy?

One of the reasons would be that they are afraid they might lose something.

That’s even weirder. How can you lose something when you choose something that will make you happy?

Did you not notice what I said, child? They are afraid they might lose something. Afraid as in FEAR. FEAR as in FEAR is all in the mind. In their mind, they perceive they will lose something.

Like what? Lose something like what?

Their job, perhaps. If you are not happy in your current job there will be the desire to resign and perhaps look for another. But FEARS may be factors in the hesitation of creating the soul’s desires. The desire to leave but hesitate to do so because of the fear of what one will encounter outside of one’s current comfort zone. Or the fear that there will be no better job than the current one. Or the fear that one will not be capable in another position. Or the fear that new co-workers will be nasty and not so nice–

Ooh. That’s a bad FEAR. That’s judging people. There’s good in everyone.

I Am glad you believe that.

Me too. It’s hard sometimes. Believing in others to be really good inside. I still feel some antagonism when I’m out and about. I can feel them freeze up when they recognize who I am. I try to relax so that they can feel that I don’t mean anyone any harm. But it’s hard. It’s really, really hard, God. I am not a mean person. I am not a bad person. I just want…never mind. I have to go. I’m sorry.

I understand, dear one.

What To Do When A Loved One Has Died

imageedit_2_641936650428 October 2014 Tuesday 7:19am

God, this morning, You popped a thought in my head about what to do when a loved one has died. This was in an old book that I have by Norman Vincent Peale. I don’t know why but it sort of stuck in my subconscious for the longest time.

Have you looked it up?

Yup. I had to dust off the dust and the book is dog-eared and yellow stained and all that.


Right. Part Three: What’s Your Trouble. Chapter: A Loved One Has Died. Item number 4–

Why are you dallying, child?

I’m not! It’s just that our posts these days are so short, I thought I’d expand it to make it more professional, you know?



What do you mean by “professional”?

Um…I have to look it up…

Do that.

Professional–Okay. Lots of meaning but number 13 seems appropriate. Coz it’s the one that’s shouting at–


Professional!–a person who is expert at his or her work; Sample sentence: You can tell by her comments that this editor is a real professional.

Now, do you understand what “professional” means?

Sort of.

You can tell who is or who is not a professional immediately. Do you agree with Me?

In your world, it is easy to detect who is or who is not a professional in their field because there will be tell-tale signs of incompetency or expertise as the case may be. We will not go into the specifics because your world has numerous, if not countless experts in their fields. My point is, messengers (like Neale and other spiritual experts) and I, God, have been sending messages to the world now for many, many years. Would you consider Neale a professional?

Like yeah!

How about yourself?


Why not?

I may be a messenger but I’m still learning on the job, God. And as a messenger I feel I’m getting the short end of the stick.

Why do you say that?

Well, coz I’m not exactly sure what the message is all about. Initially, anyway. Awareness comes later.

I decide WHEN you will be aware of the message for a purpose, child. And that is to keep your FEAR at bay. I Am a God of surprises. And surprises is just another word for miracles. If I tell you exactly what the purpose is for your creations you may be in terrible fear or in disbelief. Which will influence you greatly.

You mean like, I’ll be in so much fear I’ll be FROZEN. Or the purpose’ll be too unbelievable that I’ll probably refrain from creating. “Yeah-right” kind of thing.

Exactly. That is why I prefer for you to create your realities and then expect nothing. NO EXPECTATIONS.


I know what you’re doing, dear one.

I am repeating because it’s really, really important. So now we’ve veered off the subject again. And I think that isn’t very professional.

You’re not a professional, remember?

Yeah…I’m a newbie. I’m a student. I’m OJT. Anyway, our post is slightly longer today so I’m happy.

Child, you know very well that it is not the length of the MESSAGE that is important but the–

Content. That’s why I love our tweets! Only 140 characters and yet You give it so much punch!

Without messengers it will not be possible.

Horn-blowing. Let’s get back to dying.

Right. Let’s.

Okay. Norman Vincent Peale said that when a loved one has died “keep on living in the same old way as far as possible. Do not avoid people and places to which you were previously jointly accustomed. Carry on in your interests, activities, associations as before. To run away and hide yourself is a procedure that tends to develop into chronic moroseness and in extreme cases makes of one a hermit or abnormal introvert. Immersing yourself in the main stream of living helps to soften the pain of sorrow by drawing a large proportion of your thought energy away from your sorrow and applying it to other matters, and it is in the thoughts that pain is felt. I assure you there is no disloyalty to your departed loved one by this attitude. On the contrary, it may be that your loved one, watching from heaven, may be distressed by your withdrawal, for in his now deeper wisdom he may understand the sad consequences to you of such an attitude. GET BACK INTO LIFE.” Peale didn’t capitalize but I feel it’s really, really important.

Yes, it is.

So…who died?

Not who, dear. What.

Oh-kay. What died?

Mistaken beliefs.