The Line of Least Resistance

line of least resistance2

6 November 2014 Thursday 7:45pm

“The line of least resistance was always the most difficult line in the long-run.”
~ Peter Cheyney, English author

That doesn’t seem right. If the line is of the least resistance won’t it be the easiest? I’m not exactly sure what line the author’s talking about. I suppose it’s a sentence in a story or something.

When you write, do the words come to you easily? Like these words you’re writing now?

Not all the time. I have some entries in my chronicles that are left hanging because it just doesn’t seem that important half-way through. Like it wasn’t really going anywhere or has no purpose. As for those posts or tweets that I’ve published, they’re usually the ones that come to me–well, they come to me with the least resistance. The words just seem to flow out of me. So how can those lines be the most difficult in the long-run?

They are the most difficult in the long-run because they are usually made of The Truth. And as you know, The Truth is sometimes hard to believe because The Truth is from the soul. The soul knows no rules or regulations. And what happens to The Truth when you let it be known to everyone?

Not all will believe. Some will believe and some will find it hard to believe.

THAT is why the line of least resistance is always the most difficult in the long-run.

Man Will Never Be Free

8 July 2014

“Man is not free unless government is limited.” – Ronald Reagan

What does this mean, God?

What will happen if a government has no limits?

No limits. Hm…like it can do anything it likes. As in, they can impose any rule, any regulation on anyone. And it has to be abided by hook and by crook. This kind of unlimited government will choke everyone’s freedom. Everyone will be a prisoner of whatever rule or regulation this government will impose. Wait a sec. The quote says, “Man is not free unless government is limited.” I’m confused. What I just explained is that–man is not free as well if government has no limits. Whether a government is limited or unlimited, man is still not free. I don’t get it.

You are right, you don’t get it. As long as you have governments, be it limited or unlimited, man will never be free.

Then that quote is a mistake.

No, child. There is no such thing as a mistake, remember? Repeat the quote.

Alright. Man is not free unless government is limited.

Now. Invert it.

Alright. Man is free when government is unlimited. That doesn’t sound right. Basing it on the explanation I just gave.

That quote is a contradiction in terms, child. The meaning does not exist. That is what the quote is trying to say.

So what does it really mean?

I just gave you the meaning. Say it.

Okay. As long as governments exist, man will never be free. But we need governments to keep things in order. Otherwise, there will be chaos.

You think? Have you been in a world where there are no governments?


Then how do you know it doesn’t work?


I don’t know if the world will work without governments because I have never been in a world with no governments.

So how will you know if the world will work without governments?

By trying it?

That’s crazy!

Thank you, Neale!

After all those posts about people not liking me, Neale’s email is a self-esteem booster. I know thousands received this today as well but who cares, it’s in MY INBOX so it’s meant for me! :p

On this day of your life,
Joy M, I believe God wants you to know…

..that you will benefit enormously if you simply strive to
be a good person. Strive to live rightly.

This will not always be easy. It will require real work,
real dedication, real commitment to the Journey of Your
Soul. Yet in the end, I trust in God that it will be so very
worth it, for the reward is Self Realization.

To know the Self as Who You Really Are is the goal
and the opportunity of each lifetime. To expand your
definition of that is the invitation.

I admire and deeply respect and salute you.

Love, Your Friend