Be Different


Claudio Vieira de Oliveira. Why God?

Do you have to know why?

Yes. We see him and we feel sorry for him. Our hearts break that he is so…so–



He is not any different from any of you, child. He has a soul and that is more important than what or how he looks like.

I knew You were gonna say that.

Because you already know The Truth. And what is The Truth, child?

The Truth is we are always judging each other on our physicality.

Yes! Now that The Truth is known, how do you see Claudio?

Well, there was shock at first when I saw him but when I understood that he doesn’t feel any pain and that he feels as normal as the rest of us, I felt a little better.

Normal. That is a word used often to judge someone. If you are a little different from normal, you will be judged, accused, ostracised, marginalized, avoided, scorned, bullied, crucified–

Stop! What is Your point, God?

My point is–avoid conforming each other to a prescribed formula that is based on normal. No one is normal. All of you are far from normal. Normal conforms to rules and regulations. A template that all of you prescribe each other so that you feel safe within your comfort zones. Step out of your comfort zones. Step out of rules and regulations. Only then will you realize how absolutely wonderful you are.

I think that was a compliment.

It is. Compliments to many of you who have embraced The Truth and are creating The New World. Congratulations.

Now, I think that one is guilt-tripping.

Rotten Teeth


I think Rene swallowed his own tooth.


It’s true! I think. We were having lunch the other day when my brother noticed Rene spit something into his hand. He tried to hide it at first but my brother knew what it was.

“Your tooth, right?” asked my brother. I looked at my son. He nodded. You see, Rene has a habit of grinding his teeth. The clicking sound makes my hair stand on ends! We assumed that he’s been grinding his teeth so much that a part of it finally broke off.

I panicked a little, “Let me see,” I said. He opened his palm. I took the piece of tooth and inspected it. It was just a part of a tooth. It must have chipped off while he was chewing. And it looked rotten.

There was no blood so I calmed down. “Open your mouth, darling. Let me see.” I needed a torch to see clearly.

“Does it hurt?” He shook his head. But I can tell he was also worried. “Never mind. No blood. Gargle after lunch and I’ll take a look.” But he seemed to have lost his appetite after that.

Anyway, after lunch I did take a look. With a torchlight, I saw that there was an indentation on the gum where the tooth was. It was probably a milk tooth that had to come off anyway coz there was another tooth just behind where it used to be. This adult tooth now has that space to shift to. So what happened to the rest of the tooth, we will never know. Rene was relieved when I was relieved. Relieved that nature took care of it.

So why did you bring this up, child?

Oh. Coz there’s an article in today’s newspaper saying that one in two children here have one or more rotten teeth.

What do you think is the cause?

Improper or inadequate dental hygiene.

So that’s all it takes to have good teeth?

Um, no. Regular dental check-up is also a must.

How’s YOUR teeth?

Um, well. They could be better.

Do you brush regularly?

Yes, of course!

Do you visit–

No. I mean, yes! But not regularly.

Why not, child?

Um…coz it’s expensive. That’s one. And I visit the dentist only when I really, really need to visit. You know when–

I know. You visit only when there is pain.

Well, yeah. Because then for sure there’s a cavity or something.

How about your son?

What about him?

Did he not indicate to you whether he was in pain?

No. Not really. The only indication was his grinding. But I thought it was just a bad habit.

Do you know why he has this habit?

Well, an occupational therapist once told me it’s because he has little outlet for him to use his energy.

In what sense?

Do I detect guilt?

Aargh! I was told to bring him out more. Like to the playground or let him play some outdoor sports or something like that.

So you don’t do that?

Not often enough.


I’m a homebody. I prefer to stay home. I’ll only go out if I really need to. And these days going out is such a hassle. It’s so crowded everywhere.

Where is everywhere?

Oh man. I know what You’re thinking.

What Am I thinking?

Crowded places are places like shopping malls and anywhere that has air conditioning. But when it comes to the outdoors, there’s plenty of space for everyone.

The outdoors. Nature. Nature is My gift to all of you. Treasure it. Enjoy it. Love it. Be in it. As often as possible. Your bodies thrive in the outdoors. Rain and sunshine are good for your bodies. And what is good for your bodies will be good for your soul.

Rain? You want me to be out in the rain?

Why not? When was the last time you walked in the rain?

I don’t remember. Probably when I forgot to bring an umbrella.

Do you always have an umbrella?

It’s a must item in my bag.


Why? Because it might rain.


So. I’ll get wet.


So I don’t like getting wet! Like everyone else! That’s why we carry an umbrella along!

Why the exclamations, child?

Sorry. It’s just that it seems like what You’re asking do not really need answers. It’s just common sense. Everyone does it.

Just because everyone does it, you’ll do it too?

Well, I don’t wanna look…look–



So when did you start caring what others think of you?

Not fair! That question is not fair at all!

Why isn’t it fair?

Coz You know very well that I only say that I’m crazy here. Here in my blogs and my tweets coz it sort of lightens the gravity of my words. It deflects negativity of the mind so that my words will be absorbed by the soul. Soul language. Soul language is sometimes considered crazy.

Why do you think soul language is considered crazy?

Do You really have to ask?


Fine. Coz soul language sometimes goes against–

Rules and regulations. And I know that you only say you are crazy in Internet universe. How about in the real world?

In the real world I’m as sane as the next person. My friends know that. My family knows that. You know that.

That is the beauty of soul language. It is never spoken. It is absorbed only by the soul. Something happened to you in the bus earlier. You used soul language.

Yeah. Rene and I had to sit separately. I sat down next to an elderly. He must have recognized me as “The Troublemaker” coz his body reacted as if a human-sized cactus just sat next to him. I thought, “Thanks but no thanks. I don’t need the bad vibes.” I quickly shifted to another seat. Then the seats in front of him were free. I stood and signalled to Rene to sit there with me. Before sitting down, I glanced over my shoulder at Mr Anti-Cactus. I gave him an acid smile and thought, “I don’t like what you did but I still respect your divinity.” He sort of smiled and winced and raised a hand in acknowledgment. “Thank you” I replied in soul language.

And no words were spoken?


No words and yet something profound was exchanged between the two of you. And it was resolved within a few seconds. What do you think would have happened if both of you had exchanged verbal words?

No, thanks. I don’t even dare to think what would have happened. It would have probably ended up like that time when I shouted at that boy coz he shouted at a special-needs boy’s behaviour.

Precisely. How about us?

What about us?

You and Me. Now. These words you’re typing out now. These very words. Are they soul language?

You are my soul. My soul Is You. So this must be soul language. Why do you ask?

Nothing. Let us change the subject.

Ooh. That’s a first.

It’s not, child. I have changed the subject many, many times before. I Am always in control of our conversations. Always remember that.

I do. That’s why I keep reading my posts over and over again. Most of the time I have no idea what exactly is the soul language conveyed in them. At first reading anyway. I sort of get the actual message later on. Or even a few days later. I’m only a messenger after all. The same goes for my tweets. I’m still blurry about dad and his TV.

My messages are words of advice. Once you receive them it is up to you to heed them or not. That is why sometimes they seem repetitive because I Am a patient God. The soul may take some, or shall we say, a lot of persuasion because in your world right now, most of you have been living in falsehoods for far too long. Your souls are like rotting teeth. The mouth only receives light when it is open. Open for others to see what is actually happening inside. Bacteria thrives in darkness. Whatever is always in darkness and does not receive The Light will…Will what, child?

Will rot.

The same with your soul. If it is always kept in darkness then it will only attract what is in the dark. And that is anything to do with fear.

So I better bring my kids out more, huh? Out in the sunlight. To have more joy.

Do that. Let them play in the rain once in a while as well. You’ll be surprised at how much joy that’ll give them.

I’ll have to think about that one. Everyone’ll think I’m a crazy mother to let them do such a thing.

Once you care what others–

Think of you, they own you. Well, maybe I like being owned. No freedom, you know. Someone always deciding my life for me. Easy life, I say.

Yes, easy. But are you happy? Do you have joy?

If I don’t, I can pretend that I do. That’s what most people do.

You cannot fake joy, dear one. Believe Me, it’ll show.

I believe You. I just have to look at my dad. How I wish–

What do you wish, dear one?

How I wish I can tell him…never mind.

The truth comes to those who are ready, my dear one. And that may happen in another lifetime.

Yeah, I know.

As Wise As Solomon


Craig Hamilton.

What about Craig Hamilton?

He’s cute.

I’m kidding! Actually, I’m not. Anyway. He’s offering spiritual courses online (some at no charge even) which I’m only half interested in joining. Even those from Neale’s camp. I mean, reading through the brief description alone gives me headaches. They sound very technical. From what I understand–if I really want to reach the highest potential of my spirituality I have to go through all that nitty-gritty stuff? Do I?

What does your Soul say?

It’s saying No.

Then My answer is No.

Then how am I to teach others about spirituality if I myself am not learned in the ways of spirituality?

Who will you be teaching?

Kids, I suppose. Oh. I see what You mean.

Your Soul’s purpose is to enlighten children to their spirituality. Do you think they will understand all that nitty-gritty stuff?


No. Those technical and nitty-gritty stuff are for the adults who are seeking their spirituality. There are many messengers in your world who have their own brand of wisdom. The Soul is capable of transforming itself into anything it wants to be depending on its purpose in this realm. The Soul can be a man or a woman. The Soul can be as wise as Solomon or as simple as a newborn infant. The Soul can be as profound as the deepest sea or as shallow as a puddle of rain water. The Soul can be anything it wants. The Soul has a purpose and it will adapt itself to that purpose in order to accomplish that purpose. But do not underestimate your wisdom, child. There are people out there who read your words and understand them but are not able to define it in concrete. Meaning, a viable explanation that can be passed on in words to another. Only the Soul understands and only in the Soul will it be retained. That is why it is called Soul Language. Each of you have your own kind of wisdom. Do not envy those that may seem more learned and profound in the way they convey their wisdom to others. You do not know the life they have experienced in order to gain that wisdom. And it is through life that you gain your own brand of wisdom. From infancy to adulthood to your senior years, you accumulate wisdom that is particular to your purpose. If you deprive yourself of this life by being in seclusion or being afraid of creating your reality every time the opportunity arises then that is what you will be. Secluded and inexperienced. If you believe you can help others live their lives with all its ups and downs without experiencing those ups and downs yourself then you are sadly mistaken. It is better for you to stay secluded for the rest of your life because you will simply mislead others with your own lack of wisdom. Look at Neale and all those who he is working with. Neale and most of them have gone through most of what the rest of humanity are going through in order for them to help others gain their highest potential in reaching their spirituality in their lifetime. In order for others to live life to the fullest. And these people who gain these improvements will certainly not just keep it to themselves. Joy is contagious. Once you have it, you cannot help but spread it around. My dear child, don’t think that your experiences have stopped in the here and now. Oh no. You still have a lot of experiencing to do.

Great. That doesn’t exactly make me feel any better.

That doesn’t sound like the warrior I know.

I’m not a warrior. My life has been quite easy so far.

A marriage break-up and having a special needs child is easy?

That’s not what I meant. It seems easy now because they’re all in the past and I overcame them.

They seem that way because it is only now that you know they have a purpose.

Oh yes. That helps a lot. Now, I know why I was molested in public places a few times. I know how it feels to go hungry and live in a poor area of a city (university days). How it feels like to do everything in a home and have a special needs child at the same time. How it feels like-

Don’t worry, dear one. The future holds more for you and believe Me, before your return to My realm you’ll be wiser than Solomon.

Thank you. I think. One request.


In my next lifetime, can I be as wise as Neale or Craig?

That is entirely up to you, dear one.