The Storm Before The Calm


23 May 2017 Tuesday 4:31pm


Why?! Why?! Why?!

Now what?

The bombing in Manchester! Why did they let it happen?!

Who are “they”?

Whoever is in charge of the country’s security! I mean, there have already been recent incidents of terrorism. They don’t label some of these incidents as “terrorism” because there’s evidence that they’re not related to religious extremists. But, to me, every incident that causes terror is terrorism!

So what do you want the country’s security to do? Didn’t you read somewhere that the country is already on high-alert?

Well then, it’s not high enough! I mean, kids have been killed. Ariana Grande’s fans are mostly teenagers, maybe even younger. They were probably even accompanied by their parents to watch the concert.

Who is Ariana Grande?

Oh come on, God, You know everyone.

That’s true. So back to my question. What do you want the country’s security to do in order to prevent this kind of incidents happening again?

I really don’t know. But I think they should do a better job!

Well, let’s hope they’re reading this. So how did the bombing happen?

It was a suicide bomber. He (or she) was probably among the audience in the concert.

I see. So he managed to slip through security and be among the crowd?

That’s what I said. Why are we going round and round?

Because you don’t exactly know what you want to know.

Yeah, You’re right. There are many people who simply do not understand what is going on in the world right now. Like terrorism, natural disasters, climate change, obnoxious leadership, etc. Some even say these are the “End Days”.

What do you understand from that?

End Days? The end of the world. Where there will be chaos, starvation, hale and brimstone kind of thing.

Do you believe in that?

I used to. Not anymore.


Because I am aware of the truth. The truth is we are forever. Unless otherwise.

Unless otherwise? Now what is that all about?

Well, messengers are now everywhere doing their best to spread the truth. But some are not exactly so keen on being messengers.

I know. Anyway, what is the truth?

That we can change the way the world is being right now.

How? How can you make a change?

I can’t change the world per se. But I can change how I feel about what is happening in the world right now.

Good. Now answer your own question.

What question?

The question that you started this conversation.

Oh. Why?! Why?! Why?!

No, that was just emotional rant. The other question: Why did they let it happen.

Okay. Why did they let it happen? And the answer is: Change is from within? I don’t understand.

Everything that’s happening in your world right now is the storm before the calm.

Neale’s book.

Have you read it?

Um, no. Sorry Neale. I will soon.

Describe to Me what you imagine the storm before the calm is like.

What comes to mind is the Yolanda disaster. I mean, really. It was the disaster of all disasters for the Philippines. People were really scared. People were praying for their lives, their loved ones, and their livelihood and their homes. Most of these were wiped out in just a couple of days. It was heart-breaking to see so many people heart-broken. And most of them thought it was a sort of punishment for their sins.

God’s punishment?

Yeah. Which is so far from the truth.

What is the truth, my dear?

Before Yolanda, no one knew of the places that were affected, let alone what sorts of lives people were living there. But during and after Yolanda, people all over the world became aware of the poverty and hardship that those affected were quietly living for years, or even centuries. And the whole world came to help. So that’s sort of the calm after the storm. The calm is awareness. And with awareness we can initiate oneness…Oh okay. Are You saying that terrorism is a sort of awareness? And it will initiate oneness?

Yes. How can you solve a problem if you’re not aware exactly what it is all about? You have to have all the information before you can begin to solve any problem.

I agree with that. So are You saying we need all the information? The country’s securities need to get all the information about the bombing in Manchester before it can solve the problem? So it can prevent future tragedies from happening.

No, child. No matter how much information one acquires about a tragedy, future tragedies will still occur.

I can’t believe You just said that! And You said to solve a problem it is best to have all the information. Now You’re telling me tragedies will still occur.

The problem I’m talking about is of the soul. In order for tragedies such as these to stop occurring it has to come from the soul.

So how do we come from the soul?


Change. As in change from within?

Change from within is enlightenment. What is enlightenment?

I can’t find any specific meaning online—

No, I’m asking you, child. What does enlightenment mean to you?

Well, it’s being aware of your truth. Being aware of our Power Within. Being aware that we are all one. Being aware that what affects one affects the rest of us. Being aware that change is a personal decision. That change is from within. That you can only change how you feel about something. That what is happening is happening. What matters is what meaning we give it.



Those last two statements—put the word Manchester in there.

Okay. What is happening in Manchester is what’s happening. What matters is what meaning we give it. So what meaning do we give it?

What does it mean to you?

To me, it means our children will always be the ones affected by our decisions with regards to how we treat each other. Those decisions will affect us as well because we are the children of the future. As long as we are treating each other the way we are treating each other now, usually with terror, then it will never stop. Generation after generation will suffer. It’ll be a vicious circle.

That is the meaning you give it. The bombing itself may mean something else to someone. But I assure you that each and every life affected by such a tragedy is not for naught. Everything has a purpose. Any major change in your life has a purpose. It is for you to experience who you really are. You are a divine being.

You mean don’t be judgmental. Like try not get revenge and all that.

Does God judge?


Well then.

Oh man. That’s hard. When a loved one has died in such a tragedy, it hurts so bad that all one can think of is retribution.

I have sent you nothing but Angels.

Bad Angels.

. . .









A Happy Ending

The EndToday

God, in the news on TV last night, there was a segment about children and divorce. Earlier you said, “Your divorce rates are so high, it would be better for all of you to get divorced first before getting married.” Actually, I still don’t get that.

It’s sarcasm, child. I was being sarcastic.

Oh. Right. Anyway. There are major concerns now about how children are affected by separation and divorce of couples. There were proposals suggested where committees or support groups which families in trouble can turn to before, during or even after divorce. And these will be centred mostly on the welfare of the children. I myself am divorced. And I believe that this happened for a purpose. In order for me to be able to relate to others who are in the same position. You know, like I’m a guinea pig.

So what is your question, child?

So my question is–if getting divorced is the agenda of a soul then…um…then wouldn’t that be the agenda of other souls as well if they happen to get divorced?


Well, then…then…argh! I don’t know what I’m talking about! Help!

Don’t worry. I know what you’re talking about. Tell Me-how are your children?

My children? They’re fine. In fact, they’re great. These days I will look at them (sometimes when they’re asleep or doing their own thing) and wonder what I did to deserve them. I love them so much I’m bursting with it. And it is definitely reciprocated. Lots of hugs and kisses and joy.

I Am very happy for you, dear one.

Thank You.

Have they always been that way?

Oh no. Not at all. Thinking about it now, I like to believe they’re happy now because I’m happy now. Not all the time, of course. There are episodes of fear here and there but nowadays they are few and far between. My OS (Operating System) is joy and I guess that sort of rubs off on them.


Why what?

Why are you happy?

Because of You, of course!

No, child, it’s because of you. It is your Power Within. You found you. You know who you really are. Therefore, you also know who your children are. Who are they?

They are God. They too have You within. They have the Power Within.

Yes. Although, they do not know it yet. But rest assured, their souls already do. Your souls are one. What your soul knows, your children’s souls know as well. What they are lacking right now, is the awareness of it. Not full awareness yet. Children are meant to enjoy life without the burdens of the world upon their shoulders. That is what full awareness is all about. Awareness of the problems of your world as well as the joy. But do not worry, I will know exactly when their full awareness will kick in. I know when they will be ready. Your children have now experienced the ups and downs of a relationship between a husband and a wife. It has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Your children may observe and say, “I won’t do that when I have a relationship,” which is also known as The Law of Retraction which applies to ongoing relationships or after a relationship has ended. Are you and your ex-husband on good terms?

Oh yes. He and his partner. I am blessed to have such an understanding couple. In fact, my kids stay with them at least a month during the school/festive holidays every other year. And my ex-in laws and their large families and relatives are very loving and affectionate. My kids enjoy their stay with them every time (while I miss them like crazy and get depressed from boredom).

You see.

See what?

That when relationships are on the up and up, it rubs off on the children. Once a couple are not on good terms, as in the problems they have are not resolved and do not have an amicable agreement, there will be unrest as well with those who are involved or somehow related to that couple. Good feelings all round will rub off on everyone. So, to get back to your unclear question about children and divorce, the key to the well being of the children is in the well-being of the relationship of their parents. If it is the agenda of two souls to go their separate ways then it is their agenda. No one has the power to keep them together except the couple themselves. But there is something the couple can do which is in their power. And that is to end the relationship on good terms. To end the relationship amicably. To have peace in their hearts when they finally decide to go their separate ways. Because the children will never be separated from them as long as the family is still in this realm. The children are the couples’ (as you call it) flesh and blood. Always keep that in mind. The two partners are going their separate ways because now their souls wish to seek their truths in different paths. But the soul is still one with the children. And when one partner is not coming from his or her soul then the physical body would wish to cut off ties permanently. Which will of course affect the children. You are what you create. The only thing to do is to wish this soul well which is probably not going to happen. Be well, I mean. Now, all these advice I Am giving are on the spiritual aspect of a relationship. There are more complex issues when it comes to the matters of your material world which I know you would rather not get into because–

Because I’m clueless about them. Let’s leave that to the lawyers and mediators or whoever.

Yes. Let’s do that. Let Me just say this–once a couple is coming from their souls when it comes to ending or repairing a relationship then everything else will fall into place. And it will not only benefit the children but everyone who knows them.

A happy ending.

There is no end, dear one.

That’s not what I–oh never mind.