The Horror House

7 August 2019 Wednesday 11:41am

“The experience of happiness has nothing to do with a given event. There is no connection between exterior events & interior experiences.”

That’s Neale’s tweet. Someone made a comment that it’s a false statement especially with regards to the recent shootings in the US. I tend to agree with the comment. When something sad happens, it definitely connects to the sadness that I feel within, doesn’t it?

So you’re actually sad right now?

Me? No, not really. Why should I be sad?

You just said something about the recent shootings in the US and that since it’s a sad event then everyone who knows about it would also be very sad.

No, I’m referring to the friends, relatives and those in the know of those who died in the shooting. Not me specifically.

So since you’re not sad about the sad event of the shooting, then Neale’s tweet is true—There is no connection between exterior events & interior experiences.

I guess it’s true for some and not true for others.

So Neale’s statement is sometimes true and sometimes false.

Yeah, you could say that.

So that means that statement is a lie and a truth at the same time?

Huh? Is there such a thing?

You tell me, dear one.

Well, there’s love and fear. Love is The Ultimate Truth. While fear is an illusion. Love is the truth while fear is a lie. But love and fear are two separate things. One is the truth and one is a lie. We’re talking about one thing that is a truth and a lie at the same time.



Love. Love is a lie and a truth.

No. Love is always true.

God is everything. God is love. Therefore, love is everything. Is fear a part of everything?

Yes. But fear is an illusion. It’s not real.

Everything is made up of what is real and what is not real—which are the illusions. The truth and the lies are existing at the same time. The trick is to know which is which. So with Neale’s statement, when it says that there is no connection between exterior events and interior experiences, he means that what is happening is happening. What you feel about what is happening is within your control. But what is happening outside of you, most often than not, is not within your control. Death, for example, has been regarded as a sad event in your world. But there are also those who celebrate death instead of bemoaning it. You always have a choice about how you feel about what is happening outside of you. Let’s imagine a mother and her 2 year-old toddler watching the news on tv about the shooting that you mentioned. The mother would probably shed a tear or two as she empathises with the survivors of the tragedy. Now, what about the toddler? Do you think the child would feel the same way as the mother?

I don’t think so. The 2 year-old would not yet know what’s going on.

That is because the child has not been taught what death is really about. Let’s say, the mother teaches the child that death is a form of celebration instead of a tragedy. Or maybe even teach the child that death is not at all important and when someone dies it’s just a matter of disposing the body. The importance is bestowed upon the concept that the soul has transitioned into another realm or another lifetime. The mother can even teach the child that death is merely a way of sleeping forever. My point is, the meaning of everything is the meaning of you give it. The meaning of everything is what you are teaching to your children. What’s important are the questions: Does that particular meaning work? Is that particular meaning productive? Does the meaning evoke other meanings? Or other opinions? Does the meaning have the ability to progress and alter as time goes along? All of you are at liberty to choose any meaning to everything that happens in your reality. Grieving, upon the death of a beloved, is a natural process of expressing one’s love for what has given joy and love during its existence. But nothing lasts forever, and that includes the feeling of grief. The pain comes when you cannot let go of something that has done its job and has begun its journey towards becoming a part of history. Letting it go and moving forward towards the future is one way of relieving that pain.

Wait. You just said it. The pain comes when you cannot let go of something. Isn’t that contradicting Neale’s tweet? That there is no connection between exterior events & interior experiences? When you say pain comes when you cannot let go of something, then there is definitely a connection between that something—which is an exterior event, and the pain—which is an interior experience.

It depends on what you are referring to. If you cannot let go of a belief—which is an interior experience, then there will be pain—which is also an interior experience.

Then you should have said we were talking about beliefs in the first place.

Aren’t we always?

Are we? I thought we were talking about the disconnect of an exterior event and interior experience. Where does belief come into that?

Let me explain with an example. There are those who love to experience horror houses during your Halloween holidays, aren’t there?

Yup. Excluding moi. Never been in one and never will. Ever.

Why not?

It’s scary!

Some people love being scared.

Not me. But those people are not really scared. They know that the stuff in there aren’t real. It’s more of the shock factor that attracts them. I hate being shocked. And scared.

But you know that the props aren’t real.

Of course. I just don’t like being scared. So anyway, where does belief come into going into a horror house?

When you see the sign “Horror House” what’s the first thing that pops into your mind?

That it’s scary.

Correct. Now, let’s say an alien from another planet visiting your world sees the sign “Horror House” for the first time. It has no idea what it’s really about. It goes in. Do you think it will get scared or shocked?

I have no idea.

Make a guess.

It probably won’t get scared or shocked.

Why not?

Because it has no idea that a horror house is meant to shock or scare.

An idea is a belief. That alien may not have an idea what fear is all about. It may not get scared or shocked in that horror house because it does not believe in fear. That’s where belief comes into Neale’s tweet: There is no connection between exterior events & interior experiences. The exterior event is the horror house which is believed to be scary. That belief can be changed into another belief—that it’s all fake. The choice of being fearful or lack of fear is the interior experience. It all depends on the belief. Do you see the disconnect between belief (which is an interior experience) and what is happening as an exterior event?

Yes, I do. So can I safely say that the belief that there is a connection between exterior event and interior experience is based on fear? While Neale’s tweet that “there is no connection between exterior events & interior experiences” is based on love?

Yes, you can safely say that. It all boils down to choice. You have the power to choose your interior experience in connection to what is happening outside of you. Love or fear. Courage or fear. You always have a choice.


How Do I Find Peace Again

(I read this on Neale’s latest CWG Foundation bulletin. I thought it’s worth sharing.)

Letters to Neale:

How do I find peace, again?

Reader question:

Dear Neale,

First, I want to thank you for writing your books and having the patience and perseverance to complete all of them and see them through to publishing.  I began reading them when my daughter Allison was born with Noonan Syndrome.  She was ill off and on and endured 7 surgeries in 9 years.  I was desperate to understand why she had to endure such pain and hardship and what I had done, if anything, to possibly cause her to live the difficult life she was living.

When she was 9, she was running on the playground at school and died instantly from an arrhythmia.  She had a contagious passion for life and made each moment fun.  She sang and laughed while doing everything.  Everyone seemed to be drawn to her. Even strangers would come up to her and want to talk to her and touch her.  I have been contacted by people as far away as New York who had heard of a friend of a friend who knew Ally.

Since her passing, I find I have lost my passion for life.  I have another daughter who is recovering from the trauma of losing her only sibling.  I can’t help feeling that if I was diagnosed with a terminal illness, I would be relieved.  I feel emotionally exhausted and I just want to move on from this part of my existence.

I know Ally is OK and I believe that I will see her again.  It is almost as if while she was alive, I felt a direct connection to God.  I could look at her and hold her and I felt this peaceful feeling that I believe came from her.  I do believe that she was an angel.

I do not fear death and just want this pain to end.  Living for 9 years with Ally, knowing in my heart that she was not going to live a full life, and then losing her so suddenly, has just drained me.  I continue on, have gotten my teaching credential, and I try every day to reach the children I teach and help them be the best they can be.  But something has changed in me.

Is there any way I can find that peaceful feeling again?  I want to learn from Ally, and be the best I can be every day.  I do not wish to end my own life, I just am longing for the feeling I had when my Ally was with me.  I have dreamed of her twice since her death and both times I felt the connection again.  Any words of wisdom? ~Cindee

Neale Responds:

My dear Cindee,

I can think of nothing more devastating to any person than the loss of a child.  I completely understand your emotional response to this, and I experience enormous empathy when reading your letter.  You are a brave and very strong woman to have continued on to obtain your teaching certificate and to create a life where you are around other children constantly, to say nothing of your other daughter, who is, in your words, still recovering from the trauma of losing her only sibling.  I am sure that I do not need to tell you that this daughter needs you now more than ever, and that the children who look to you for care and guidance in the classroom every day are likewise depending on you at a very high level.  So I see the unique situation in which life has placed you — and I honor you for holding that place with such courage.

The first thing I find myself wanting to do, Cindee, is recommend that you read (or re-read, as the case may be) my book Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends.  This book will reconfirm for you everything that you already seem to know about your wonderful Ally — and perhaps much more that you may only have wondered about or suspected.  Not the least of this information is the passage of that book having to do with the death of children.  That passage tells us, Cindee, that…

“Death is very kind to children, because children rarely move into death holding all sorts of preconceived negative notions about what happens afterward. They are pure. They have only just come from the spiritual realm. They are not that far removed from the Core of Their Being. They have just emerged from The Essence. And so small children move through the first stages of death very quickly and return almost immediately into Mergence with The Essence.

“It should be said that children ‘grow up’ in the Afterlife. That is, they become fully aware and fully conscious of all that is going on, and of Ultimate Reality. They know why they came to the Earth and they know why they left as early as they did. If they feel complete with all of that, they will move on, in whatever form they choose. If they do not feel complete, they will have the same opportunity to ‘come back to life’ as any other soul. The process is the same for all souls, no matter what the age of their body when they leave the physical world.

“But now I should like to say something about the agenda of children who die at a very young age.

“Those souls who enter the body and leave the body within a very short period — children who die…at a very tender age — inevitably do so in service to the agenda of another, at a very high level… In some cases they are required to leave early in order to do that. This is never, however, a tragedy for that soul. They have agreed to leave early.

“Every soul who comes to the body to serve the agenda of others is an angel — and every child who has died very young has done so to bring a gift to another. That gift may not be understood for some time by parents and others who are, naturally, deeply grieving.   But I promise you that as time goes by and healing occurs, the gift will be seen, it will be received, and the work of that little sweetheart — who could only be described as an angel — will have been accomplished.”

I know, Cindee, because you have told me so, that you already know that Ally was and is an angel.  But I wonder if you have previously considered the rest of that passage from HOME WITH GOD.  There is an agenda that Ally came here to serve, and it was not only her own.  Or, to put this another way, her own agenda was to serve the agenda of others.  These would include everyone whose life was touched by her…and you tell me that this was a great many people.  I am not surprised.  Yet have you considered the possibility that this included your own spiritual agenda, Cindee?

I know that, on the surface, that may be a difficult thing for a mother saddened by the death of her child to hear.  But I believe that just below the surface of that challenging statement is a deep revelation of enormous value.  I know that during the remainder of your years on Earth, Cindee, you will touch the lives of a great many people — and a great many of them, because of your chosen profession, will be children.  Do you think this is an accident?  I, Cindee, do not.  I see in it a perfect design. And I believe that you will be a more compassionate, more caring, more sensitive, more understanding, more insightful, more wonderful-in-every-way guide for those children than they could ever have hoped to find at their schoolhouse…all because of the experience in life that you have had, and that your angel Ally has brought you to.

I am going to go further, Cindee.  I am going to say that I believe that Ally and the souls of all those other children had it set up that way.  That is, your wonderful child died for a reason much larger than you might ever have imagined: to prepare you to touch the lives of not just one child, but hundreds and hundreds of children, in a way which could only emerge from a heart that had been broken…and healed again, thus to know the true wonder and glory of life, of childhood, of Divinity Itself, and the worth of each and every soul.  I believe every child in every classroom you ever enter from this day until the end of your life is waiting, Cindee, for you to give him or her that gift.  I believe that your other daughter awaits your giving of that gift every time she folds herself into your arms.  And I believe that when you hold her, you hold Ally, too.  For Ally’s soul accompanies the soul of her sister into your arms, that her healing and joy may be yours, even as yours is her sister’s.

Is this too large a reality for you to embrace or comprehend, Cindee?  I don’t think so, or you would never have written me.  So go now, and celebrate Ally’s everlasting presence by honoring her soul’s intention, and yours.  Shed not tears of sadness, but tears of joy, for as you bring lightness and happiness and the promise of tomorrow to all other children — and, indeed, to all people who enter your life — you bring them a piece of Ally…who, after all, was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, a piece of YOU.

God bless you, my friend, and thank you for writing to me.  A part of me shall be with you always because of this exchange we have shared.  Know that God sends you strength and wisdom in unending abundance.

With Love,