The Silver Screen



18 May 2017 Thursday 2:30pm


“Nobody imagines the screen too big.”

Yup, another alarm that woke me up this morning. But no worries, I went back to sleep.

What time is your real alarm anyway, child?

I have two actually. One is at 4:45. And the next one is at 5.

Why do you have two alarms?

There was this one day when I went back to sleep after my 5am alarm went off. And needless to say when I woke up an hour later, I went into panic mode. I had to get my son ready for school within half an hour!

So what happened?

All’s well that ends well, I guess.

Did it happen again?

No, not really. These days, I get enough sleep. Maybe it’s my new bed.

That’s good to hear. Or maybe because you’re at peace with yourself?

Yeah, You could say that too. I guess when you accept and bless everything all the time…well, not all the time. Most of the time, you’ll be at peace with yourself. With your soul…Um, God?


We forgot about the alarm. That statement we’re supposed to discuss?

Ah yes. “Nobody imagines the screen too big.”

Yup. That one. Are we talking about the silver screen again?

Why do you call it the silver screen?

I dunno. Let me look it up…Okay. Urban Dictionary says “The real name is called silver lenticular screen, is a type of projection that was popular in the early years of the motion picture industry. The term “silver screen” originated in reference to the actual silver content embedded in the material that made up the screen’s highly reflective surface. The term “silver screen” has passed into popular use as a way of referring to projection screens in general and motion picture projection screens, and also known for being used in theaters.”

Did you know about that?

You mean about the projection screen having silver content embedded in it? No. But when You asked me to look it up, the thought came to mind even before I looked it up. Two plus two equals four kinda thing, You know?

Word association, you mean.

Yeah. That’s what life is all about. Or rather what soul language is all about. Soul language is all about word association.

Like your name.

What about my name?


Yes, that’s my name.

Are you—

Oh no.

Oh no what?

Oh no, don’t associate me with the word “happiness”.

Why not?

I’m not happiness. All the time, anyway.

When was the last time you were sad?

Major sad?


When Dad died.

And since then?

Since then…maybe one and a half months ago?


Um…never mind. There are some things a girl likes to keep to herself, is that okay?

That’s perfectly okay, child. So we can establish the fact that even though you are called Joy, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re happy all the time.

No, I don’t want to establish that. Let me just say that to me, the word “joy” isn’t about being happy all the time. To me, it’s about being at peace. Isn’t God also called joy? So I prefer that we establish the fact that God is joy because God is peace. God is love. Love and peace seem to go hand in hand with joy. Am I right?

Yes, you’re right. You keep using the word “establish”. Do you know what it means exactly?

That’s what dictionaries are for. Establish can mean “to show to be valid or true; prove.” Sample sentence is “to establish the facts of the matter.”

What else does it mean?

There are eight of them!

Read to Me the first one.

“To found, institute, build, or bring into being on a firm or stable basis.” So what’s this got to do with the silver screen?

Oh, yes. The silver screen. Nobody imagines the screen too big…Okay. So what’s the latest movie you’ve seen lately?

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 last Sunday.

How was it?

Honestly? Noisy.

How come?

I was a little bit overwhelmed with the special effects. You know, the CGI.

Then why did you watch it?

Well, the kids like it. I thought of buying them tickets and they can watch it by themselves. But we all might as well coz we were gonna have dinner out together. Family bonding sort of thing…So anyway, we still haven’t established the “silver screen” thing.

Ah yes. So do you think the special effects or as you call it, CGI, too big for the silver screen?

Um, no. In my opinion, filmakers would be short-changing us if they didn’t go all out to get as creative as they can when it comes to what they want the audiences to watch. And learn for that matter. Because I believe all films are lessons for everyone who’s watching them.

But you must agree that there is a thing called censorship?

Yeah. Google says the meaning of censorship is “the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc., that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security.” I guess filmmakers know what is acceptable and unacceptable. And they work within that paradigm. (Ooh, big word.)

So do you agree with our alarm statement?

Nobody imagines the screen too big. Hm…I don’t know. Too big for what?

For miracles, my child. The silver screen is now being used to portray life in the past, present and future. So do you think nobody imagines life too big for miracles?

I don’t know. If we don’t believe in miracles then what else can we believe in?


The Best Way To Kill Someone


“If you wanna kill someone, love them to death.”

You woke me up to tweet this, God. Why?

You are a messenger, child. You do not have to know why.

I think that was a brush-off.

It is the truth. When it comes to My messages the ‘why’ is not important. Do you know why?

Two words–No expectations.

Yes. Asking God ‘why’ will mess up your soul. That is, you will be in fear and apprehension of what is to come. God does not work like that.

*cringe* I really have to ask–Why? Why doesn’t God work like that? Why doesn’t God tell the reason why we should heed Your advice?

For the simplest reason. I Am God. I know what is best for you. Because most of the time you do not know what is best for you. Because most of the time your decisions are based on fear. I give advice based on love. And whenever anything is based on love it will always be the best for you because YOU ARE LOVE. You are not fear. Fear exists around you and what have been taught you. Fear exists in order for you to choose love. That is what FREE WILL is for. FREE Will is My gift to you. The problem now is most of you are now choosing fear because of your mistaken beliefs. That was before The Truth was revealed. Now that The Truth has been revealed there is even more fear among some of you because it goes against the rules and regulations you have invented based on fear. In Truth, there is nothing to fear. Fear is all in the mind.

I don’t think that is really true, God. Fear being in the mind. If I was being abused, the fear is physical. Meaning I will be afraid of the person inflicting the pain on my physical body.

Why are you letting this person inflict pain on your physical body?

I know what You’re on about. Domestic violence, isn’t it? This is about domestic violence. As in, everyone has a choice of stopping the abuse by either running away or informing the authorities about the abuser. But what about those people who have been kidnapped or abducted and have become prisoners of the abusers? They have no choice but to endure the pain, the violence, the torture. And please don’t say it is the agenda of their souls. To me, that is a cop out reason for all the violence in the world.

Meaning of cop out, child.

Alright. It means “to avoid one’s responsibility, the fulfillment of a promise, etc.; renege; back out (often followed by on or of ). Sample sentence: He never copped out on a friend in need; You agreed to go, and you can’t cop out now.

Do you think God ‘cops out’ on everything that is happening now in your world? The wars? The unrest? The disease? The disasters? Do you think God does not feel the chaos, the pain, the frustrations, the violence, the torture that are being experienced by the victims of these happenings in your world. Tell Me–why did I put all of you in your world?

So You can experience You through us.

And what Am I?

You are love. You are joy. Pure love. Pure joy.

Do you think I Am experiencing those through wars, unrest, protests, violence, tor–

No! No. You’re not! I get it. I get it! You’re making me upset!

I Am sorry, dear one.

Can we stop?

If you wish. It is good to cry once in a while, child. It releases the frustration.

No, let’s continue.

Are you sure?

Yes. Where were we?

It doesn’t matter. Let’s get back to where we began.

Okay. What’s the meaning of our tweet early this morning? “If you wanna kill someone, love them to death.”

When I woke you, what else did you do?

Oh, You mean Danielle? I noticed she was still awake doing stuff on her laptop. It was already 1:20 in the morning. She’s been doing that lately. Sleeping really late. Or shall I say, early in the morning. Past midnight. And then she can’t help it but take naps in the afternoon.

Don’t you say anything about it?

I do. But I’m giving her freedom to face the consequences of having such late hours.

What are the consequences of having such late hours?

Well, if I do it, I mean keep late hours and all that, I’ll get sick easily. My immune system is not that strong. When my body goes out of whack I’ll catch the flu germ flying around easily.

Flying around?

Yeah. What I understand is–the flu virus, bacteria or whatever (clueless about the difference) are always in the environment. It is up to you to strengthen (or weaken as the case may be) your immune system against it.

So your daughter is sick?

What? No.

Hasn’t she been sick lately since she’s been keeping late hours?

Well, no. Not really. But she might.

She might.


So what’s the meaning of “If you wanna kill someone, love them to death.”?

I just gave it to you.

Midlife Crisis

3 August 2014

Middle age snuffs out more talent than ever wars or sudden deaths do. ~ Richard Hughes, Welsh author and dramatist

A soul posted this online the other day and it’s been bugging me since. What’s the message, God?

In your world, there is a phenomena that commonly occurs during middle age. Do you know of it?

Um…midlife crisis?

Definition, please.

Right. Wiki says “Midlife crisis is a term coined in 1965 by Elliott Jaques stating a time where adults come to realize their own mortality and how much time is left in their life. A midlife crisis is experienced by many people during the midlife transition when they realize that life may be more than halfway over. Sometimes, a crisis can be triggered by transitions experienced in these years, such as andropause or menopause, the death of parents or other causes of grief, unemployment or underemployment, realizing that a job or career is hated but not knowing how else to earn an equivalent living, or children leaving home. People may reassess their achievements in terms of their dreams. The result may be a desire to make significant changes in core aspects of day-to-day life or situation, such as in career, work-life balance, marriage, romantic relationships, large expenditures, or physical appearance.”



We’re done.