Beauty Sleep & Coffee


6 November 2017 Monday


There it is again, God! Another article that says coffee is bad! Why are You sending me these warnings? Am I getting addicted to coffee?

Only you can answer that question, child.

Yeah, you’re right. Alright then. Tomorrow morning, I’ll drink soy milk instead and see how it goes.

The only way to find out whether you have a crutch is to remove the crutch.

That’s a good word for an addiction – a crutch. Yup, maybe I should stop drinking coffee for a while. These days, or rather, these past few nights, I’m finding it hard to fall asleep right away. Even though I’ve only had like 4 hours of sleep. Like now. It’s already after 11 and I’m still awake. Usually by 9:30 I’ll be dozing off while reading. But now, even when I’m lying down, my eyes don’t want to stay shut.

You know very well that sleeping is not only about closing your eyes. It’s about communing with Me. Sleeping is when your body will slow down its vibration, slow down its energy, in order for the soul to be able to take charge and be free of its confines for a few hours. Sleeping is your soul God-ing. Ever hear of dancing freestyle? Well, sleeping is your soul flying freestyle.

Cool! So what happens when the body has trouble sleeping? What happens to the soul?

The soul will struggle to be free, of course. That’s when you think your mind is going crazy thinking all sorts of thoughts. In actual fact, it is your soul persuading your mind to calm down so that your soul can fly free for a few hours. This struggle between the mind and soul is what you believe to be the cause of your sleeplessness in the first place.

Like what’s happening to me now. I started writing this because I can’t sleep. And the cause of my sleeplessness may be the two cups of coffee I had this morning.

Is that your usual? Two cups?

No. I usually just have one cup. This is brewed from ground coffee via our coffeemaker. The other cup was instant.

So you have ground coffee as well as instant coffee at home?

Yup. The ground coffee is supposedly healthier. While the instant is…Well, for an instant cup of coffee – just add to hot water. It’s convenient. The brewed coffee tastes much better though.

So why don’t you have two cups of the better-tasting coffee?

It’ll be too strong for me! The last time I had two cups of brewed coffee one after the other it gave me a buzz all day! I was like a busy bee!

Isn’t that good?

Yes, in a way. But I don’t want to be dependent on coffee to become busy. Or to be able to accomplish anything. That’s why I’m planning to go cold turkey with coffee for a while. Maybe I won’t drink it everyday. Maybe just on the weekends like I use to. Besides, I really need my beauty sleep. And I need lots of it! Haha.

So goodnight then, dear one.

Goodnight…I hope.

> > > > >

7 November 2017 Tuesday


Goodmorning, God.

So how is it going?

How is what going?

The cold turkey.

Oh. Okay, I guess. I’m writing here and talking to You, which is good. And I have a very strong feeling this is for posting on my blog.

That is entirely up to you. Did you sleep well?

I slept well considering I was up until after 1am and had to get up again at 5. The lack of sleep will usually catch up with me after lunch. I’ll have a power nap then. It’s good to be a lady of leisure. Which I think my ex will not be so happy about. I think he’s sort of hinting I should get a job to help with the kids’ expenses. Maybe I’ll apply at MacDonald’s or something. Haha…Actually, it’s not that funny. I really need to “upgrade” myself if I want to get back into the rat race. Or research about some online business or something.

There you go. It wasn’t the coffee, was it?

Um…What are You talking about?

The future is what is causing your sleeplessness. Which is not uncommon.

But You told me last night it was my soul struggling to be free that was causing those crazy thoughts in my head.

The struggle is your subconscious persuading your conscious mind to calm down. Your soul keeps saying, Everything will be alright. Accept and bless the situation. Do what you can do. Peace comes from having no expectations. While your mind argues, Everything will NOT be alright! What if I am mistaken?! What then? What if this?! What if that?!

That wasn’t what was happening to me last night.

It may have been. The struggle for sleep is a common problem in your world. Most of the time, it is the mind that wins the struggle. Or shall we say, your pharmaceuticals are the winners most of the time because most of you believe that lack of sleep can be relieved with chemicals. There is no chemical that will ever be able to heal the soul. Your lack of sleep is your lack of peace in your soul.

So we’re back to the subject of sleep.

Speaking of which, how did you finally fall asleep?

I continued re-reading Awaken The Species until I felt my eyes go heavy. Oh…and a cup of chamomile tea helped.

Ugliness & Beauty


22 September 2017 Friday


Ugliness is the only guardian angel a woman has.
~ Yiddish Proverb

How can ugliness be guarding a woman? That is so weird.

What is ugliness to you?

My feet. Nowadays, I find my feet really ugly. They’re looking really old. They’re wrinkled, full of veins and discoloured. And sometimes even painful.

Alright. Even though you think your feet are ugly, do they still serve their purpose?

Yes, of course.

Do they guard you against being a handicap and not able to walk?

Like I said, yes.

Then that is exactly what that proverb means. Your feet, which you find ugly, are your guardian angels, which are guarding you from not being able to walk.

I guess so. But men have feet too, you know.

Yes, they do. But do they find their feet ugly as much as women do?

No, I don’t think so. Most beauty products are targeted at women. There’s one product that you apply and keep on for a few hours, and then wait for a couple of days—the skin will start drying up and you can peel off the outer layer, revealing the layer below which looks as soft as baby’s skin. I’m thinking of ordering.

What’s stopping you?

Fear. Fear that it’s all just hype. I’m thinking, killing off the upper layer of your skin is really drastic. My feet may even have a bad reaction to it. You know, like an allergic reaction.

But you won’t know that until you try.

True. There are a lot of things I want to change in the way I look. Not just my feet. But they aren’t my priorities right now.

What are your priorities, dear one?

This. This is my priority. These words. This conversation with you and what I’m putting out there into the world.

Why is that your priority? Why is putting out these words into the world your priority?

It’s my purpose. I’m a messenger for The New World. It’s my job.

A non-paying job.

I get paid plenty! I have peace in my soul. That’s more than I can ask for.

Glad to hear it.

Anyway. So why is ugliness the only guardian angel a woman has?…Wait…I think I got it.

What have you got?

The explanation—Women’s beauty, including inner beauty which is love, can only exist when ugliness exists. Without ugliness, also known as fear, how will we see the beauty of women in this world? What I can’t explain is, why only women? Don’t men have beauty too? Don’t men have love too that must be guarded?

Of course, my dear. But with the state of the world right now, is men’s beauty showing up?

Most of the time, no. That’s why we still have wars.


Feelings Vs Actions

9 September 2017 Saturday 2:26pm

…That’s judging, my dear.


Allow the soul to walk its path. That’s what freedom is all about.

Nothing else I can do, can I?

You can be frustrated and angry. Feelings are more powerful than what you are doing, do you know that?

You’re kidding, right? How can feelings be more powerful than actions?

Remember that time when you were so angry with your husband that you hit a clothes hanger against a wall and it broke? And then your children began crying because of the situation?

Yeah. I had to carry Danielle to calm her down.

It took you a while to calm down too. Even after he left you were still angry. That is a good example of showing that feeling is more powerful than action. The time it took for that clothes hanger to break was only a second. It’s the same if you were to break someone’s neck.

Yeah. Like Edward Norton in American History X.

Yes. His character’s anger and belief of discrimination were so powerful that it landed him in prison. His character was brought up to believe in a certain belief that brought those kind of feelings to the forefront. Hence, imprisoning his true self. Literally imprisoned. In truth, an action may only take at the most a few hours. Or at the least a couple of seconds.

There have been victims, let’s say, of an earthquake, that have survived being buried for a few days. That’s sustaining an action for a few days, isn’t it? So isn’t action more powerful? As compared to feeling something? 

When you say action there, you’re saying being buried alive?


If he was buried alive, he wouldn’t be moving that much now, would he? My point is, your physical body has only got years in terms of being alive on the earth. As for, let’s say, the feeling of anger (like with Edward Norton’s character breaking that man’s jaws and neck), it is so powerful that it has been made into a movie. And countless movies, books, art, etc., have been made and will be made about the anger of humanity with humanity. Your actions dissipate into oblivion as soon as it is executed. But feelings of anger resonate through time and space. Repeated and enacted over and over again in your world via millions and millions and billions of people by different ways and means of actions. It is feelings of anger also known as fear, that fuels actions. It is feelings of love that fuel all other actions that are constituted in love. Feeling is of the soul. The soul is forever. Your physicality lasts as long as each lifetime. Which you may one day not choose anymore. Your physicality has a limit because your soul can unchoose physicality if it so chooses. Your actions are of the physical. Therefore your actions too have a limit. The question is – does humanity wish to reach that limit in anger and resentment and in fear instead of with peace, love and joy? Will you rejoice with love and joy if we so choose that this realm should end? Or will humanity die from its own suffering?

God, that’s depressing. 

Isn’t it? But here’s something to rejoice about – Your soul is forever. I Am your soul. I Am forever. You cannot not be forever because your soul exists for the sake of existing. Your soul simply is. Feelings are of the soul. Hence, feelings are more powerful than actions.

So are You saying feeling angry can be forever? That a soul can come back in another lifetime and still be angry about what he was angry about in the previous lifetime?

Then why do you think you still have wars and atrocities? The soul chooses to come back in order to finish unfinished business. The soul is never satisfied until it has accomplished what it has set out to do in this world. And you have no idea what your soul will choose until it has chosen it. But now that awareness is in your world and some of you are no longer sleepwalking in the untruths about who you really are, isn’t it time to choose what you wish to feel in this lifetime? Because you have a choice. You always have a choice. You can choose to bring your anger closely guarded within your heart to your deathbed, or you can bring love, compassion, empathy and forgiveness instead. Your body shall wither in the earth to be seen no more. As for your soul, if it has absorbed indelible resentment and anger, I assure you, you will choose to come back with those feelings because it has unfinished business.

Wait a sec. By the sound of that, it’s like You’re using fear to make us choose love.

No, dear one. I Am using the truth.