The Silver Screen



18 May 2017 Thursday 2:30pm


“Nobody imagines the screen too big.”

Yup, another alarm that woke me up this morning. But no worries, I went back to sleep.

What time is your real alarm anyway, child?

I have two actually. One is at 4:45. And the next one is at 5.

Why do you have two alarms?

There was this one day when I went back to sleep after my 5am alarm went off. And needless to say when I woke up an hour later, I went into panic mode. I had to get my son ready for school within half an hour!

So what happened?

All’s well that ends well, I guess.

Did it happen again?

No, not really. These days, I get enough sleep. Maybe it’s my new bed.

That’s good to hear. Or maybe because you’re at peace with yourself?

Yeah, You could say that too. I guess when you accept and bless everything all the time…well, not all the time. Most of the time, you’ll be at peace with yourself. With your soul…Um, God?


We forgot about the alarm. That statement we’re supposed to discuss?

Ah yes. “Nobody imagines the screen too big.”

Yup. That one. Are we talking about the silver screen again?

Why do you call it the silver screen?

I dunno. Let me look it up…Okay. Urban Dictionary says “The real name is called silver lenticular screen, is a type of projection that was popular in the early years of the motion picture industry. The term “silver screen” originated in reference to the actual silver content embedded in the material that made up the screen’s highly reflective surface. The term “silver screen” has passed into popular use as a way of referring to projection screens in general and motion picture projection screens, and also known for being used in theaters.”

Did you know about that?

You mean about the projection screen having silver content embedded in it? No. But when You asked me to look it up, the thought came to mind even before I looked it up. Two plus two equals four kinda thing, You know?

Word association, you mean.

Yeah. That’s what life is all about. Or rather what soul language is all about. Soul language is all about word association.

Like your name.

What about my name?


Yes, that’s my name.

Are you—

Oh no.

Oh no what?

Oh no, don’t associate me with the word “happiness”.

Why not?

I’m not happiness. All the time, anyway.

When was the last time you were sad?

Major sad?


When Dad died.

And since then?

Since then…maybe one and a half months ago?


Um…never mind. There are some things a girl likes to keep to herself, is that okay?

That’s perfectly okay, child. So we can establish the fact that even though you are called Joy, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re happy all the time.

No, I don’t want to establish that. Let me just say that to me, the word “joy” isn’t about being happy all the time. To me, it’s about being at peace. Isn’t God also called joy? So I prefer that we establish the fact that God is joy because God is peace. God is love. Love and peace seem to go hand in hand with joy. Am I right?

Yes, you’re right. You keep using the word “establish”. Do you know what it means exactly?

That’s what dictionaries are for. Establish can mean “to show to be valid or true; prove.” Sample sentence is “to establish the facts of the matter.”

What else does it mean?

There are eight of them!

Read to Me the first one.

“To found, institute, build, or bring into being on a firm or stable basis.” So what’s this got to do with the silver screen?

Oh, yes. The silver screen. Nobody imagines the screen too big…Okay. So what’s the latest movie you’ve seen lately?

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 last Sunday.

How was it?

Honestly? Noisy.

How come?

I was a little bit overwhelmed with the special effects. You know, the CGI.

Then why did you watch it?

Well, the kids like it. I thought of buying them tickets and they can watch it by themselves. But we all might as well coz we were gonna have dinner out together. Family bonding sort of thing…So anyway, we still haven’t established the “silver screen” thing.

Ah yes. So do you think the special effects or as you call it, CGI, too big for the silver screen?

Um, no. In my opinion, filmakers would be short-changing us if they didn’t go all out to get as creative as they can when it comes to what they want the audiences to watch. And learn for that matter. Because I believe all films are lessons for everyone who’s watching them.

But you must agree that there is a thing called censorship?

Yeah. Google says the meaning of censorship is “the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc., that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security.” I guess filmmakers know what is acceptable and unacceptable. And they work within that paradigm. (Ooh, big word.)

So do you agree with our alarm statement?

Nobody imagines the screen too big. Hm…I don’t know. Too big for what?

For miracles, my child. The silver screen is now being used to portray life in the past, present and future. So do you think nobody imagines life too big for miracles?

I don’t know. If we don’t believe in miracles then what else can we believe in?


Why Do People Act The Way They Do


15 May 2017 Monday 2:56pm

Do exactly what we tell you to do or get out.

This is basically what’s going on with a couple of viral videos about passengers getting kicked out of oversold flights. One even forcibly. I watched that one a few weeks ago. And just now, another one of a family of four. Mum watches them on her newsfeed on her Facebook page.

Did the family of four get kicked out forcibly as well?

No. They conceded.


Why? It’s sort of complicated.

I have all the time in the world, my child. Literally.

Oh-kay. From the article that I read together with the video, the dad bought four tickets. He has two kids, one is under the age of two. So together with his wife, he was supposed to have bought four airline tickets. The airline employee explained that there is an airline ruling that stipulates that any child under two is not allowed a seat to himself or herself and should sit on a parent’s lap during the flight.

Do you know about this ruling?

No. My kids haven’t been two since they turned three. Anyway. The article explained that Dad actually bought that particular seat for his 18 year old who he sent home on an earlier flight. So it only made sense for his toddler to occupy that seat that he paid for. But the airline staff insisted that his toddler must sit on Dad’s or Mum’s lap. Otherwise the plane will not take off. “We can sit here for four hours,” was the airline staff’s words in the video.

Who was taking the video?

It looked like it was the wife’s phone. The airline wasn’t aware of it either.

I see. So how was it resolved?

The staff gave them an ultimatum. The airline went about in a round-about way but basically meaning, “Do exactly what we tell you to do or get out.” Those are my words, by the way.

So what did the family of four do?

The article said they got out. They had to fork out $2,000 for a hotel stay overnight and another flight the next day. But eventually, I guess they got to where they were going. Dad’s only angst is that there must have been four passengers who paid for four tickets on an oversold flight who sat in their seats. What he probably meant was that, the airline got paid double for four airline seats. But that’s just my opinion. Only the airline will know exactly who paid for what and how much.

What about the other incident? What happened there?

There was blood in that one. I think the poor chap had to be hospitalized or something. He was dragged out of the plane. Literally. So what is this all about, God?

You have two incidents. One was forced and there was hospitalization involved. And the other, one side gave in and they reached their destination, maybe with lighter pockets, but everybody is safe and sound.

Ya, we all know that. So what does it all mean?

There’s another video you haven’t mentioned.

Oh yeah. This one looked like the Pacquiao and Mayweather fight. Shirts were torn and everything. But you know who I admire the most in this video?


The flight attendant. She put herself in between these two I’m-gonna-bash-your-head-in-crazy guys and tried to separate them. I thought she was so cool. So why am I telling You this, God?

You’re not telling Me anything, child. You are actually asking Me why people are acting the way they’re acting.

Yes! Yes! Precisely! So why do people act the way they do?

Only they can answer that question, dear one.



Daddy Long Legs

daddy long legs_2

29 April 2017 Saturday 6:24am

I have freedom of choice. But is my choice who I really am? Am I choosing from my Divine Self? Is my choice hurting anyone? But what if it feels right? But everyone else says it’s wrong. What do I do then?

Seems like you have a very difficult decision to make.

Who me? No.

Then what’s all that about?

I dunno. It just popped into my head this morning.

Does it always happen?

What, the popping into my head thing?


All the time! That’s where my tweets are coming from. Some are from what’s happening in my day to day life, of course. But once in a while something will pop into my head that just doesn’t make sense. Initially, anyway.


Like…Um…Let’s see…Oh yeah. Daddy Long Legs. Oh, wait…No. That came from that huge spider I saw in the kitchen the other day.

So what did you do?

With the spider?

No, with the words Daddy Long Legs.

Oh. Usually, I’ll look it up online. Google it.

So what’s Daddy Long Legs all about?

It’s a silent film starring Mary Pickford. But I must have watched the remake or musical version of it at one time or another. Otherwise, how would I suddenly remember it?

So now you’re saying, you’ve known about it all along.

Well, yeah. If I’ve never heard of it, how would I know there’s such a thing as Daddy Long Legs?

That’s because your soul knows everything.

It does?

Of course it does. Does God know everything?

Like, ya.

Your soul is God. God knows everything. So the soul knows everything. When you’re here in this realm you forget everything in order to remember.


No, not everything, dear one. Where would the fun be in that? Anyway. So what’s Daddy Long Legs all about?

The actual film is on Wiki. I tried watching it last night but it made me sleepy. Film-making has come a long, long, looooong way since then. But in a nutshell, it’s about an orphan girl who has an anonymous rich benefactor. It’s a love story, of course. Eventually, she gets into a love triangle where she falls in love with the brother of her classmate and her mysterious benefactor. Whom she calls Daddy Long Legs. Because she happened to see his long-legged shadow at one time.

I thought you didn’t watch the movie.

I didn’t. I read the plot.

So who did she choose?

What do you mean? Who did Mary Pickford choose from the love triangle?


She chose Daddy Long Legs.


I don’t know.

Wouldn’t you like to know?

Um…No, not really.

Why not?

Honestly? I’d rather watch something else. Like maybe something new.

Fair enough.

So anyway. We’ve gone off track.

No, we haven’t.


Never mind, dear one. Let’s get back on track. So your question is, “What do I do when a decision feels right but everyone else says it’s wrong?”


Have you ever been in such a situation?

Yeah. It was when I had to make a decision to leave my previous beliefs. It was hard because of my parents. We’ve been going to church since the day I was born. But eventually, Mum and Dad accepted it. So they went on their own.

What about your kids?

I gave them permission to go with Grandma and Grandpa on Sundays if they wanted to. Well…Needless to say, I guess.

Any other time that you had to make a very difficult decision?

Yes. It was when I heard this song on Mum’s radio. Tony Bennett’s Watch What Happens.

That song decided a decision for you?

No. I decided a decision. Nobody knew it that time, but before I heard that song it was like I was in a wrestling match with myself. I’m acting as per usual, you know, living life day to day. But inside it was like I was going out of my mind! Creating your reality was hard! Very, very hard.

You were in love, you mean?

You can call it whatever you want. But it was really hard! Oh, there have been signs, telling me exactly what to do. Like Neale’s daily email. They were spot on with my situation at the time. But I just kept ignoring him. And then I heard that song, Watch What Happens on Mum’s radio in the kitchen. And to cut a long story short, here I am.

Let’s rewind a little bit, dear one. What exactly did you do after you heard that song?

Let’s just say I broke some rules, okay?