Still About Mistakes


4 November 2017 Saturday


My tweet: Once we see ALL relationships (including male/female) as divine is when we free ourselves from hidden agendas in relationships.

The phrase “including male/female” got me scratching my head. Most of us already see male/female relationships as divine. That’s why we have church weddings and wedding ceremonies which we consider sacred or divine. My question is – why didn’t I use the phrase “including same gender relationships” instead? Because those are relationships that are still not wholly acceptable by our different beliefs. Because some of us still do not consider them to be divine or sacred.

Do it.

Huh? Do what?

Use that alternative phrase in your statement and see how it feels.

Okay. “Once we see ALL relationships, including same gender relationships, as divine is when we free ourselves from hidden agendas in relationships.”

So how does that feel?

So, so much better! OMG! I made a mistake, didn’t I?

Yes, you did.

Oh no!

Why are you so disturbed, my child? You’ve made mistakes before, haven’t you?

Yes, of course. I’m only human. But these words are for those who are seeking the truth about life and how to live life. I hope so anyway. As a messenger, I cannot be broadcasting mistakes to everyone! They might believe they are not mistakes. And they might apply it to how they will live their lives and make the same mistakes!

What are we doing now?

We’re having a conversation.

About what?

About mistakes.


Okay, okay. I get it. My mistakes are lessons for others so they will know how to deal with their own mistakes. Because all of us make mistakes. Even messengers.

My child, the more mistakes messengers make the better.

Unfortunately, that is true.

I’m glad you agree. How did that tweet come about anyway?

It’s an observation of another tweet. It’s the one about these young men in Japan who work as Boyfriends-For-Hire, as they call themselves. It was a feature about Tokyo on Channel News Asia. They are hired by women who simply want someone to talk to and maybe even get hugs and cuddles for maybe a couple of hours. And strictly nothing sexual involved. The “boyfriend” even gave a little demonstration with the interviewer of how the session would go. As I watched, I thought, How sweet. How sweet of these young men to do such things. When he was asked why he became a Boyfriend-For-Hire, his reason was that he wanted to help women while also needing a job. But I understand their fees are not cheap.

Have you ever had a relationship with a man simply for friendship?

Yeah, actually. It was when I was still working. Colleagues thought we were an item but we were strictly just friends because we were in the same department. We simply got along quite well. We’ve lost touch, though.

So your mistaken statement is still partly correct, dear one.

How so?

You just said – your colleagues thought you and your male friend were an item even though you were strictly friends.


Well, then. That is also a sort of judgment, is it not? To believe that a man and a woman are having a relationship other than friendship is also judgment. Sometimes, judgment turns into gossip, especially when it is spread around. Then gossip, more often than not, turn into lies. And as you know, lies always create trouble.

But people can’t help it! We’ve been brought up into thinking that as long as a man and a woman are often seen together, they have a “thing” going. Or they’ll end up having a “thing” together. So I guess we’re back to where we started, huh? We’re back to a thing called “mistakes.”

Making assumptions about a relationship without proof is judgment. Judgment that is broadcast turns into gossip. Gossip turn into lies. Lies turn into mistakes. Yes, I suppose you can say we’re back to a thing called “mistakes.”

Yup, we’re back to where we started. So now, where are we going?

Nowhere, my dear. As long as mistakes are not amended, we are going nowhere.


About Deliberate Mistakes


31 October 2017 Tuesday 7:12am

…There was a heck of a thunderstorm during dinner last night. Something tells me it’s the same old story. How in the world can one enjoy one’s sustenance and let it be beneficial for one’s body when only judgements are coming out of one’s mouth? Not to mention spoiling the appetite of those dining with you. Dinner should be about love and pleasantries, yes?

Hate doesn’t choose any particular time and place, my dear.

I don’t think that’s true. What about Las Vegas? “Hate” chose to wait around in a 32nd floor suite of a hotel. Isn’t that choosing a time and place to hate and kill?

You are right. I Am duly corrected.

Wow. That’s rare. God is mistaken. God is admitting a mistake.

If you can make mistakes, so can God. I Am you in flesh and blood.

But it’s deliberate, isn’t it?

What’s deliberate, my dear?

When you said “hate doesn’t choose any particular time and place.” You stated it as a deliberate mistake so we can have something to talk about.

We always have something to talk about. And yes, I stated it as a deliberate mistake. Your soul has an agenda. And that agenda will definitely include mistakes. How else will you evolve to the grandest version you imagine yourself to be? That is why, when it concerns the soul, every mistake you ever made was deliberate. Every mistake you are going to make will be deliberate. That is how you become the best you can be.

Not many people will agree with that.

That is the truth. And no one has to agree with the truth. It is not compulsory. The truth is freedom. How can freedom be compulsory? If someone else’s truth does not resonate with yours, you do not have to agree with it. It is impossible anyway. In the sense that your soul will be vehemently disagreeing while outwardly you are pretending to agree. You are lying to yourself. So it is impossible to agree with someone else’s truth if your soul feels otherwise. You may pretend to agree for the sake of peace. Like your saying goes — peace for a price. Care to explain what it means?

Not really. But I can give you another saying that means exactly the same thing.

Go right ahead.

Betraying yourself in order not to betray another is still betrayal. It is the highest betrayal.


So…The truth that mistakes are deliberate — care to explain what that means?

How about I give you a saying instead?

Go right ahead.

Nothing happens by accident.



(From my chronicles)

25 April 2015 Saturday


There’s this thing that’s been going on for quite a while now that may need our attention, God.

There are numerous things that need our attention. Which one is it?

This one about the pending execution of convicted drug dealers. Families and their respective countrymen have been pleading for mercy for the government in charge to do away with the execution.

Alright. What is it that you want to know?

Can the government bend its rules?

How do you want the government to bend the rules?

Well, do away with the execution. You know, like maybe they can do life imprisonment instead.

That can be done.

I know it can. But the government is adamant on its stand with regards to the capital punishment for drug dealers. They say they have a battle to fight against dealing with drugs in their country.

Do you think their stance is justified? Is the punishment working? Is the battle against drugs winning? Is the country free of illegal drugs?

There hasn’t been any drug busts in the news lately so it must be working.

Are you always on to the news about drug dealing?

Um…no. Not really. And I know what you’re going to ask next. No, I don’t know whether the punishment against drug dealing is working. In that country anyway. So how do we solve this problem?

It is the same as the problem of migrant deaths, child. The effect is not the problem itself, it is the cause. Why are individuals dealing in illegal substance? Is it for the money? Then the problem is poverty. Is it for the thrill of the activity? Which is hardly likely. No one will purposely risk their life in order to be incarcerated or executed. Whatever the reason, your world believes the crime can be prevented at the level of the effect. When it is the root of the problem that needs the most attention. You create drugs and then you judge them to be “wrong.” You create drugs for a certain purpose and then when they are distributed illegally (which is simply another term for unaccounted distribution), you make a big fuss about it.

Governments make a big fuss about it because others are making a profit from distributing a substance that may be harmful to others and may even cause death. That is why there is a big fuss. But I think these convicts who are about to be executed have already learned their lesson when they served time for their crime.

How about this – put yourself in the shoes of the authorities upholding the rules and regulations about dealing with illegal substances. How would you feel if you relaxed the rules by not applying capital punishment to these convicts? What happens to your reputation?

I will give the impression that I am merciful and compassionate…I think. But then if I do it, as in, do away with the execution or do away with capital punishment, then other drug dealers will not hesitate to pursue or continue their life of crime, will they?

Even if they risk being imprisoned for life? People do not like being imprisoned.

I can think of a few who do. Anyway. So should we or shouldn’t we do away with capital punishment?

Child, you already know My stand when it comes to the word “punishment”, do you not?

Yeah. So we’re back to square one?

You are your own decision-makers. I can only give advice. And I can give you advice until hell freezes over. But it is of no use if you do not heed any of them.