The Old Lady & The Taxi

30 May 2018 Wednesday 10:24am

We’re lunching out and watching a movie today. But I’m still chef for tonight’s dinner.

As I was hurrying to the grocery, an old lady stopped me at the taxi stand. She was sitting on the bench.

She said, “Can you please flag a taxi for me? My legs are painful. I can’t walk.” I was thinking, Then how’d you get here?

Anyway, I looked around, there wasn’t a taxi in sight, “Don’t worry, Auntie. One will come in soon. Just wait.”

She replied, “Don’t have. Can you go over there and flag one for me?” She was pointing to the turn at the road junction.

What?! I thought, I’m in a hurry! And when it’s raining, available taxis are scarce! “Don’t worry, Auntie. One will come soon. Just wait,” I said.

She said, “Can you wait with me? Don’t worry, the grocery closes at 10pm.”

What?! She actually expects me to wait with her for as long at it takes?! I said, “I know, Auntie. But I’m in a hurry. I’m going out and I need to buy stuff for dinner. Just wait, a taxi will come. How about I buy my stuff first and then come back and wait with you? Can?” Liar. I’m hoping she’ll be gone when I pass by on the way back. She agreed.

As I was paying for my stuff, I thought of taking a detour to avoid her. But soul said, Is that who you really are, Joy? If she’s still there, you can book a taxi for her. And you can even push the bar higher by paying the fare in advance. Consider it your good deed for the day—heck, the whole year.

My shopping done, I walked back to the taxi stand. She was still there. But this time, there were a couple of ladies with her. They were probably waiting for taxis too.

I walked up to her and asked, “So how, Auntie?” She said, “Never mind. I’ll just wait.”

I said, “Okay. One will come soon, don’t worry.” Besides, I thought, you’re not alone anymore. I said “Bye!” and headed for home.

What does it all mean? I have no idea. Maybe it’ll come to me later. In the meantime, you decide.


I got it. I know what it means:

“There’s being kind, and then there’s being a push-over. Know the difference.”

What did you get?