The Missing Shoes – A Dream

missing shoes

(From my chronicles – I still remember this dream like it was yesterday…)

18 August 2013 Sunday

I had a dream this morning. I was lost in a building – trying to find my way out. I was wearing a dark business suit – tailored shirt, jacket and trousers. I was walking around when I finally came to some glass panels with sliding doors. I went through and found myself looking down some stairs. There was a chain blocking it. I stepped over the chain and was about to take a step when I hesitated. It looked so steep! I was afraid I’d miss a step and fall.

I looked around and noticed a couple of escalators on the far side. I thought, That’ll be a lot easier and not so scary. I stepped back over the chain and went back through the sliding glass doors. I felt something on my head. I flicked it away with my hand and whatever it was fell to the floor. I glanced at it and saw that it was the chain from the steps. It got caught in my hair.

As I came to the glass entrance to the escalators, I noticed the escalators weren’t moving – Oh no, they’re out of order. I looked around and noticed a lady behind me. I was near the entrance doors of a theatre hall. She was the usher. She signaled to me – pointing to the sensors to make the escalator move. There was a green button at the side. But she came forward instead and touched it, signaling for me to step forward. I did and as the escalator started moving down I sensed the glass doors closing when she went back in. I looked back and saw the usher signalling to me again – I left my shoes behind! I looked down – I was barefoot. Never mind, I’ll go back. I turned as soon as I reached the bottom and rode the other escalator going back up. But when I reached the top, it was a totally different place.

This time there were two ladies nearby who looked like they were ushers as well. I asked them for directions to the entrance of the theatre hall that I came from. They said I have to go through their theatre halls to get back there. But if I didn’t want to be noticed by the cinema patrons, they said I should go through the one that was empty. I’m not afraid of people – so I said, “It’s okay, I don’t mind. And the movie hasn’t started anyway.”

As I went through the doors, I noticed it wasn’t a theatre at all but a classroom where some children were preparing for their lessons. As I walked towards the far corner, looking for the exit, one of the little girls called out to me, “You’re not supposed to be here! ” I said, “It’s okay, I’m just passing through.” I found the exit door and left.

Instead of finding myself at the place where I left my shoes, I found myself outside on the ground floor of the building. It was raining and I was still barefoot. There were a lot of people walking around. The place looked like it was a business area.

I thought I better take a bus back to where I came from to retrieve my shoes. The ride was a lot quicker than I thought and when I alighted I noticed I was the only passenger. The bus brought me to a hotel in a shopping mall. I decided I might as well just buy a new pair of shoes.

I found a shop that sold shoes that seemed reasonably priced. I took a pair of sandals from those that were displayed – checking the size. It was a size 5. I needed a 5 and a half or a 6. I requested the sizes from the young sales lady. I thought, How weird – she should be at the beach in that bikini she was wearing. Anyway, she did bring me a pair that was the right size but when I asked her how much it was – I thought the price was way too expensive for my budget. I told her I only had a few dollars in my bag. When I took out my wallet, I was surprised to find it contained different currencies from all over the world. The sales lady remarked, “Oh yes, we have plenty of those scam cases at this hotel.” Another lady customer agreed with her.

I felt disheartened. And I was still barefoot.

Then I woke up.

The Little Girl, the Boat and the Sun


(From my chronicles)

9 June 2013 Sunday 8:35pm

The Story of the Little Girl, the Boat and the Sun

There was once a boat who asked everyone to come on board.

The boat said proudly, “I will protect you from the storms and the strong winds, my dear ones. Come on board, everyone!” The boat bobbed up and down on the water as one by one everyone got on board.

Then a little girl asked as she sat down, “Where are we going, Boat?”

The boat replied, “To look for the sun. The clouds have taken away the sun. Let’s look for the sun.”

The little girl looked at the water, a little puzzled by what she sees. She points and asks, “What is that?”

The boat answers, “Why, that’s the water, dear.”

“No, I mean, what’s that in the water?”

“You mean the reflection?”

The little girl nodded, “Yes.”

“Why, that’s you!” The boat replied.

The little girl’s face lit up, “Wow, she’s beautiful! Her eyes seem to shine like the sun!” Suddenly, the little girl straightened up and shouted, “Boat! I found the sun!”

“Where?” The boat asked, looking around.

“It’s in my eyes! The sun is in my eyes!” The little girl replied, “The sun is in me!” She stood up and said, “I have to go, Boat. I have already found the sun. I hope you find the sun too, Boat.”

And she turned to the others on board the boat and wished that each of them will find their sun.

So she disembarked, walked on the water and stepped ashore.

She turned and shouted, “Don’t worry, Boat! Don’t worry, everyone! I’ll come back and help you find your sun!”


Beauty Sleep & Coffee


6 November 2017 Monday


There it is again, God! Another article that says coffee is bad! Why are You sending me these warnings? Am I getting addicted to coffee?

Only you can answer that question, child.

Yeah, you’re right. Alright then. Tomorrow morning, I’ll drink soy milk instead and see how it goes.

The only way to find out whether you have a crutch is to remove the crutch.

That’s a good word for an addiction – a crutch. Yup, maybe I should stop drinking coffee for a while. These days, or rather, these past few nights, I’m finding it hard to fall asleep right away. Even though I’ve only had like 4 hours of sleep. Like now. It’s already after 11 and I’m still awake. Usually by 9:30 I’ll be dozing off while reading. But now, even when I’m lying down, my eyes don’t want to stay shut.

You know very well that sleeping is not only about closing your eyes. It’s about communing with Me. Sleeping is when your body will slow down its vibration, slow down its energy, in order for the soul to be able to take charge and be free of its confines for a few hours. Sleeping is your soul God-ing. Ever hear of dancing freestyle? Well, sleeping is your soul flying freestyle.

Cool! So what happens when the body has trouble sleeping? What happens to the soul?

The soul will struggle to be free, of course. That’s when you think your mind is going crazy thinking all sorts of thoughts. In actual fact, it is your soul persuading your mind to calm down so that your soul can fly free for a few hours. This struggle between the mind and soul is what you believe to be the cause of your sleeplessness in the first place.

Like what’s happening to me now. I started writing this because I can’t sleep. And the cause of my sleeplessness may be the two cups of coffee I had this morning.

Is that your usual? Two cups?

No. I usually just have one cup. This is brewed from ground coffee via our coffeemaker. The other cup was instant.

So you have ground coffee as well as instant coffee at home?

Yup. The ground coffee is supposedly healthier. While the instant is…Well, for an instant cup of coffee – just add to hot water. It’s convenient. The brewed coffee tastes much better though.

So why don’t you have two cups of the better-tasting coffee?

It’ll be too strong for me! The last time I had two cups of brewed coffee one after the other it gave me a buzz all day! I was like a busy bee!

Isn’t that good?

Yes, in a way. But I don’t want to be dependent on coffee to become busy. Or to be able to accomplish anything. That’s why I’m planning to go cold turkey with coffee for a while. Maybe I won’t drink it everyday. Maybe just on the weekends like I use to. Besides, I really need my beauty sleep. And I need lots of it! Haha.

So goodnight then, dear one.

Goodnight…I hope.

> > > > >

7 November 2017 Tuesday


Goodmorning, God.

So how is it going?

How is what going?

The cold turkey.

Oh. Okay, I guess. I’m writing here and talking to You, which is good. And I have a very strong feeling this is for posting on my blog.

That is entirely up to you. Did you sleep well?

I slept well considering I was up until after 1am and had to get up again at 5. The lack of sleep will usually catch up with me after lunch. I’ll have a power nap then. It’s good to be a lady of leisure. Which I think my ex will not be so happy about. I think he’s sort of hinting I should get a job to help with the kids’ expenses. Maybe I’ll apply at MacDonald’s or something. Haha…Actually, it’s not that funny. I really need to “upgrade” myself if I want to get back into the rat race. Or research about some online business or something.

There you go. It wasn’t the coffee, was it?

Um…What are You talking about?

The future is what is causing your sleeplessness. Which is not uncommon.

But You told me last night it was my soul struggling to be free that was causing those crazy thoughts in my head.

The struggle is your subconscious persuading your conscious mind to calm down. Your soul keeps saying, Everything will be alright. Accept and bless the situation. Do what you can do. Peace comes from having no expectations. While your mind argues, Everything will NOT be alright! What if I am mistaken?! What then? What if this?! What if that?!

That wasn’t what was happening to me last night.

It may have been. The struggle for sleep is a common problem in your world. Most of the time, it is the mind that wins the struggle. Or shall we say, your pharmaceuticals are the winners most of the time because most of you believe that lack of sleep can be relieved with chemicals. There is no chemical that will ever be able to heal the soul. Your lack of sleep is your lack of peace in your soul.

So we’re back to the subject of sleep.

Speaking of which, how did you finally fall asleep?

I continued re-reading Awaken The Species until I felt my eyes go heavy. Oh…and a cup of chamomile tea helped.