To Ignore Or Not To Ignore


23 October 2017 Monday


My tweet: You’re in a difficult situation for a reason. So you can:
a) overcome it
b) ignore it
c) give up
d) pretend it doesn’t exist

What’s the difference between “ignoring it” and “pretending it doesn’t exist”?

Look up the meaning of the word “ignore”, please.

Meaning of “ignore” is “to refrain from noticing or recognizing; to ignore insulting remarks.”

Have you ignored something recently?

As a matter of fact, I have. I have been ignoring friend requests on my Facebook page. And messages sometimes.


I don’t really like Facebook.


It takes up too much of my time. And it’s not that I don’t value my friends, I do. I value my friends. I just simply don’t feel like replying. I am free to reply or not reply to anything.

Isn’t that rude?

If my friends believe it’s rude then there’s nothing I can do about it. I can’t control how anyone feels. If I’m always afraid of how someone feels about me because of what I do or don’t do, I’ll be short-changing myself.

Aren’t you afraid of losing them?

Afraid to lose them as friends? No. How can I lose anything I don’t own? And I don’t own anyone. If they don’t want to be my friends anymore, that’s their prerogative. Like I said, I can’t control anyone.

Have you always been like this?

Like what?

Not afraid to lose friends.

No, of course not. But let me just say that there have been times in the past when I would do things I didn’t really want to do because I was afraid of losing friends.

Not anymore, I suppose.

You suppose right. Let me just clarify that I am not a nasty person. I don’t make myself all hoity-toity on purpose. I go with my soul. What my soul feels. I go with my feelings. And if my feelings tell me I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do, then I go with my feelings. Because with regards to being a messenger, my feelings have been my guide. In fact, my feelings have taken my soul as far as it can soar. I believe following what you feel is absolute freedom. And my purpose is freedom…Um, God, I think we’ve sidetracked from the subject at hand.

Isn’t the word “ignore” the subject at hand? Well then, you’ve just explained how not to ignore your feelings. And you ignore your feelings by doing something you don’t feel like doing. And you may end up hating yourself and the person you’re doing it for. That’s a very good example of the meaning of the word “ignore.”

Great. Now let’s talk about the words “pretending it doesn’t exist.”

Are you pretending something doesn’t exist? If you are, what is it?

. . .


Wait! I’m thinking really hard right now.

Alright. Take your time.

That’s it!

What’s it?

Time! I’m pretending time doesn’t exist. Ever since I became aware of who I really am, I have been pretending time doesn’t exist.

Why is that?

Because I know exactly who I really am.

And who are you, my child?

I am my soul. And my soul is forever.