(From my chronicles)

25 April 2015 Saturday


There’s this thing that’s been going on for quite a while now that may need our attention, God.

There are numerous things that need our attention. Which one is it?

This one about the pending execution of convicted drug dealers. Families and their respective countrymen have been pleading for mercy for the government in charge to do away with the execution.

Alright. What is it that you want to know?

Can the government bend its rules?

How do you want the government to bend the rules?

Well, do away with the execution. You know, like maybe they can do life imprisonment instead.

That can be done.

I know it can. But the government is adamant on its stand with regards to the capital punishment for drug dealers. They say they have a battle to fight against dealing with drugs in their country.

Do you think their stance is justified? Is the punishment working? Is the battle against drugs winning? Is the country free of illegal drugs?

There hasn’t been any drug busts in the news lately so it must be working.

Are you always on to the news about drug dealing?

Um…no. Not really. And I know what you’re going to ask next. No, I don’t know whether the punishment against drug dealing is working. In that country anyway. So how do we solve this problem?

It is the same as the problem of migrant deaths, child. The effect is not the problem itself, it is the cause. Why are individuals dealing in illegal substance? Is it for the money? Then the problem is poverty. Is it for the thrill of the activity? Which is hardly likely. No one will purposely risk their life in order to be incarcerated or executed. Whatever the reason, your world believes the crime can be prevented at the level of the effect. When it is the root of the problem that needs the most attention. You create drugs and then you judge them to be “wrong.” You create drugs for a certain purpose and then when they are distributed illegally (which is simply another term for unaccounted distribution), you make a big fuss about it.

Governments make a big fuss about it because others are making a profit from distributing a substance that may be harmful to others and may even cause death. That is why there is a big fuss. But I think these convicts who are about to be executed have already learned their lesson when they served time for their crime.

How about this – put yourself in the shoes of the authorities upholding the rules and regulations about dealing with illegal substances. How would you feel if you relaxed the rules by not applying capital punishment to these convicts? What happens to your reputation?

I will give the impression that I am merciful and compassionate…I think. But then if I do it, as in, do away with the execution or do away with capital punishment, then other drug dealers will not hesitate to pursue or continue their life of crime, will they?

Even if they risk being imprisoned for life? People do not like being imprisoned.

I can think of a few who do. Anyway. So should we or shouldn’t we do away with capital punishment?

Child, you already know My stand when it comes to the word “punishment”, do you not?

Yeah. So we’re back to square one?

You are your own decision-makers. I can only give advice. And I can give you advice until hell freezes over. But it is of no use if you do not heed any of them.