The Little Boy Who Painted The Floor

japanese calligraphy

(From my chronicles)

18 August 2015 Tuesday


…You are very welcome. Anyway, there’s another video that Mum and I watched yesterday:

There were these toddlers in Japan who were in a calligraphy painting class. The camera focused on a little boy who, instead of painting on his paper, decided to paint the floor instead.

The master noticed, so reprimanded him. The master told him he should be drawing on the paper and not on the floor. Then the master walked away.

But the camera caught the little boy drawing on the floor again. The master came back. But this time he was holding a long stick and he scolded the boy sternly. The little boy got really scared and began to cry.

The master walked back to his desk and sat down, beckoning to the boy to sit next to him. All the while, telling the boy why it was wrong to draw on the floor and how the little boy’s mother will have to clean up the mess he made.

By this time, the little boy was sobbing uncontrollably. The master felt sorry for him. He asked the little boy to sit on his lap, which the boy did. The master hugged him, consoling him and persuading him to stop crying.

To cheer him up, the master decided to give him candy. The little boy held out one hand. But the master said, No – both hands. So the little boy held out both hands, one of which was stained with calligraphy ink. The master found it amusing and laughed.

The end.