The Lost Specs

1 August 2017 Tuesday 4:41pm

I came home after my brisk walk this morning only to find out I dropped my expensive progressive spectacles at the beach. I had an inkling where I dropped it but I thought, “Man, I’m tired! It’s a long walk back.” I made up my mind of letting it be lost. But I felt the loss really bad because it was so expensive. I told Mum. She persuaded me to go look for it. So I got dressed and trudged back to that spot. From afar, I spotted it! I thought, Please don’t let it be a twig or a leaf or something! Please, please, please! And lo and behold, it was there! My specs was still there! I was so happy!

I’m glad for you.

Thank You. So, everything has a purpose, right?

Remember when I said that when you lose something, you lose it because your soul wants to experience losing something?

Yeah. When I knew I lost my specs, I remembered that. That’s why I decided to just let it be lost.

But your mum persuaded you to go back. Why did you?

She gave me hope, I guess. I thought if I don’t find it then I don’t find it. At least I tried.

That’s it.

What’s it?

That’s the purpose. At least you tried. Now, let me ask you–What if you didn’t try?

I can’t answer that.

Why not?

Because I did try. But I can guess what would have happened if I didn’t try.


I guess I’ll feel the loss for a while but I’ll soon forget about it. Spectacles can be replaced.

What about your soul? Can your soul be replaced?

Oh man. Now, how in the world did we get from talking about my lost specs to lost soul?

Never mind.