The iPhone Robbers – A Dream

robbers copy

(a re-post)

23 February 2014 Sunday 8:14am

I had a really vivid dream this morning. I actually got up at 5:30 but decided to go back to sleep because I’m still depressed about Rene’s hearing test the other day. I can’t stop thinking of the pain I allowed him to go through. I’m feeling really guilty.

Anyway, here’s the dream:

I was at the bus stop. I had my earphones on, listening to the radio on my iPhone.

I had to put my iPhone down for a little while on the bench coz I was fiddling with something in my bag. That’s when I noticed some men hovering around me. I sensed they wanted to steal my iPhone. I grabbed it quickly. The men grabbed me and held me down while they tried to steal my iPhone.

Next thing I knew I was walking around with nothing. They even took away my bag. I had no money to go home.

Nearby, I overheard a Filipino family talking. I was thinking maybe they’ll be kind enough to give me some money for bus fare.

So I approached them. The mother seemed to recognize me and acknowledged me by  calling my name.

But when I told them about my robbery story they started walking away. They probably thought I was a conwoman.

I followed them, trying to convince them that I’m for real. They finally agreed and the daughter even suggested she’ll give me a lift home in her car.

I was so relieved. I followed them to the car park but I lost them in the maze of cars. I panicked.

But the daughter found me again and accompanied me to where their car was parked.

As we were about to get in the car, I pointed to a boy who was with them. I said, “That’s not Rene. Where’s Rene? We can’t leave without Rene.”

The daughter assured me, “He’s still in English Curriculum class. We’ll fetch him along the way.”

I nodded. I got in the car.

End of dream.

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”

~ Marsha Norman