14 May 2017 Sunday 7:43am

“Educate teachers.”

This was my alarm this morning.

Sorry to wake you.

God is apologizing to me. To…me. People reading this will definitely be sure I’ve gone bonkers.

Do you care?


Well then. Let’s not dwell. Let’s talk more about your morning alarm this morning.

Yes, let’s…Educate teachers…Right. Teachers are already educated. Otherwise, how will they be able to teach?

That’s not necessarily true, my dear. And you know it. How about you?

What about me?

Do you consider yourself a teacher?

No. I consider myself a trainee messenger. I learn as I go along living life. And as I go along living life, I put it out there on the Internet. Whoever stumbles upon whatever I post out there might learn a thing or two about how to live life. Mistakes included.

So you admit you make mistakes?

Like, ya! I’m human! Like everyone else. Whoever has not made a mistake has never been born. Am I right?

Yes, you’re right.

So what’s mistakes got to do with educating teachers?

Are teachers perfect?

If You’re referring to messengers as teachers, then my answer is no. In fact, in my opinion, the more mistakes messengers make the better.

Why is that?

So people can learn from our mistakes. Just ask Neale. (Sorry Neale. To me, you’re perfect in every way.) So I ask again, what’s mistakes got to do with teachers?

Messengers are teachers, my dear. As you say, the more mistakes messengers make the better. But that doesn’t mean you deliberately make mistakes to the point of suffering.

But You must admit, there are people out there who may have an idea that they are making a mistake way, way before they do the mistaken deed. I’ve experienced that plenty of times. Not so much on a serious scale. But things like being aware that I’m holding a knife in a position that I have an inkling may cause me to cut myself. Or standing on a stool I’m aware is not so steady to reach for something. That’s my number one bad habit at home. Reaching for stuff, contorting my body to a position, which I have an inkling may cause some damage.

If you have an inkling of causing damage, why do you still do it? Contort your body to a position that may cause damage?

Well, I also have an inkling that contorting my body into that position will not cause damage. Sometimes, I think I’m Superwoman.

That’s just it. Sometimes, you fancy yourself as indestructible.

No, I don’t.

I’m not talking about you.