Decisions, Creations & Dying


16 April 2017 Sunday


Problems of Youth Today:

  1. Looking for love in the wrong places.
  2. Entitlement
  3. Celebrating sadness

This was on a talk show just now. Can we talk about this more? After all, it’s concerning the kids of today. And my purpose is to help the kids of today.

You sound like you’re tweeting.


The rhyming. You’re rhyming.

I can’t help it. That’s what comes out.

I’m not saying it’s bad, dear one. In fact, it’s very good. It has longer retention power.

Yeah. Even I can remember some of my own tweets because of the rhyming. And I’ve got 22,700 tweets out there.

And there’s more where that came from.

Well, for as long as Twitter is around. Or I’m around. Or whoever goes first.

Oh, don’t worry. Knowing how resourceful you are, Twitter or no Twitter, you’ll still find a way to get it out there. And you will always be around. Always.

Yeah, I know. But some people would call those words “blowing my own horn”, You know?

Do you care?


Then why dwell on it? Besides, my child, if you do not believe in your own magnificence, do you actually think you would be where you are now?

Most certainly not. But I believe there are still people out there who find it hard to believe that these words are actually God’s words. They think I’m making it all up.

Of course you are.

I knew You were gonna say that.

You are making everything up. Not only these words. You are creating  everything. You are a creation creature. Answer Me this: From the day that you have been able to make your own decisions, who have been making your decisions?

Me, of course! Who else would be making them? I mean, there may be loved ones or friends who will give advice and all that, but eventually the decision-making will still come from me.

Even if they tell you not to make a decision?

Yes. Advice is thought expressed with words, either written or spoken, which my thoughts will assimilate. The final decision not to decide is still decided by me by the action of not deciding. Does that make sense?

Yes. And well said.

Thank You. It’s tough sometimes.

What’s tough?

This writing out my thoughts in the form of conversations with God. Miss Doubt shows up once in a while. She’ll say, “Are you sure God would say that?” And then I’ll start amending some sentences because they sound weird. God’s words should flow freely.

Who says?


Then you are right. God’s words should flow freely from you. And then you are also wrong if you think you cannot amend some words that don’t seem right. Or sound weird, as you say. My child, every single word that is in your head is of God. The right and wrong words. Even your mistakes are of God. There is nothing in this world that is not of God. All of you are God. Even your acts that are against the law are of God. You made up your laws. And you made up the punishments when those laws are not obeyed.

Stop! Stop right there! Murdering or killing someone is of God? You are gonna get us into trouble if I post this.

Then don’t post this.

I know you only too well, my child.

Whatever. So answer me, please. Murdering or killing someone is of God?

A soul has an agenda when it shows up in your realm. And if in that agenda is to be murdered or be killed by someone, then that soul will do everything in its power to be murdered or be killed by someone. And this is a co-creation, by the way. All of you agreed to help each other’s purpose in this world.

I can’t wrap my head around that. I truly can’t.

All souls show up in your realm for a purpose. And if that purpose is to show everyone that murdering or killing someone doesn’t work then–

Then that soul will do everything in its power to be murdered or be killed by someone else. But for the life of me, I cannot imagine someone taking a knife, handing it to someone else and saying, “Here. Kill me.”

But you must admit, it has happened.

Actually, yeah. But not exactly like that. It’s called “euthanasia”. It’s legal in some countries.

There you go. You make up laws that murder is punishable. And then you make up laws that allow mercy killing.

But there’s a difference! To murder is to take someone’s life. And “euthanasia” is to…um…let someone die. Because that someone may be suffering.

Why the hesitation? Is it because you’re simply using different words to describe exactly the same act?

No! Murder and euthanasia are totally different! The victim of a murder is not suffering! While the victim…well, not exactly victim. The patient…yes, that’s it. The patient of euthanasia is suffering. That’s why he or she wants to die.

How do you know the victim of a murder is not suffering? If the soul wanted to leave your realm at the time of the murder?

He or she did not want to leave this realm at the time of the murder! That’s why it’s punishable by law!

That’s where you are mistaken, my child. Death is a choice. The soul made a choice to leave your realm at a certain time, at a certain place and in a certain way. And if murder or killing is the choice the soul had made, then it shall be done. Simple. What makes death complicated are your laws. Your laws about death are of your world. Death in itself is not of your world. Death is of the spiritual world. Death is the transition of the soul into My realm or wherever the soul chooses. The dispensing of the physical body is an illusion. Death has been a mystery since the beginning of time. A mystery which you will never understand while you are in your physical body. And you fear what you do not understand. And what you do not understand you try to make some sense out of by inventing your own explanations about it. And if you can’t explain it, you make rules and laws and scriptures about it. That’s how everything becomes complicated. And one of those things you do not understand is God. So you fear God. And since you can’t explain what God is about, then you create your own explanations and rules and regulations, to what you think will make your world less complicated. Which actually has the opposite effect.

Am I making my own explanations about God?

Of course you are. The question is – Does it ring true? Does your soul wholly and inexorably accept it as truth?


If that is the case, then it is the truth. And for others too. Let Me just highlight to you that not everything in your scriptures are untrue. All scriptures are made with love because love is all there is. Discernment comes in when the soul feels unsettled with what it is “seeing” as truth.

That’s the thing. Why did others add or amend scriptures with the untruth? And please don’t say the word “agenda”.

Why not?

That’s the easiest explanation that we can give to everyone.

But it is true, my child. Others amended and added untruths to your scriptures because it was the agenda–


Because it was the agenda of their soul. For a purpose.

And what purpose may that be?

So all of you can have fun searching for your own truths.

Another cop out explanation if I ever heard one. Anyway. We actually haven’t discussed what I was suppose to discuss with You. And that is the problems of our youth today: 1. Looking for love in the wrong places, 2. Entitlement, 3. Celebrating sadness.

Easy: 1. Love is everywhere, you only have to reach for it. 2. Nothing worth having comes easy. And 3. Why not? It’s part of life. Done.

I hate you.

And I love you.

Yeah. I love You too.


Breakfast Banter


14 April 2017 Friday


Goodmorning, God.

Goodmorning, dear one. Aren’t we a little early?

A little early for what?

For a spiritual conversation.

You call this a spiritual conversation? I call this morning banter. You know, like during breakfast.

Have you had your breakfast?

Yup. First breakfast is done. Having my second one.

Second breakfast?

Yup. I have three before noon.

I’m not kidding. I can’t eat much right after waking up so early. That’s around 5am. So a cup of water and fruit is enough. Then around 9ish I’ll feel hungry again. Maybe I’ll have a peanut butter sandwich or Kaya bread and an Earl Grey. Then around 11:30 maybe a biscuit and water. Why in the world am I telling You this?

I have no idea, child.

Yes, You do! It’s to tell everyone how mediocre my life is! Oh no. This is for posting again, isn’t it?

It’s up to you. And no one’s life is ever mediocre. All true messengers are living lives that reflect the lives of others in your world right now. That happened as well in your previous lifetimes. To be an effective messenger, one has to blend in. To blend in means–

To blend in means to experience what others are experiencing. This is boring. I’m getting rather weary having to keep repeating the philosophy of The New Spirituality. Doesn’t everybody get it yet?

No, not everybody, my dear.

Why? Why don’t they get it?

Because of fear.

Argh! Here we go again.

It feels like you want to give up.

I’ve thought about it. But soul doesn’t want to. In fact, yesterday, I thought, Okay, maybe I’ll take a break during this Easter weekend. Let everyone enjoy their holiday without my tweets bugging everyone.

Your tweets are bugging everyone? Like those people shoving promotion flyers in your face when you walk by?

No! I don’t promote my tweets or my blog posts. I try to work the same way You do. I believe the truth comes to those who are ready. So I just put my truth “out there” and hopefully others will find their way to them. Then they’ll be able to relate and they can then begin their own journey to their own truth. Like the way it happened with me with Neale’s books 4 years and 7 months ago. I thought if Neale can talk to God, then so can I. So here I am.

And here you are, my dear child. If you only knew where you are exactly, you’ll be amazed!

I am! I am!

I Am so very glad for you.

Thank You. You helped me a lot.

That’s what I’m here for. So you say your first ever real conversation with God was 4 years and 7 months ago.

And one day.

It seems like it was very important if you’ve kept track of the days.

It is! It’s very important! And um, I don’t keep track. I have an app. Of course it’s an important day! It was when I found myself! I found You!

Why? Was I lost?

No, “I” was. I was at a loss as to where my life was heading. I thought at that time, Is this all there is to life? How depressing! But I know where I’m headed now.

Where are you headed?

To the here and now. I was “lost” because I was thinking too much of the future. Finding myself made me realize I can’t make the days go faster or bring back the past. So now my life is always headed to the HERE & NOW. I try my best to do what I can do now. And I treasure the gifts that each day brings. One single day at a time. There will still be hiccups here and there but I know exactly what they’re for. They’re for my own growth as a divine being. Dealing with them is somewhat less stressful now than when I didn’t know exactly what they were for. Does that make sense?

Yes, it does.

It’s a wonderful feeling! Freedom feels wonderful!

Doesn’t it? If only all of you will realize that.

No worries. That’s what messengers are for.

Thank you, dear one. And thank you to all of My Messengers.

Too early for guilt-tripping, God.

The E-Word


10 April 2017 Monday


…I thought as much. Why do you always give me ideas and then tell me they may not be true?

That’s what ideas are for, my dear. To throw around at someone and see if they are agreeable to it. If someone agrees, then you have a plan. And if that plan is implemented, pretty soon there’ll be an outcome. The outcome may be to everyone’s liking or it may not. But at least an idea was utilized.

But what if nobody wants to take up any of the ideas thrown at them?

Then it is their loss. What could have been a collaboration between people to improve the world, has been ignored and everyone is the lesser for it. Because, my child, you are all here to collaborate, cooperate, communicate. But some of you are against such ideas to make your world a better place.

Why do you think that is so?

Fear, mostly. Fear of an outcome that may not be to their expectations.

The dreaded E-word. It’s like the C-word.

What’s the C-word?

Cancer. Everyone dreads cancer because it is like a death sentence.

Nowadays, does cancer still instill the same fear that it use to? Let’s say, 10-20 years ago?

No, not really. People are more aware that we can fight the disease. Fight the disease with medical intervention, alternative medicine, right nutrition, natural remedies or even right attitude, etc.

Why is there more awareness now than before?

Well, maybe because there are people who are willing to delve deeper into the disease and find out exactly what it’s about. We are now questioning the status quo, so to speak.

Like messengers of The New Spirituality?

Yeah, I guess. Am I gonna be posting this again?

That is entirely up to you, child.

Fine. Anyway. So the E-word is like the C-word. Expectations is like cancer. Am I right? Or am I wrong?

No one is ever wrong. It is only a matter of what works or not for you. Wrong is what does not work. Right is what works. Having expectations or hoping that a certain result will be the outcome is okay. It’s human nature. And then there is also the fear of having results or outcome that may be damaging to one’s reputation or worth. These expectations are thoughts. They are just figments of your imagination. They do not exist in your reality yet. How can it? When you have not even created anything in your reality. The problem arises from letting these thoughts hinder you from trying an idea that may seem impossible to execute. The only idea that is impossible is the one that you did not try.