Two Earths

two earths 2

26 April 2017 Wednesday 10:23pm

“Your life is not about you.”

That quote is from Neale. If my life is not about me, then who is it about?

It’s about everyone else.

I don’t understand.

Anything you do for yourself, you do for another.

How about drinking coffee?

Excuse Me?

If my life is not about me, then who am I drinking coffee for? I’m drinking coffee for everyone else? That doesn’t make sense.

Do you drink coffee? I thought you prefer tea.

I drink coffee once in a while when I have a craving for it. But my regular is tea. So am I drinking coffee for everyone else if my life is not about me?

Do you buy your coffee?

Yes, of course.

So where does the money go when you buy coffee?

To the supermarket, I suppose.

So let’s suppose the coffee ended up on your table because the money you used to buy it with helped to grow more coffee, yes?

Yes…And I think I have an idea where this is going.

Where is it going?

It’s going to the people who have jobs to support their family because I give money to the supermarket to buy the coffee that is grown and manufactured.


How about shampoo?

What about shampoo?

When I use shampoo, isn’t it about cleaning my hair? That’s about me, isn’t it? Shampooing is all about me and keeping my hair clean! Ha! How about that?

Where do you get your shampoo?

Argh! Forget shampoo! Forget about the tangible stuff..Let me see…Your life is not about you…Hm…Okay! Got it! How about when I’m meditating? When I’m meditating it’s definitely about me! There’s no one else but me meditating, isn’t it?

Okay. Imagine two worlds, my dear. Two earth. All of the people in one earth meditate regularly while living their lives as usual. How do you think it would feel like living on this earth?

Peaceful, I guess. Especially when everybody’s meditating at the same time. It’ll be pretty…quiet.

That may just be the case, dear one. Now how about the other earth? No one even knows what meditation means. They live their lives pretty much the same way but no one is ever in touch with their souls. Ever. How do you think it would feel like there?

I don’t even wanna go there. It’ll probably be like walking around among the living dead! Okay. So what’s your point?

My point is, you are all interconnected because you are all One Soul. Anything you do, even as trivial as drinking coffee or shampooing affects someone else. Even creating something that is not who you really are will affect everyone. Can you think of one?

Okay. Um…How about if I totally and completely stop being a messenger? No more tweeting. No more blogging. Nothing. No one will ever hear from me ever again. I’ll just go on living my life as obscurely and insignificantly as possible. That is definitely not who I really am. How about that?

That’s a good one. So how do you think it will affect everyone else?

I have no idea.

Only one way to find out, dear one.

Yeah. But here’s another scenario. What if I never created my reality in the first place? You know, 4 years, 5 months and 4 days ago. And just lived my sad, sorry life as obscurely and insignificantly as possible. How can that life be not about me?

Now THAT is something we will never know.