Breakfast Banter


14 April 2017 Friday


Goodmorning, God.

Goodmorning, dear one. Aren’t we a little early?

A little early for what?

For a spiritual conversation.

You call this a spiritual conversation? I call this morning banter. You know, like during breakfast.

Have you had your breakfast?

Yup. First breakfast is done. Having my second one.

Second breakfast?

Yup. I have three before noon.

I’m not kidding. I can’t eat much right after waking up so early. That’s around 5am. So a cup of water and fruit is enough. Then around 9ish I’ll feel hungry again. Maybe I’ll have a peanut butter sandwich or Kaya bread and an Earl Grey. Then around 11:30 maybe a biscuit and water. Why in the world am I telling You this?

I have no idea, child.

Yes, You do! It’s to tell everyone how mediocre my life is! Oh no. This is for posting again, isn’t it?

It’s up to you. And no one’s life is ever mediocre. All true messengers are living lives that reflect the lives of others in your world right now. That happened as well in your previous lifetimes. To be an effective messenger, one has to blend in. To blend in means–

To blend in means to experience what others are experiencing. This is boring. I’m getting rather weary having to keep repeating the philosophy of The New Spirituality. Doesn’t everybody get it yet?

No, not everybody, my dear.

Why? Why don’t they get it?

Because of fear.

Argh! Here we go again.

It feels like you want to give up.

I’ve thought about it. But soul doesn’t want to. In fact, yesterday, I thought, Okay, maybe I’ll take a break during this Easter weekend. Let everyone enjoy their holiday without my tweets bugging everyone.

Your tweets are bugging everyone? Like those people shoving promotion flyers in your face when you walk by?

No! I don’t promote my tweets or my blog posts. I try to work the same way You do. I believe the truth comes to those who are ready. So I just put my truth “out there” and hopefully others will find their way to them. Then they’ll be able to relate and they can then begin their own journey to their own truth. Like the way it happened with me with Neale’s books 4 years and 7 months ago. I thought if Neale can talk to God, then so can I. So here I am.

And here you are, my dear child. If you only knew where you are exactly, you’ll be amazed!

I am! I am!

I Am so very glad for you.

Thank You. You helped me a lot.

That’s what I’m here for. So you say your first ever real conversation with God was 4 years and 7 months ago.

And one day.

It seems like it was very important if you’ve kept track of the days.

It is! It’s very important! And um, I don’t keep track. I have an app. Of course it’s an important day! It was when I found myself! I found You!

Why? Was I lost?

No, “I” was. I was at a loss as to where my life was heading. I thought at that time, Is this all there is to life? How depressing! But I know where I’m headed now.

Where are you headed?

To the here and now. I was “lost” because I was thinking too much of the future. Finding myself made me realize I can’t make the days go faster or bring back the past. So now my life is always headed to the HERE & NOW. I try my best to do what I can do now. And I treasure the gifts that each day brings. One single day at a time. There will still be hiccups here and there but I know exactly what they’re for. They’re for my own growth as a divine being. Dealing with them is somewhat less stressful now than when I didn’t know exactly what they were for. Does that make sense?

Yes, it does.

It’s a wonderful feeling! Freedom feels wonderful!

Doesn’t it? If only all of you will realize that.

No worries. That’s what messengers are for.

Thank you, dear one. And thank you to all of My Messengers.

Too early for guilt-tripping, God.