The E-Word


10 April 2017 Monday


…I thought as much. Why do you always give me ideas and then tell me they may not be true?

That’s what ideas are for, my dear. To throw around at someone and see if they are agreeable to it. If someone agrees, then you have a plan. And if that plan is implemented, pretty soon there’ll be an outcome. The outcome may be to everyone’s liking or it may not. But at least an idea was utilized.

But what if nobody wants to take up any of the ideas thrown at them?

Then it is their loss. What could have been a collaboration between people to improve the world, has been ignored and everyone is the lesser for it. Because, my child, you are all here to collaborate, cooperate, communicate. But some of you are against such ideas to make your world a better place.

Why do you think that is so?

Fear, mostly. Fear of an outcome that may not be to their expectations.

The dreaded E-word. It’s like the C-word.

What’s the C-word?

Cancer. Everyone dreads cancer because it is like a death sentence.

Nowadays, does cancer still instill the same fear that it use to? Let’s say, 10-20 years ago?

No, not really. People are more aware that we can fight the disease. Fight the disease with medical intervention, alternative medicine, right nutrition, natural remedies or even right attitude, etc.

Why is there more awareness now than before?

Well, maybe because there are people who are willing to delve deeper into the disease and find out exactly what it’s about. We are now questioning the status quo, so to speak.

Like messengers of The New Spirituality?

Yeah, I guess. Am I gonna be posting this again?

That is entirely up to you, child.

Fine. Anyway. So the E-word is like the C-word. Expectations is like cancer. Am I right? Or am I wrong?

No one is ever wrong. It is only a matter of what works or not for you. Wrong is what does not work. Right is what works. Having expectations or hoping that a certain result will be the outcome is okay. It’s human nature. And then there is also the fear of having results or outcome that may be damaging to one’s reputation or worth. These expectations are thoughts. They are just figments of your imagination. They do not exist in your reality yet. How can it? When you have not even created anything in your reality. The problem arises from letting these thoughts hinder you from trying an idea that may seem impossible to execute. The only idea that is impossible is the one that you did not try.