Seeds Of Doubt

6 April 2017 Thursday

Let’s start. What do You wanna talk about?

I have no idea, child. What have you been up to?

Nothing much. Just tweeting, Instagram-ing. Basically, living life.

Sounds boring.

Come to think of it, yeah. That’s why I’m wondering why You want me to resume this blog.

I do not want you to resume this blog. I do not want you to resume anything. What you wish to do with your life is entirely up to you.

But you’ve been bugging me and bugging me the past few days – blog, blog, blog, blog.

I don’t bug–

Yeah, yeah. You’ve been “reminding” me like You always do when there’s something that needs to be done. Sometimes, I don’t even know the reason why. Like this blog. I have nothing to blog about.

Are you sure? How about current events?

Um, okay. Well, there’s a new American president, Donald Trump.

Okay. So what’s he been up to?

I dunno. He signs a lot of papers and gives speeches.

Anything else?

Well, the Philippines has a new president too.

So what has he been up to?

Um, I’d rather not mention it. But he seems to give a lot of speeches too. I mean, really a lot. Coz mum’s always listening to him on her iPad. But after a while I see her falling asleep.

Anything else you want to mention?

No, not really. Well, nothing that I want the whole world to know.

So you think the world knows about your blog.

Yeah. Why are You asking me that? It’s like planting seeds of doubt in my head!

So is it growing?

What’s growing?

The seed of doubt.

Very funny. No! No seeds of doubt allowed in my soul! Doubt, keep out!

Wonderful! Now do you know why we are resuming this blog?


Because there is no doubt about it now.

Doubt about what?

I’m kidding!