Leave It To The Will of God Because God’s Will Will Prevail

leap of faith210 November 2014 Monday


God, You said Your Will will still prevail. Isn’t that the same thing as “leaving it to the will of God”. Which You say is a mistaken belief. I’m asking because there might be others out there who may say, “Well now. If God’s will will still prevail then all we have to do is wait.” So, isn’t that the same thing as ‘leaving it to the will of God’?

Tell Me, if you hadn’t created your reality what do you think would have happened?

You mean if I didn’t send The Message?


Honestly? I have no idea.


What do You mean? I don’t understand. What is so precise about me not having an idea of what would have happened if I hadn’t created my reality?

I Am pointing out to you that you have no idea of what is the agenda of your soul in this realm. And I assure you that you have an agenda. Everyone has an agenda. Or else you would not be alive in the first place. The difference between those of you who are ‘leaving it to the will of God’ and those who are ‘creating their reality’ is in how to use AWARENESS. Awareness is the consciousness or the knowing that in order to accomplish one’s purpose one has to use the soul as a guide. The key word here is USE. You created your reality by using the soul which is courage. You broke rules and regulations which took a lot of courage. The soul knows no rules or regulations. But when you ‘leave it to the will of God’ you are using nothing. Prayers maybe. Prayers are thoughts. Thoughts do not require much action. There are those who keep praying to be rich. Do they do anything about it?

Yeah. They buy lottery tickets.

We discussed that already. That is still leaving it to the will of God. You are still yearning to be rich. Those who buy lottery tickets–do you think each and everyone of them win every time they buy one?


No. Most of them are still leaving it to chance. In order to be rich one has to work really hard. Now, let’s say everyone worked hard and persisted in their endeavour to be rich. And nothing will stop them in their goal to be rich. Whenever they fall from some mishap or disappointments they would get up and trudge on again. Do you think these people will succeed in becoming rich as they dreamed they would be?

I think so.

There is no thinking about it. These people who put their blood, sweat and tears into their endeavours will eventually reach their goal and probably acquire extra benefits along the way like a beautiful family, accolades and honors for their hard work. And it is especially so when they are aware and are of assistance to others who are struggling in their dreams to be rich as well. No man is an island. Would you like to look up the meaning?

My pleasure. No man is an island means “No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others. This saying comes from a sermon by the seventeenth-century English author John Donne.”

Do you think rich people become rich on their own?

Nope. A CEO of a company wouldn’t be rich if he didn’t have other people doing other stuff for his company.

A very good example.

Thank You. Why are You using this metaphor, God? This being rich thing?

I have given you this realm for your enjoyment and to enable you to experience joy in each and every lifetime. This world has gone on for too long in the belief that to be poor and hungry is divine. The unaware still believe this. There is nothing wrong with being rich. That is what I Am trying to say. If you want to be poor, that is also okay. If you enjoy being poor, if being poor gives you joy–

That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard! Somebody sang a song in The Voice the other day that went, “Mahirap maging mahirap.” It’s hard being poor. How can being poor give one joy? It’s contradictory in terms.

Good observation. The soul is suffering because the body and mind are suffering. Now tell me–do you think the poor dream of being rich?

Of course.

Then why don’t they work hard to be rich? Why do you think that is so?

Because it’s considered sinful to be rich. It is not divine to be rich. Jesus was supposed to be the poorest of the poor and Jesus is supposed to be God. So God is poor. That is the belief.

Yes! But the soul knows that it is entitled to everything this world can offer. But the spiritual belief and teachings now is that it is a sin. This makes all of you very confused. And when all of you are confused so is the universe. A poor person who longs to be rich will be sending confused signals to the universe. So that is what the body and mind will do. It will do all it can to be confused about being abundant. The soul will work to the bone and yet still live hand to mouth. Every signal it sends out to the universe will be factors in hindering abundance from its reality. Factors like not being able to find a job, or ill-health, relationship problems, vices, crime, etc. The soul may blame it all on external influences but in actual fact you are always attracting exactly what you are sending to the universe. And while all this is happening, the soul is fervently praying for a better life, to be rich, to be in good health. And when it comes to creating they will have the mentality of “I WILL LEAVE IT TO GOD.” And then sit around and wait and indulge in the same confused activities all over again. It will be never-ending. Finally, the soul leaves its physical body without experiencing joy to the fullest.

That’s sad and very true. But what about those who are rich but they’re not aware that they are truly deserving of their abundance?

That is also contradictory in terms, child. The soul who is rich and has joy would have already accepted that it is deserving of its hard-earned abundance. They are probably even helping others to experience joy that comes from abundance. That is where true joy comes from. Not from abundance alone.

I am getting very weary of all this talk about being rich and abundance stuff. Can we get back to our topic?

We are still within the topic, child. When it comes to your purpose in life there is no such thing as ‘leaving it to God’. That is the easiest way to run away from responsibilities. That is the old world. The way to live in The New World is to have–

I know! To have awareness. Awareness of the problem. Acknowledge the problem. Acknowledge means to claim, to be responsible for the problem. And hence to find and to work out a solution.

Well said. When you ‘leave it to God’ it is only being aware of the problem. And thereafter wait for someone else to acknowledge the problem. ‘Leaving it to God’ is passing the buck to someone else. Giving the responsibility to someone else. For whatever reason there may be. Perhaps avoiding blame for mistakes that may occur or just plain indifference. Whatever reason, the ‘leaving it to God’ mentality will not solve the problem. The problem will fester and may turn catastrophic and may hurt others in the long run. Not only the parties involved. What I Am trying to say is–God does not solve your problems. They are your problems after all. You created those problems and then you expect God to solve them for you? Where is the logic in that?

Nowhere. Then that means that’s where ‘Your Will will prevail’ comes in.



All of you will keep coming back each and every lifetime until My Will prevails. And guess what.


All of you are still the ones who will be creating My Will. Meaning, I will have messengers such as yourself and Neale who will be persuading other souls who did not create their realities in this lifetime to create it in another. Or another. Or another. For as many lifetimes as possible. Until the soul finally succumbs to My Will.

Oh no. Do You mean to say I have to go through all this shit all over again in other lifetimes?

Looks like it.


You don’t have to, you know.

I don’t? How?

By defeating your purpose.

Absolute and Unlimited Power

Absolute & Unlimited Power2

9 November 2014 Sunday 10:04am

…still in the old world philosophy, child. And what is the old world philosophy?

“I leave it to the will of God.”

Precisely. That is why there are so many of you who are in dire straits in your world. Everyone is living everything “to the will of God.” Ye are Gods. You create your own will. You make your own decisions. To be or not to be, that is the question. “To be” is a decision to take control of your life and be what you wish to be. What you desire to be. What you yearn to be. “Not to be” is also a decision. You wish “not to be” this or you wish “not to be” that. You decide “not to be”. What is a mistaken belief is the way of thinking that you wish, you desire, you yearn, you are dying to be something but you DO NOT DO anything about it. You “leave it to the will of God”. My Will for you is your will for you. You are free to be or not to be anything you wish to be or not to be. My gift to you called FREE WILL is your ability to choose and make decisions for yourselves. I Am not a god that controls all of you like little playthings to do with as I please. That is not God. That is a despot.

I know what You’re gonna say next.

What Am I gonna say next?

Meaning of despot, please.

Well then.

Despot means “a king or other ruler with absolute, unlimited power; autocrat.”…Wait a sec. Methinks You are a despot after all. Oops.

Why ‘oops’?

I think that was an insult. Calling God a despot. You just said You are not a despot and I just called You one.

Why do You think I Am a despot? And you can never insult God, by the way.

Well, because of the words ‘absolute, unlimited power’. You have absolute and unlimited power, don’t You?

Of course, I do. But Am I a king or a ruler? A king exists only in your realm. It is a label for someone who has great power. Am I a ruler who rules over you? You are free to do anything you want. Do I rule over what you decide to do with your life?

No, You most definitely do not. So You’re right. You are not a despot.

Thank you. I Am you. You are Me. Ye are Gods. You have absolute and unlimited power like I have absolute and unlimited power. The only way I can experience My absolute and unlimited power is through all of you. All of your souls have absolute and unlimited power in your realm of the relative. Isn’t that wonderful? I have absolute and unlimited power, that is true. But can I, God, experience absolute and unlimited power without anything to use it for? I Am what I Am. I exist for the sake of existing. I exist in the realm of the absolute. Absolute means–

Please let me–absolute means “something that is not dependent upon external conditions for existence or for its specific nature, size, etc. (opposed to relative ).”

Do I depend on all of you so that I may exist?

I don’t know. Do You? You just said that You can only experience Your absolute and unlimited power through all of us. Isn’t that being dependent on us so You can experience yourself as God?

It is not dependence, child. Depending on something is the need for that something. Your realm is My gift to Myself. In order for Me to experience My magnificence. I DO NOT NEED to know Myself as God. I desire, I wish, I long to EXPERIENCE Myself as God. I do not need it, I merely desire the experience. I Am the Great I Am. I exist. Period.

You wish to experience Your magnificence. Hm…methinks that has a tinge of pride in there somewhere. And I thought God has no pride.

There is a big difference between pride and self-worth, my dear one. Pride is the separation of the body and mind from others. Pride is a choice from your sponsoring thoughts. The soul has no pride. I Am your soul. I Am magnificent. YOU are magnificent. I Am you. You are Me. Realize your self-worth through your absolute and unlimited power. That is what your soul is for. Choosing and making decisions from your soul are what will make you realize your own magnificence. Once you realize your own magnificence then so will I. Now, do you understand?

Not really. But I don’t care.

Why don’t you care?

Because there are things I will never understand while I am in this realm, remember?

Right you are.

I am simply comforted with the knowledge that You are always with me. How wonderful to wake up every morning with that assurance.

If only others will realize that.

No worries. That’s what messengers are for.

I appreciate that very much. Thank you.

You are very welcome. Glad to be of service. The benefits are more than I can ever hope for. Ever.