A Bloody Honor Being An Official Messenger

a bloody honor230 October 2014 Thursday 9:11am

“We won’t know something isn’t working for our world until we KNOW it doesn’t work. Lets now try to work towards something that might work. We won’t know until we try.”

Try to work towards something that might work. What might work, God?

First tell Me. What is not working in your world right now?


That isn’t true and you know it.

No, I don’t know it. What is working for us right now, God? Please tell me. I desperately want to know because the news is awfully depressing these days.

You, child. You are working. And many, many other messengers. All of you are working towards what might work in finally bringing about peace and love in your world. All of you are in your own ways spreading the love of God to everyone who are willing to listen and wholeheartedly accept it and applying the love to their everyday lives. All of you who have accepted The Truth are working.

I know what You’re doing.

What Am I doing?


Better than nothing.

Still guilt-tripping.

I Am simply saying things as they stand right now. The Truth is not all about one person or a few persons. Or about one country or a few countries. The Truth is the world. It is about the whole world coming together to help each other bring it to fruition. I have appointed official messengers for the task, which to others like yourself, consider a privilege in this lifetime.

A privilege is an understatement, God. It’s a bloody honor!

Not to others. It has been considered a curse instead.