Really, Really Important

27 October 2014 Monday 10:57am

God, the Word of the Day today is “odontoid”. It means “of or resembling a tooth; toothlike.” Everything has a purpose. So what’s the purpose of the word “odontoid”? And what has it got to do with The New World?

The second quote, child.

Second quote is: “In young patients, a significant force is required to cause a fracture of the odontoid.” It’s taken from a book titled “Imaging Musculoskeletal Trauma”.

What do you understand from that?

Um…in order for a tooth to be broken, there has to be a significant force applied to it?

Yes. As you know the tooth is a hardy if not the hardest part of your body. It will take some significant force to break it.

‘swhat I said.

I repeat because–

They are really, really important.

The tooth is like your world’s PRIDE. It will take a significant force to break it.

And what force will that be?


Humility is a force?

Meaning of force, please.

Woah. There’s like 36 meanings listed. But guess what.


I didn’t even have to look past number one coz BOOM! That was IT. Meaning of “force”–“physical power or strength possessed by a living being: He used all his force in opening the window.”

That’s it. We’re done. That is the purpose of the Word of the Day which is “odontoid”. And that is to send a message to someone that HE HAS TO USE ALL HIS FORCE IN OPENING THE WINDOW.

Um, God?

Yes, dear.

I suppose we also capitalize words because they are also really, really important.

You suppose right.