Things Can Only Get Better

ID-10022422018 October 2014 Saturday 2:02pm

“The soul must accept its departure from the body. If it can’t, it will be lost.” I heard this from Rene’s Mass Effect this morning. I left out the first part from our tweet. The character said something like, “And so it is with death.”

Death is when the soul departs from the body, is it not?


“If it can’t, it will be lost.” What do you think this means, child?

I’m not sure what it means. How can the soul not accept its departure from the body? All of us die. All of us have no choice but to depart from our bodies when we die. To me, there is no acceptance or denial. It simply is. It’s a fact of life. I mean, death. You know what I mean.

Death is a fact of life. Death is a part of life. And you are right. The departure of the soul from the body simply is.

Then why did that character in the game say that if the soul cannot accept its departure from the body it will be lost?

I have no idea, child. You are the one who heard it. What was the character talking about before he said that quote?

I’m not sure coz I wasn’t really paying attention. And it wasn’t a ‘he’. It was an ‘it’. It was an alien. Which could have been a ‘he’ or a ‘she’.

If you are not sure exactly what this alien was talking about before it said that quote then we will never know exactly what it was talking about. You can find out if you are really curious.

Nope. I don’t think so. Unless I tell Rene to play the game again up to that point. What is the point of this conversation anyway, God?

The point is–unless you make the effort to find out what you are unsure of or do not understand then you will never know what it is you are unsure of or do not understand.

You mean, I have to push open the window and climb out.

You can do that, yes. Or you can simply walk to the door, open it and step out. And once you step out, you are free to ask anyone around what you are unsure of or do not understand.

This is one of them.

I beg your pardon.

This post is one of those things I am unsure of and do not understand.

So will you still post it to the world?

I have a very strong feeling that I will.

Why, child?

Because I trust You and I am just a messenger.

Not just a messenger. You are THE Messenger.

Remarks like that are the ones which get everyone’s pride up in arms. And I get the brunt of it.

Is it that bad? This brunt?

No, not really. I’ve survived the worst I think. Hopefully things will only get better.

It will, child. It will.