The Shadow at the Window


I had a dream early this morning, God. I don’t remember most of it but the most prominent image was this–I was outdoors and it was night time. I was in front of a dark glass window. While I was staring at it, a silhouette of a man appeared on the other side. That’s when these words came to me: There will always be a shadow lurking at the window. And so I tweeted it. Now it reminds me of one of our tweets–When God closes a door, She will usually open a window. Otherwise it’ll be too stuffy.

Yes. They are related. What does the world understand by “When God closes a door, God will usually open a window”?

Well, what I understand is (I don’t know about the world) when an opportunity disappears, there will usually be another way in. A way of creating one’s reality.

When an opportunity disappears. How does an opportunity disappear, child?

To me, it’s a First Thought that’s ignored. A second thought, or a third thought or even a fourth thought is heeded instead. First thought is God’s advice.

So what are the rest?

The rest? Oh. You mean, the second, third, fourth and so on. I like to call them excuses. An excuse to run away from what you think people might think of you when you obey the First Thought. Like the other day when I was on my way to the grocery. It was really hot and sunny (it’s been so for quite a while now) so I was using my umbrella. I spotted a frail old lady on the other side of the road pushing a shopping trolley. She was sort of using it as a walker. She was headed for the pedestrian crossing, probably about to cross to my side. My First Thought was, It’s hot, Joy. You have an umbrella. Miss Second Thought butted in, But she’s way over on the other side. Mr Third, She’s crossing over anyway. Miss Fourth, She’ll probably refuse my offer. Mr Fifth, She’ll soon reach the shady side. I kept on walking and making all these excuses. Finally the opportunity disappeared coz I’ve already turned my back on her and I was already guiltily walking away. I could have turned back but… Just but, I guess.

Turning your back on your First Thought is like that shadow at the window, child. The window of opportunity was right in front of you but you did not open it. You did not turn back.


It was for a purpose. For this post.

I understand. That explains the first part. The second part is–Otherwise, it’ll be too stuffy…Oh. I get it.

What have you got?

Word association. Stuffy. Proud. Pride.

Yes. Now, explain the whole thing.

Here goes–When God (that’s us) loses an opportunity to create our reality there will always be a window somewhere else which we simply need to push open to let our True Self out to be among others. Otherwise the shadow of our PRIDE will always be within us.