Love Someone To Death


God, I’m still not clear about our tweet, “If you wanna kill someone, love them to death.”

What do you mean when you say, “love them to death”?

It means “I love them very, very much.”

What happens when you love someone very, very much?

What happens? Do You mean how I feel?

No. What will you do for them?

Well, everything. Maybe even die for them. I love my kids to death. I will die for my kids if I have to.

They are your kids. What will happen when a mother dies for her children? Especially children who are still dependent on their parents.

Oh, I see what You mean.

What do I mean?

You mean that there will be no one to care for them. Reminds me of what Angelina Jolie said. She said that the loss of a part of her body is nothing compared to the loss of the mother of her children or something along that line. So what You’re saying is, if I love my children too much I will kill them? In what sense?

Do not love someone to the extent that you lose your own life. Because that is not love.

If that is not love then what is it?

That is betrayal, child. Betrayal of yourself. Your self is your soul. Who is your soul?

My soul is God. I will be betraying God for the sake of another.

That is the meaning of “If you wanna kill someone, love them to death.” You have not only betrayed your Self but the one that you are sacrificing yourself for will die as well because you have given them control over your life. In a word–Pride. You have given them pride which is the separation of the soul from other souls.

But did You not say that the intangible cannot be separated? Here You are talking about pride being the separation of the soul from other souls.

What is the vessel of the soul?

The physical body. The body and the mind.

Is the body tangible?


So can the body separate itself from other souls?

I think so.

You do not have to think, child. It is a fact of life. The body and mind can separate itself from other souls by way of actions and deeds. Judgement of another is one of them. Domination is another. Subjugating others is another. Belittling. Lying to others in order to elevate oneself to a higher position. All these are separation techniques that others practice in order to feel important. In order to feel superior. No one is more superior to another. Yes, your world is still functioning on this basis in the real world. Your real world is your job, your friends, even your family. We are now dealing with the spiritual. These words are of the spiritual. No one is more superior to another when it comes to these words we are sending to the universe. These words are to assist all of you in realizing your equality as children of God. You are My messenger, child, because you believe in Me completely. There are those who are doubtful of this because of the fact that they cannot and will not believe in their own abilities to be messengers. They do not believe because they are blinded by their anger, resentment, jealousy and disilusionment in what they believe to be the true religion. These are all because of the fear of who you really are not. Unless this fear has been pushed aside and The Truth is acknowledged then The New World will only be as far as we have come. And that is now.