The Book


…You always make me feel so much better.

That is what I Am here for.

Thank You.

You are welcome.

There is something else I want to talk to You about.


Remember that notebook I saw on the roof of a bus stop? That one where an ant crawled across a blank page?

Yes. What about it?

Well, I saw it again this morning. It was a little tattered and all that but it was something else that caught my attention.

What, dear?

The pages were now turned to where it had words. Text. It’s not a notebook after all. It’s actually a book. What’s it mean?

Remember the ant? That ant crawling on a blank page means The Book is being re-written. On a blank page of an already written book. We are not writing anything new. The existing words in that book will stay there forever. The blank pages are for messengers to fill up. To fill with The New Spirituality. The New World philosophy. These and the old world philosophy will be in the same book. The New book will not oust The Old Books. Take note, I said ‘books’ because there are many, many books. This is a gentle revolution. A violent revolution is where one philosophy kicks out another philosophy. Kicking is violent. Blending is not. We are blending The New World into the old world. An example of a violent revolution is your wars right now. Tell Me, is there anything out of place or unusual that has happened since we began the blending in of The New World?

Yes! The wars, the protests, the disease, the abuse of women & children–

Oh I see. So you have not had any of those since The New World began?

Those were already prevalent before The New World began, dear one. They have been going on for millenniums and millenniums but were sometimes not brought out into the open because all of you did not understand the reason for them or their purpose. These occurrences seem more prevalent now because you are more aware of them and understanding usually brings things of the dark out in the open. There must be a wound before healing can begin. These are wounds that have been around for a very, very long time. How can you heal a wound if it is hidden?

I know what You mean. Rene does the same thing. There was one time when he wrapped his foot with his play cloth and he wouldn’t let me near it. I unwrapped it while he was asleep. There was a cut on the sole. It was a small cut but if it was ignored it would have gotten infected coz he is usually barefoot when he walks around the flat. I put a band-aid on it.

The perfect metaphor for our discussion. These life-events occur in your life for a purpose. Everything has a purpose. What you do with everything that happens in your life is entirely up to you. I Am with you always to guide you with everything that happens in your life. If you will only listen. The book of your life has already began. There are already stories in it that had purpose. When you have reached the chapter where you have found your Truth is where you will find blank pages. It is up to you to fill those blank pages with The Truth on hand. What you fill them with is entirely up to you. My gift to you with every lifetime is a new blank book. You can write whatever you wish. There will be a chapter in there that I will include for FREE. It is titled THE TRUTH.