Letting Go & Forgiveness


Isn’t letting go and forgiveness the same, God?

Have you been offended lately?

No, not lately. But there were a couple of people who I felt were antagonistic towards my cause about a month ago.

Do you know them?

Um…let me just say that I come in contact with them often during the week.

Alright. Do you still feel that they are antagonistic towards you in the recent days?

I’m not sure but there was an incident that happened on Friday that seems appropriate to what we’re talking about now. Letting go and forgiveness. You see, when the offense happened a month ago, it really angered my soul. There was judgement and I felt it when I was in close contact with this person. So as much as possible I try to avoid her whenever she was at the establishment I frequently patronize.

How was this person judging you?

I don’t wanna be specific coz it might bring trouble. I still have to come face to face with her. I just felt the judgement. The attitude was not friendly. Not courteous even though I am a regular face there.

Alright. I understand. So you avoided her as much as possible.


And then what happened on Friday?

I could have avoided this person but Soul said, “Go. Face your fear.” I walked over. The heat went to my head and my heartbeat speeded up a little. I was cold and brusque. My soul was showing that it still remembered the antagonism that this person showed me a month ago.

How was this person’s reaction?

I felt coldness and brusqueness as well. But less intense this time. When my transaction was done, we did thank each other even if it was a tad curt.

Then what happened?

Then I went on my way. On the walk home, boom! I spotted something on the ground.

What was it?

A round sticker that said PAID.

What do you think it means?

You should know. You put it there.

Of course I did. Now tell Me what it means.

It means that the offense has been PAID. It means that our Souls have recognized each other’s divinity by way of our saying “Thank You” to each other.

Yes. Do you think you have forgiven this person for the antagonism shown you?

I’m not sure. I’ll see what happens when we meet up again. But I might still want to avoid this person if I can.

That is called “letting go”. Forgiveness is still on the shelf for you with this person. And since you are only in contact with this person as a business transaction, as in she is not family or a relative, there may not even be any need for formal forgiveness being exchanged. Your souls have already accepted each other’s apologies without words of forgiveness being exchanged.

Formal forgiveness? You mean spoken words? Like “I am sorry” kind of thing?

Yes. If the offense is felt only by the soul then isn’t it appropriate that only the souls forgive or let go of the offense as well? There is no need for spoken words. Your cause is The Unspoken Truth. Whatever offense is committed regarding The Unspoken Truth does not need spoken words because it is a matter of The Unspoken Truth.

Believe it or not, I think I just understood that.

Good. Let’s hope others do too.