The Single Oxygen Mask


Why do You want to talk about the single oxygen mask, God?

Why do we always talk about anything, child?

Um…to let everyone know about The Truth of stuff?

And why would everyone want to know The Truth?

So eveyone can stop living with the lies?

Why would everyone want to stop living the lies?

Not everyone. That question’s weird. We want to stop living the lies because they don’t work. We will be like dogs chasing our own tails. We get nowhere.

Good answer.

Thank You. The single oxygen mask?

Please explain. For those who are not into the news that concern your world.

You’re kidding.

You’ll be surprised. There are those who are self-centred enough to shut themselves in their little world so as not to face the responsibilities of having to be responsible of what’s going on around the world because–

You’ve changed the subject again, God! There was a single oxygen mask found that was worn by one of the victims of the MH17 plane disaster. There is an assumption that it was shot down by the party or parties concerned but they deny it. The theory now about the single oxygen mask that was found on one of the bodies is that, instead of an instant explosion, the passengers might have known the imminent disaster. That’s about it. I don’t wanna make anymore assumptions.

Why not?

What do You mean?

Why don’t you wanna make anymore assumptions?

Well, coz I might be wrong. Especially if I have to post this to the world.

So what if you’re wrong?

It’ll be embarrassing!

When did you start caring what anyone thinks?

That’s not fair!

Life is always fair, child. Life is God. Is God ever unfair?

No. God always gives. God never takes away. God never holds anything back.

Keep that in mind.

I do!

I’m not talking to you.

This conversation is getting weirder and weirder by the minute.

Sorry. Anyway. Fine. I’ll make assumptions. Heck care what anyone thinks!

That’s more like it.

Assumption number one: Someone might have had an asthma attack or hyperventilating or something and requested for the oxygen mask. Assumption number two…I can’t think of anything else. Wait a sec. If one oxygen mask drops, won’t ALL oxygen masks drop as well so all the passengers will be able to use it? Oh well. I leave it to the experts. I’m not going to lose sleep over it.

Why not?


Why are you not going to lose sleep over it?

Because, my way of thinking is, some of those souls who died in that plane disaster are already probably back here in this realm. Ready to enjoy life again.

That is true. Do you know what else it true, dear one?



Why, thank You.

You are very welcome.