The Good And The Bad


“I am the good and the bad. I am not the black, I am not the white. I am the grey area. How do you get grey? You mix the black and the white.”

Not sure what this is about, God. In this world, the colour black is synonymous with what is ‘bad’ and the colour white that which is ‘good’. But since I am the bad and the good why I can’t I be the black or the white?

In your world, it is perceived that a person is either good or bad. Black or white. Take note that I said OR and not AND. You have stated that you are the ‘bad’ AND the ‘good’. That is true. Anyone who is considered ‘bad’ such as criminals or those who commit unlawful acts or what is against your beliefs and religions are in fact also ‘good’. Everyone is bad and good. Everyone is in the grey area. It is your judgement and punishment of what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ that have made your world the way it is. Your world punishes what is ‘bad’ and glorifies the ‘good’. You have joy and fear in you. In actuality everyone is ‘bad’ and ‘good’. Do you believe this?



Because we are all children of God. God is everything.

I created joy and fear in order for you to distinguish one from the other. I CREATED BOTH JOY AND FEAR.

Woah. Capitalized. Are you angry?

Anger is from fear, dear one. Is there fear in the realm of the absolute?

No. Absolute means complete joy. Total love. Nothing but love, love, love.

So where does fear exist?

Here in my realm. The realm of the relative.

Why does it exist in your realm of the relative?

So we can know what is relative to joy. How can we know joy or love if we don’t know what is fear? I think we’re going round in circles.

Yes, all of you are. As long as fear reigns that is what all of you will be doing. Like dogs chasing their own tails round and round. Why do you think dogs do that? Chase their own tails?

Maybe because they have nothing else better to do?

Precisely. Those who do not know their purpose or do not believe they have a purpose will be chasing their own tails in each and every lifetime.

So how can we stop chasing our own tails?

You already know the answer to that, child.

Yeah, actually.

Then say it.

Look straight ahead and move on.

Not clear enough, dear one. We have readers who have clouded minds.

We do?

Yes, we do.

Well then–We can only stop chasing our own tails when we know our purpose, believe our true purpose in this lifetime, by looking straight ahead and moving forward. How’s that?


Thank You.

You’re welcome.