#HeForShe – Emma Watson’s UN Speech

You may already have watched this video. I feel it belongs in The New World. So it shall be in my blog.

Emma Watson’s speech is the correct key among a ring of a whole bunch of  rusty, old keys which opens the locked door to our world’s problem since the beginning of time. I too am not comfortable with using the F word. (No, not that F! F as in feminism! Aargh. I didn’t wanna say it!) I prefer “Advocacy For Gender Equality”. 

As mentioned by Ms. Watson, this too, is a formal invitation for all male, boys to men, to be WHO THEY REALLY ARE. They are joyful, loving, accepting, always blessing and grateful. I’ll add vulnerable and forgiving to the mix for variety. Thank you for accepting. By the way, it’s completely voluntary. I’ll end with a cliche, sorry–It takes two hands to clap.