What Is A Friend?


The richer your friends, the more they will cost you. – Elisabeth Marbury, writer.

If your friends are rich, the more you have to spend? Is that what this is trying to say, God?

Do you have any rich friends?

I used to. We’re not in touch anymore.



What’s wrong, child?

Nothing’s wrong. I just figured out what that quote means.

What does that quote mean?

Let me just say, I decided to cut off contact with my rich friends coz I was not at ease whenever we got together.

How was it when you got together?

Well, once in a while they preferred fancy restaurants which they can afford. Fancy restaurants which to me as a frugal person, feels really frivolous because I have a budget to keep to. They’re nice enough to offer to pay for my share of the tab but that simply isn’t me. They can’t always keep paying for me now, can they? I am not a moocher. That’s when I decided I would prefer not to keep contact anymore. I didn’t really feel comfortable in high class places. The bottomline is I didn’t really feel like I belong with them even though I’ve known them since secondary school. My way of thinking is, just because we were together in the old days doesn’t mean we will still get along now. Especially when our lives have changed so much. It’s the same with my college friends. To me, when it comes to friendship, quality is more important than quantity. I can count my close friends on my fingers but they are really and truly my friends. I say that because, even though I am not in constant contact with them, they know that I still appreciate their friendship. Why are we talking about this, God?

Talking about what, dear?


Because, dear one, there are people out there who do not know the true meaning of the word.

Oh. Well then. Let me look it up.

Yes, do that.

Okay. I looked up “friendship” which wasn’t so clear so I clicked on “friend” instead. “Friend” means several things: a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard; a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter; a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile; a member of the same nation, party, etc. How’s that?

They’re fine. How about you? What do you think is the meaning of a true “friend”? In one word.

That’s easy. Love.

Easier said than done, is it not?

If it’s not easy, then it’s not friendship, I guess. To me, love is…love is–

Love is never having to say you’re sorry.

Cliche alert!

It may be a cliche but it is true all the same.

If You say so, Friend.

I say so, Friend.

Yay. God is my Friend.

God is everyone’s friend, child.

If You say so.

I say so.

Aargh. Let’s end.

If you say so.