You Wanna Be Rich, Think Rich


Anyone who lives within their means suffers from lack of imagination. – Oscar Wilde

Is it the same as “If you wanna be rich, act rich”? But the problem is you’re NOT rich so how to afford a rich lifestyle?

The author is talking about imagination, child. Not action. Your imagination, your thoughts are powerful. Think rich. And you will be. Do you know of anyone who seem to be hard up but seem like they are not? You see them as able to afford the better things in life?

Yes. But I’d rather not mention who it is coz reputation is at stake.

I understand. How do they deal with their finances?

Very wisely. As in they are budget-savvy. They know where to get the really good bargains. Some bargains may look really cheap (sorry if I’m judging) but they can seem to buy stuff that are bargains but look pricey.

Are you one of them? These budget-savvy people?

I’ll put it this way–I lack for nothing. Meaning, material things are really not that important to me (except maybe for my wig obsession at the moment). I have been this way all my life. I may desire something really expensive like branded clothes but only once in a while. And my kids are the same. In fact, Danielle’s pleading with me to stop buying wigs coz to her they seem frivolous. She herself buys bargain clothes online. If it goes over ten dollars she’ll think it’s expensive. She scolded me when I ordered a fourteen-dollar pair of trousers recently.

How do they look?

How do what looks?

The trousers?

Not bad. To me clothes look good when you make them look good. As in your aura is more important than what you’re wearing.

Your aura is your soul. So your soul is more important than clothes?

Of course!

Of course.

Why are we talking about this anyway? About clothes and money and material stuff?

Because there are others out there who believe you are doing this for material gains.

I thought as much. Whatever. Anyway. My wig obsession–

It is to give you some diversion from your purpose. It gives you joy, does it not?

Oh yes. I love my wigs.

Then enjoy.

Thank You!