Wanting is just death. What’s this about, God?

Never want. The universe will simply comply. You will be wanting and wanting and wanting. Never having.

I know that. So what’s death got to do with wanting? Wanting is just death. It’s like You’re saying to keep wanting is like dying.

Precisely. Wanting and not doing anything about it is waiting. Waiting for the rest of your life. And finally when the rest of your life is over, what do you have?


You die! You die without having what you wanted because you were simply wanting! What a waste of a lifetime! There are many who have gone through this kind of life over and over again. It is called suffering. Your soul is suffering because it has not experienced the joy it came to this realm to experience. That is the objective of your soul whenever it returns to your realm. To experience joy. To seek joy. To seek The Truth. Many have found their Truth long before you came along, child. But there have been those who experience joy and feel guilty about it because the old world promulgates that to suffer is divine. Now that the axiom that God, the True God is not suffering but joy is revealed to everyone, thousands, no millions are now experiencing FREEDOM in their lives like never before.

Except for some.

Yes, child. Except for some.