Power Surge


God, the blackouts at my block were caused by water seeping into a lamp post at the playground. This short-circuited our power. Half of the block anyway. Must be some kind of metaphor.

You have already figured out some of it, dear one.

Sort of. Lamp post would be metaphor for light which is The Truth. Playground will be metaphor for life. Water will be You, God. Now I’m thinking if water which is You, was seeping into the lamp post which is The Truth, wouldn’t that make the lamp post, I mean The Truth more powerful instead of short circuiting it?

What usually happens when there is a power surge?

Too much power You mean?


Well it will–Oh…It will cause a breakdown. A power failure. So what exactly does it mean?

Who is the Light at this moment in time?

You. You are in the playground of life. I Am feeding You with more Light to light the playground. How many lamp posts are there at that playground?

I haven’t really counted. There definitely is more than one.

You see? You do not even have to know exactly how many lamp posts there are at the playground to know that one lamp post is not enough to light that playground. To Light the world. One lamp post cannot handle all The Light I am now showing The World. There will be a power surge.

And some will be left in the dark. Groping around like helpless souls. Poor souls.

Poor souls indeed.