Girl On Fire


Mum just showed me a CC TV video of a freak accident a few days ago in a hotpot restaurant in Shanghai. The stove on the table of a couple of diners probably ran low on fuel so they asked a waitress to refuel it. While the waitress was adding flammable liquid to the hot pot stove, it suddenly burst into flames, shooting straight at the diners. The lady diner’s upper body caught fire. The waitress panicked & ran off. The victim fell to the floor, thrashing around while she was being engulfed by the flames. Her male companion ran off but came back with what looked like a towel and started hitting the girl on fire with it. Which looked like it wasn’t helping at all. The video cut. The write-up says the girl is still in critical condition.

Why do you say the towel didn’t help, child?

Well, from what I know with fire rescues, you’re suppose to cover the victim with the towel, not hit her with it. By hitting her with the towel, he seemed to be fanning the fire even more.

What else do you think could have been done?

Well, instead of thrashing around, the victim should have rolled around the floor which would have helped extinguish the fire.

How did you come to know of this fire rescue methods, child?

I can’t really remember exactly, but there was a fire department exhibition here near our block a few years ago. But I think I learnt of them way before then. Can’t remember really. Some fire rescue pamphlet or home safety book or something.

It doesn’t matter. What’s important is you know. Now here is My question–If you were the victim in that video would you have known what to do? Or if you were the male companion, would you have done the same thing?

I really don’t know. I probably would have panicked like them and done the same thing.


I’ve never been set on fire before.

Exactly. How would you know what to do in a situation if you have never experienced the situation?

So what You’re saying is–we need to experience the situation before we know how to react to a situation. But sometimes panic grips us at that moment and then we end up…well, panicking. Do crazy stuff, you know.

I know, child.

So what is the point of all this?

The point is–life is all about experiences. You will never experience life hiding in a little hole somewhere.

Oh. We’re back to the little hole somewhere, are we? I thought I’ve washed my hands of that little hole.

You have. I have not. I Am God. I will never give up on bringing any of my precious children back to their souls.