Be Different


Claudio Vieira de Oliveira. Why God?

Do you have to know why?

Yes. We see him and we feel sorry for him. Our hearts break that he is so…so–



He is not any different from any of you, child. He has a soul and that is more important than what or how he looks like.

I knew You were gonna say that.

Because you already know The Truth. And what is The Truth, child?

The Truth is we are always judging each other on our physicality.

Yes! Now that The Truth is known, how do you see Claudio?

Well, there was shock at first when I saw him but when I understood that he doesn’t feel any pain and that he feels as normal as the rest of us, I felt a little better.

Normal. That is a word used often to judge someone. If you are a little different from normal, you will be judged, accused, ostracised, marginalized, avoided, scorned, bullied, crucified–

Stop! What is Your point, God?

My point is–avoid conforming each other to a prescribed formula that is based on normal. No one is normal. All of you are far from normal. Normal conforms to rules and regulations. A template that all of you prescribe each other so that you feel safe within your comfort zones. Step out of your comfort zones. Step out of rules and regulations. Only then will you realize how absolutely wonderful you are.

I think that was a compliment.

It is. Compliments to many of you who have embraced The Truth and are creating The New World. Congratulations.

Now, I think that one is guilt-tripping.