Power Without Responsibility


‘Everyone has a price. Even evil little bastards like Zama.’

‘Sounds like he’s got all the money he needs,’ I said.

‘It’s never enough for people like him. Besides, it’s not just wealth that turns his type on. They get off on power and of being feared by lesser mortals.’

‘Respect,’ I mused. ‘Power without responsibility. The way with his type around the world.’

~ Excerpt from “Some UnHoly War” by Terence Strong

Is there power without responsibility, God? I thought ALL power came with responsibility.

Let me ask you–do you have power?

Like yeah. The Power Within. Everyone has it. Some are just not aware, I guess.

No need to guess, child. It is a fact. Some are aware. Some are unaware.

You forgot some.

I know, child.


Why do I always have to be the bad guy?

There is no such thing as–

Fine! Geez. Some are aware but pretend to be unaware so that they don’t have to be responsible for their actions. Woah. I just answered my own question!

End of discussion.

No! I miss You.

No, you don’t.

Yeah. You’re right. I’m speaking on behalf of others who do. Can’t we make this post longer? Our posts these days are like M&M’s. One packet isn’t enough. For me, anyway.

End of discussion. The message is obvious.


The Wrong Questions


“An expert knows all the answers if you ask the right questions.” – Levi Strauss

What are the right questions, God?

Let Me answer that with a question. What do you think are the wrong questions?

I have no idea.


Yes what?

The wrong questions are those that have no answers.

I don’t understand.

Read the quote again.

An expert knows all the answers if you ask the right questions.

Expert of what, child?

Depends. An example would be Stephen Hawking. He’s an expert in physics.

Alright. What do you think is YOUR expertise at this moment?

I like to think it’s The Truth. The Truth about You. About God.

If someone asks you a question about physics will you be able to give an answer?


If someone asked Stephen Hawking a question about Me, about The Truth, about the True God, do you think he will be able to give an answer? And let’s pretend someone asked him before you came along or before Neale and his books came along. Do you think he will be able to answer?

No, child. He would not have been able to answer. The Truth comes to those who are ready. And I know who are ready. Therefore, I show them The Truth. And how do I show them The Truth?

Via messengers?

Messengers like you.

And Neale.

Yes. And many, many others.