Nothing Is Changed But Everything Is Changed


(God! Why is…)

Child, do not concern yourself with the activities of others. Do you actually expect changes in beliefs and practices within such a short time?

No, of course not.

No. Drastic changes cause confusion. Is that what you want?


That is not what we want. That lady taxidriver who had symbols on her dashboard whom you met yesterday–do you think that was a coincidence?

No. I felt really sorry for her coz she told me she had a very sickly mother whom she had to constantly ferry back and forth in her taxi to the dialysis center. And I don’t think she knew who I was.

She came into your reality for a purpose. I Am showing you that there are still others out there who believe that suffering is divine. It gives them hope that the suffering they are going through or the suffering that their family is going through is what God wants. It may be a mistaken belief but it still has its benefits. Hope comes in many forms. It may come in idol worship, worship of nature and animals, in rituals and practices, in prayers, in scriptures, in charms, superstitions, symbols, saints, martyrs, miracles, etc., etc. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is, there is hope. Hope is another word for faith. Faith in a Being that is so powerful that it can overcome the fear, the suffering, the pain that are otherwise unexplainable to the unaware. You are using the Internet to promulgate The Truth which are accessible to the well-off and the educated in a universal language for certain reasons. By being well-off and educated, a soul who has accepted The Truth will have the ability to help the less privileged financially, therefore helping them rise out of suffering which is poverty. And once this happens (an example will be Lyca) others who are in the same boat will see proof that there is a way out of their suffering. The poverty-stricken may not have found their own truth yet, as in the Power Within, but at least they are on their way. They may soon be able to afford access to the Internet (if they have not, which may be rare in this day and age) when I will show them their Truth. The wonderful thing about The Truth is that it changes you from within. Nothing needs changing externally. Unless you want to. Change is always for the better. So do not concern yourself with the activities of other messengers. They are doing the best they can in giving hope to others. And if their soul has accepted the True God, then be rest assured that I Am giving them guidance.

Okay. I am assured. I shall just do my own thing, not concerning myself with the activities of others.

Your soul is always concerned with others, child. All messengers are always working together.

But You just said, don’t concern your–

Do not concern yourself means do not let others affect your purpose. Just be your Self.

I am! I am being my Self.